Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 211


As for why Muyang appeared on top of the barren planet, it had started some time ago.

In the early morning, Muyang and Mexia came out of the Acceleration Space. Next, they went to say goodbye to Birgil. Birgil knew that Muyang had taken the Galaxy Mercenary mission, so he didn’t say anything to stop them after leaving mutual communication ways.

Muyang was preparing to leave Planet Ambera, with great regret as he swept a glance at the Super Dragon Ball in the sky. He could not take that Super Dragon Ball, so he silently noted down the Super Dragon Ball location. Then he cast Instant Transmission.

The mission he had taken this time was to go to the Western Part of the North Area to eradicate an alien with a power level of around 80,000, so he headed towards the North Area, searching for powerful ki.

After a few shifts, Muyang rested for a while before capturing a few more powerful kis. So, when he was teleporting over, the above scene occurred.


“Another Saiyan?”

“He appeared strangely…”

Salza was surprised at the sudden appearance of Muyang between them. The smile on his face never changed, but he was very interested in the way Muyang appeared.

“Mr. Dodoria. I couldn’t see how that man appeared.”

The one who spoke was Burter, who boasted of being the best in speed in the universe and had always had good eyesight. However, he really couldn’t see how Muyang appeared just now. It was like Muyang wasn’t moving fast at all but rather appeared out of nowhere as if time had been suspended.

“Is he an accomplice of the Saiyans?” Dodoria speculated.

“No, this guy doesn’t have a tail. Maybe it’s just a race that looks like Saiyans.”

In addition to the Armored Squadron and Dodoria’s group being interested in Muyang, Bazda and Asike also looked at him with a puzzled look on their faces, as Muyang looked too much like a Saiyan. The only difference was that Muyang didn’t have the Saiyan’s trademark tail behind him and lacked Saiyan’s violent bloodlust.

“Asike, is there a race in the universe that looks so much like us?” Bazda said, startled.

Asike whispered, “I don’t know. I’ve never heard of it before.”

Asike wondered if there were really any other races in the universe that were exactly like the Saiyans.

“Who are you?” At this time, Salza coldly asked Muyang a question.

Muyang didn’t answer Salza’s words; instead, he looked at his surrounding. 

That big fat pink guy with meat spines all over his body should be Dodoria, Frieza’s right-hand. There was also Ginyu Force, and the other three standing together were Cooler Armored Squadron. There were two Saiyans… This was a group of fascinating people.

“Senior brother, who are these guys?” Mexia hid at Muyang’s collar, showing her small head.

“They are the subordinates of the Universe Overlord Frieza and Cooler.” Muyang scanned the surroundings and said in a flat tone.

“Captain, the opponent doesn’t seem to regard us.”

The brown-skinned Neiz laughed with an endless coldness in his eyes.

“Cooler Armored Squadron!” Muyang turned to Neiz.

“Hey, he actually knows our name, but he still has the nerve to ignore us. This kid has some nerve.” Neiz sneered in a very disdainful tone.

Muyang smiled faintly and didn’t say anything. It didn’t matter whether it was the Ginyu Force or Cooler Armored Squadron; they were both powerful super units among the North Area. Their names were also well-known, yet for the current Muyang, they were not dangerous enough.

Muyang’s bland expression irritated Neiz. A vicious killing intent flashed in Neiz’s eyes, but Muyang’s indifference still made him feel uneasy. Being cautious, Neiz pressed the button of the scouter first and scanned out Muyang’s power level. The data he got made him completely relaxed, but then what emerged was a wave of endless anger.

Tsk, I thought he was a big shot; it turns out he’s just 3000 power level. What a waste!”

A trace of contempt flashed within Neiz, and his appearance became arrogant. Just as he walked up to Muyang’s side and prepared to kill him, a miserable coldness flashed.

Instantly, the air temperature seemed to drop by ten degrees.

The entire air condensed, and a strong sense of oppression swept over him. Everyone present, whether it was the Ginyu Force members or the Cooler Armored Squadron members, all felt an ominous feeling.

Only Neiz was unaware of it.

Salza’s heart trembled and shouted, “Be careful, Neiz, the opponent is not weak.”

“What did you say, Captain?” Neiz turned back in surprise.

However, in that short moment, Muyang’s power level suddenly climbed to a trembling point.


With the addition of the Twice Keio-ken, Muyang’s energy increased to 160,000 power levels.

The terrifying energy instantly burned all the scouter present. Everyone was stunned. The process happened so fast; everyone was startled and couldn’t regain their senses. Then they saw a cold flash of electricity, and a beating heart was found in Muyang’s hands.

Salza was shivering with chills, and his pores tightened up all over his body. It was so fast that his eyes didn’t even see what was happening.

“This …this heart…” Neiz looked at the heart in Muyang’s hand. He lowered his head and suddenly saw a large hole appear in his chest with blood continuously soaring out.

“Yes, this is your heart.” Muyang’s tone was flat as if he was talking about an insignificant little thing.

“Impossible!! W-when did you take it….” Neiz’s face finally lost the calmness he had just had, and finally, panic appeared.

That was his heart. When did the opponent dig it out!

Without his heart, it meant that his life reached its end. Neiz’s mouth twitched up, and soon the feeling of suffocation came flooding back. All his consciousness began to blur; he soon fell to the ground and lost his life.

“Is Neiz dead?” Salza and the other Cooler Armored Squadron members, Dore, looked incredulously, looking at each other.

“One of the Cooler Armored Squadron has had his hearts ripped out!”

Dodoria and the Ginyu Force members were both chilled to the bone as if they had been placed in an ice cellar. With no desire to boast, all they had was a chill. Even the powerful Cooler Armored Squadron members could not escape death, and they were even less of an opponent.

They should run away and leave the planet quickly.

Almost at the same time, Dodoria and the Ginyu Force members had the idea of leaving immediately.

With the ki rising under their feet, Dodoria and the others couldn’t care about anything else. At this time, any dignity or face could be discarded in front of life. Some of them gave their all-out effort and flew towards the disc spaceship.

However, since they had met Muyang, how could he let them escape?

The strongest of the group present were a few of the Cooler Armored Squadron, so they had to be killed first. Without saying a word, Muyang’s body was like a bolt of lightning, quickly penetrating the air and instantly appearing in front of Salza and the others.



Salza and Dore were both shocked.

Salza’s heart trembled, and his face grew solemn, “This is not good. This guy’s power level is at least 150,000!” Knowing that he only had this much power level, facing the unexpectedly strong enemy, Salza could only muster his full strength to fight.

“Dore, this guy’s strength is too strong; get out of there quickly.”

“Got it!”

“It’s not that easy to leave!”

Muyang smiled coldly. His eyes bursting with two rays of divine light as he cupped his fists and shouted, “TRIPLE KAIO-KEN!”

Suddenly, a giant pillar of planet-shaking energy erupted. The dark red ki crushed over, causing the small stones around them to buzz and tremble, all flying away from the gravitational force.

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