Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 213


“Are you guys the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta?”

While Bazda and Asike were trembling with fear as Muyang’s pure and cold voice sounded in their ears.

It was over, and Asike closed his eyes with a trembling white face.

The Saiyans knew best what kind of reputation they had in the North Area. He used not to care and was even a little complacent, but ever since Frieza Forces took over planet Vegeta, it had become a catalyst for them.

There was no telling how many races were looking at them, and some were even thinking of killing them.

Since he could recognize their identity, he must have known how “famous” the Saiyans were.

Asike gathered his courage and replied, “Yes, we are Saiyans.”

Muyang looked at them. His gaze constantly sweeping over them, “What is the situation on Planet Vegeta right now? How did you end up with Dodoria’s group?” Muyang knew that the Saiyans later served the Freiza Forces, but it was not clear when it started.

Asike carefully gazed at Muyang. Upon seeing Muyang’s general appearance was similar to that of the Saiyans, unbelievable speculation suddenly arose in his heart. The person in front of him seemed to have no ill will towards them, could it be that…

“My lord, do you have an old relationship with the Saiyans…?” Asike asked in a low voice.

Muyang’s face was cold. His eyes bursting with harsh light, “Did I give you permission to ask? Answer my question honestly.”


Asike struck a nerve and told the incident about Planet Vegeta honestly.

“About four months ago, Frieza led an army that invaded Planet Vegeta, and they demanded that all the Saiyans submit to Frieza.”

“Our king chose to surrender with a large number of his people, but it was a shameful choice. The Saiyans are Warrior Race in the universe, and not all of them were willing to surrender… So a great war broke out in the universe.”

“A great war? Is it a unilateral crush?”

With the strong and powerful troops at the people’s disposal under the Frieza Force, there was no room for resistance from the Saiyan.

Asike looked stunned but was unable to argue.

“We, Saiyans, who got away from Planet Vegeta, have suffered heavy losses and are being hunted by Frieza Forces!”

Muyang listened and stroked his chin, “So, the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta is now serving the Frieza Forces?”

“Yes.” Asike nodded with difficulty.

“Hmm, I see.” Muyang nodded and didn’t say anything else.

It was still twenty-four years until the destruction of Planet Vegeta. The current leader of Planet Vegeta wasn’t King Vegeta yet.

Bazda and Asike sat restlessly and waited for Muyang to give his instructions. However, it was as if Muyang had forgotten them after asking questions and didn’t speak to them at all, which made the two, Bazda and Asike, felt like sitting on pins and needles. They didn’t know what to do.

Muyang pondered for a while, suddenly heading towards the distance to address Mexia. Mexia flew straight over and landed on Muyang’s shoulder.

“Is it time to go, senior brother?” Mexia shuffled her feet and sat on Muyang’s shoulder.

“Well, with the deaths of the Armored Squadron and Ginyu Force here, this area won’t be peaceful anymore.” Not caring about the two Saiyans in front of him, Muyang raised his finger to his brow as if no one else was around. He was searching for the ki around him.

Muyang quickly found powerful ki on a road sign. Then with an Instant Transmission, Muyang disappeared with Mexia from above the barren planet.

After Muyang and Mexia left, Bazda and Asike looked at each other, looking at the place where Muyang disappeared.

“That person just now suddenly disappeared,” Bazda exclaimed.

“He’s indeed gone.”

Asike breathed a sigh of relief.

In the next second, the two of them were like a deflated ball the entire time. The immense pressure of energy they had just endured one after the other had made the two men exhausted and sweat-soaked their backs.

The cold wind whistled.

As they looked around dazedly, three cold corpses were lying upright on the gravelly and jagged ground on this yellow sandy and barren planet. The wind blew fiercely, and the gravel began to bury them gradually. No one would have thought that these three were actually the famous Cooler Armored Squadron.

“What should we do now?” Bazda asked.

Asike thought for a moment and said, “Our spaceship is damaged, but the good news is that these three aliens still have their spaceship. So, we’ll find a planet with the advanced technology with their spaceships and get new ones.”

“But we have to move fast. I’m afraid it will lead to huge trouble in the future.”

Bazda nodded, “We should shut down all the communication devices.”

After discussing, the two of them turned on the spaceship that Salza and the others were riding in and entered the name of the technological planet in it.

As two white lights penetrated the planet’s atmosphere, Bazda and Asike began their interstellar voyage.


When Muyang, Bazda, and the others all left the barren planet, the bounty mission on top of the list regarding Armored Squadron, Dodoria, and others in the Galaxy Mercenary Headquarters located in the Central Area was quietly withdrawn.

Next, the Galaxy Mercenary Headquarters and the Galactic Patrol would verify the missions. After confirming that they were truly completed, the relevant points would be credited to Muyang’s card.

At this time, neither the Frieza Forces nor the Cooler had yet discovered this matter.


A blurred wave rippled through the air on a planet not far North Part of the North Area, and Muyang’s figure suddenly appeared near a waterfall.

“Mexia, what do you think of those two Saiyans just now?”

After stopping, Muyang sat on top of a rock at the top of the waterfall, looking down at the white breaking waves.

Mexia thought, “It’s not bad. Their strength is okay. It’s like what you said brother, the Saiyans look exactly like earthlings. If they didn’t have a tail behind them, I wouldn’t even recognize them as earthlings nor Saiyans.”

The earthling’s black-haired and black-eyed population was no longer a minority. Besides that, blondes, brunettes, and all kinds of colors were available. Comparatively speaking, the Saiyans were much more homogeneous in appearance.

Muyang said, “Saiyans are known as a Warrior Race; it’s an incredible race. If they take the right path of training, their future is boundless… Mexia, haven’t you been worried about not being able to catch up to me. Why don’t you reincarnate as a Saiyan so you can become strong in the next life.”

“Do you want me to reincarnate as a Saiyan?”

Mexia looked startled and wondered, “Are the Saiyans really that powerful?”

Those two Saiyans just now had about 8,000 to 9,000 power levels. They did look strong, but after following Muyang for a long time, Mexia’s eyesight had been elevated a lot. She didn’t even look much at the alien with a power level not exceeding 10,000. More importantly, she was worried about whether or not she would still be able to bond with earthlings after being reincarnated as a Saiyan.

“Saiyans have great potential. No, it should be said that there are not many races in the universe that can compare to Saiyans in terms of potential.”

In addition to being born with great power levels, Saiyans also could transform into giant apes or even Super Saiyans. If he didn’t have Acceleration Space, Muyang would have wished that he could become a Saiyan.

“It sounds great, but then wouldn’t I become an alien?” Mexia hesitated, not wanting to change her race. Because she was worried that if she changed her race, she wouldn’t have offspring with her senior brother.

“There’s nothing wrong with aliens. You can’t see it from the appearance.”

“But in that case, can there be offspring?” Mexia tweaked and spoke out her concerns.

After knowing the worries in Mexia’s heart, Muyang laughed in tears, “Don’t worry about that. The overall difference between Saiyans and earthlings is minimal. I promise it won’t affect our genes.”

After saying that, he finally made Mexia let go of her worries. However, she still wanted to see more and couldn’t make a decision so easily.

Muyang was glad to see Mexia’s conservative attitude, which showed that Mexia also had a mature side.

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