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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 215


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North Area, in Frieza’s Palace.

Frieza was not as graceful as Cooler since he received the news. He was now furious and destroyed anything he saw to his heart’s content.

“The Ginyu Force has lost personnel again. I can’t believe even Mr. Dodoria is dead!!!”

With a cold face, Frieza pointed at Captain Ginyu’s nose and yelled at him.

How many years had it been since his Ginyu Special Force had been formed? It was already the second time there had been a reduction in personnel. Was this Special Force he had formed just crap?

Captain Ginyu stood below. His face was becoming cloudy, but he didn’t have any defense. Since what Frieza said was an indisputable fact, the only ones to blame were Burter and Recoome, who were too indisputable. Captain Ginyu hated it in his heart, but his face could only show a contrite expression of resignation.

“King Frieza, please appease your anger. I’m afraid that they encountered an irresistible factor this time, and it wasn’t Captain Ginyu’s fault. I heard that Lord Cooler’s Armored Squadron was also wiped out.”

Standing beside Frieza, Zarbon spoke up. Zarbon was a very handsome alien with a good mind as well.

Frieza was also very reliant on this subordinate… His anger died down a little, and he turned around and said, “Mr. Zarbon, what can we do about this? Can we go and recruit people again?”

Zarbon said, “There’s still value in the existence of the Ginyu Force. After all, many advanced planets need a hand to suppress them. However, we also need to intensify our investigation of that person. The person who can kill Dodoria, Burter, and the others is definitely not a generalist.”

Frieza kept his face cold, “I’ll leave these to Mr. Zarbon.”

“Please don’t worry, King Frieza.”

“By the way, have those Saiyans settled down?” After his anger subsided, Frieza returned to his gentle posture and took a delicate sip of his wine glass to his lips.

Zarbon said, “As usual, on a mission, we have control of their spaceship and have monitored the entire Planet Vegeta. We were also strictly forbidding them from contact with technological civilization. I don’t think they can get out of our grasp for now.”

“Keep an eye on them. I never feel comfortable with those wild monkeys.” Frieza’s scarlet pupils showed a chilling light.

“King Frieza, if you don’t trust them, why don’t you dispose of them all?”

Hmph, Mr. Zarbon, ants are ants after all. Even if a few stronger ones can occasionally bite people, they will soon be crushed to death. Saiyans are not enough to be worried about. Now is the time to use them. Saiyans are excellent fighters; keeping them can still serve us.”

“It won’t be too late to kill them off one day when we can’t use them anymore.”

In Frieza’s eyes, the Saiyans were just tools. When he finished expanding his power, it was time to dispose of them.

After listening to Frieza’s inner words, Zarbon narrowed his eyes and looked like he was in full agreement.


Of course, in addition to Frieza and Cooler, King Cold was also the first to get the news.

As the Old Overlord Level figure of the North Area, King Cold’s news network was also spread all over the North Area. The news that Frieza and the others got, King Cold, was also able to get.

Knowing the news of the demolition of the Cooler Armored Squadron, King Cold only smiled coldly.

For this disobedient child, King Cold was becoming more scrupulous about Cooler, so he tried his best to support Frieza.

Many years ago, King Cold was still the strongest overlord of the North Area, but as Cooler’s strength rose to the top, to appease him, King Cold had to divide a large territory into Cooler’s hands, which left a thorn in his heart.

Although Cooler still had considerable respect for him as a father on the surface, he was becoming less respectful of him in his bones.

In contrast, the younger Frieza was still willing to listen to him as a father, and King Cold was very much in love with him.

At this moment, someone could give Cooler a bit of a hard time, but King Cold was happy to see it.

“Take advantage of this moment to secretly stoke a fire. However, it can cause unexpected effects… “King Cold sat on his throne, secretly trying to figure out the pros and cons of the matter in his heart.

The three of them started an investigation on Muyang almost simultaneously. However, the information registered at the Galaxy Mercenary Headquarters was straightforward, so even if they searched through all the information, they could only get the name “Muyang.” The information about his location was in the North Area, and his power level was 120,000.

Of course, for the 120,000 power level registered in the information, neither Frieza nor Cooler would believe it.

This kind of strength deceives the hell. There was no way the opponent was capable of annihilating the Armored Squadron. He must have hidden his power.

A little bit of time passed, Frieza and others still did not have any useful clues.

At this time, the person named “Muyang” was still picking up missions.

However, he appeared in locations with no trajectory to speak of, sometime in the North Area East Side, a little on the South Side of the North Area, and even in the East Area and West Area.

This was simply impossible; even the most advanced spaceship couldn’t have crossed so many places in such a short period.

This “Muyang” might not be the name of one person, but an organization of many.

Time hurriedly passed, like a white horse passing by. In the blink of an eye, more than two years passed, and Frieza and the others finally gave up on the pursuit of Muyang.


Two years later.

West Area, Planet Monteca.

It was a medium-sized planet, renowned for its delicious food. Many West Area aliens would travel across the stars from outer planets to taste some food here.

In a restaurant, a black-haired man sat on the second floor by the window.

On the left and right, beside him, sat two green-haired women.

Those two women were bright-eyed and gentle, wearing a white coat. The tight dress underneath just highlighted that exquisite and delicate body.

The small table in front of Muyang had all kinds of food on it. Meanwhile, a fist-sized blue jelly was lying among a plate, constantly moving its body.

“Senior brother, this is what I ordered; try it!” On Muyang’s left side, Mexia clung to his side, her soft breasts teasingly touching Muyang’s arm.

“Brother, eat this quickly.” On his right side, another Mexia was not willing to give up. She picked up a piece of meat and dipped it into the sauce, and sent it over.

These two Mexias were Mexia’s main and separate souls. When they were not exchanging memories, they were like two different people, and they actually still competed for jealousy.

Because Mexia’s soul had passed the most dangerous moment, the next step was to rely on time accumulation to complete the final mutation step by step.

So the idle Mexia also got into the pre-prepared simulated human body. This resulted in the appearance of two identical Mexia sitting on his left and right side.

However, Muyang felt that Mexia had already planned for him to prepare more bodies.

Muyang was happy to be served by two beautiful women. It was just so screwed up that he thought that Mexia might have split personalities one day.

“Mexia, you better settle down.”

Mexia smiled and giggled. The two of them were actually having so much fun teasing Muyang together.

It was a pity that her body wasn’t real flesh. Otherwise, together, they could definitely get the upper hand in bed.

“Senior brother, what do you think of the food here? Is it good?”

Muyang frowned and ate a few bites, feeling that the taste really wasn’t good and said, “It’s not good. How could they say it’s delicious?

The good ingredients are being wasted. Such bad food.”

He didn’t know that his casual words would lead him to big trouble.

Hmph, kid, I can’t pretend I didn’t hear that! Are these foods really that bad?!” A cold voice rang out, seemingly dissatisfied with Muyang’s assessment.

“I don’t consider these to be delicious at all.”

Muyang didn’t even look at the person.

In the next second, Muyang suddenly felt a slight chill and turned his head, only to vaguely see a purple figure.

It was a creature with long purple ears. It had a thin face and a skinny body, like a dry corpse.

Only bones were left except for a layer of skin. The two eye bags were particularly protruding. It was wearing a strange costume similar to that of an Egyptian Pharaoh. Such strange outfits were really bizarre.

At this time, this purple figure was holding a large bowl and standing behind Muyang. His mouth was continuously sucking the food inside as if he was tasting the most delicious food in the world.

“Kid, speak up clearly, or don’t blame me for being rude.”

“Who are you, and how can you talk like…” Mexia was just about to snare when Muyang covered her mouth.

Muyang saw the other Mexia also stood up and wanted to start yelling at the purple figure. With cold sweat swishing all over his body, Muyang said, “Mexia, be quiet.”

The moment he saw the purple figure clearly, Muyang recognized the other’s identity.

Being so skinny and wearing such an odd pharaoh costume… 

There was no mistaking it.

In this entire universe, there would be no one else…

But the God of Destruction, Beerus.

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