Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 217


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Having eaten and drunk enough, the God of Destruction, Beerus, was now contentedly sitting on top of a rock picking his teeth and sucking his fingers.

Beerus’ gaze towards Muyang had become increasingly kinder.

The person in front of him was a rare talent. If it weren’t for the fact that the Destruction God Planet was a God heavy place and that he spent most of his time sleeping, he would want to kidnap this person!

Ugh, the next time he woke up, he might not be able to eat such delicious food!

“Humans, the food you cook, is truly a rare delicacy in the world. This God has taken a liking to you, so this time out is considered a great reward.”

Then Beerus suddenly remembered something and ripped out his voice and shouted into the void, “Whis, come out now. Where have you been again, you bastard?”


A stream of light crossed the azure sky, only to be met by a red figure appearing in front of Muyang and the others.

He had a tall figure, wearing a crimson divine robe, long white curly hair, blue-green skin, and a massive light blue halo around his neck.

There was a long divine staff in his right hand, topped by a black magic ball.

This feminine looking person was the Angel, Whis, of the Universe 7, also the teacher and servant of the God of Destruction, Beerus. The most powerful master of the Universe 7.

“Lord Beerus, what do you want with me?” Whis asked after he appeared.

The God of Destruction, Beerus, stared at his servant and asked, “Where were you?”

Whis chuckled lightly and waved his divine staff, and a packed food appeared in his hand, “Lord Beerus, this is the most delicious food I’ve found on top of this planet. I just finished eating it and packed one for you.”

Beerus sniffed at the words. His nose sniffed and hooked up his mouth in disdain, “Hahaha, is this considered food? It doesn’t taste anywhere near as good. Whis, you’re missing out on a real treat today.”

Whis was surprised, “Lord Beerus, have you eaten something more delicious than this?”

“Smell it!”

Beerus picked up the leftover shells he had eaten; there was still a little bit of soup left on it. Whis brought it to his nose and sniffed it. The residual smell was still so evocative.

Whis’ eyes fiercely opened and couldn’t help but say, “What a delicious smell. Just a little bit of soup is so delicious. Lord Beerus, why didn’t you leave me a little bit? Look. I’ve packed it all for you.”


Beerus trailed off, having an appreciation for his angel servant’s stubborn personality.

He pointed at Muyang and Mexias, then said, “They made all this food, so if you want to eat it, ask them.”

“Oh!” Whis cried out in surprise and looked to Muyang and Mexias. So these three humans were masters!

Humming and coughing twice, Whis maintained his angelic appearance and became graceful in his movements.

“Greetings, several masters. I am Whis, servant of Lord Beerus. Several of you have made food that makes me long for just the smell of it. I wonder if you could make some for me as well?”

“I shall not dare to refuse. If Your Excellency wants to eat, of course, we will be happy to serve you.” Muyang humbly said.

This was ridiculous!

However, he knew the power of this angel in front of him.

Whis was the servant of the God of Destruction Beerus. However, in reality, he was the supervisor and teacher of the God of Destruction Beerus.

He could even knock out the God of Destruction with a slap. So it could be said that in the entire universe, no one was his opponent.

In terms of dimensions, the angel was a Level 9 Dimension, one level higher than the God of Destruction.

“That’s very kind of you.” Whis’ attitude was approachable; he was not arrogant and overbearing like the God of Destruction.

Muyang was happy to be on good terms with the angel. It was an incredibly sturdy thigh! So, with a wink towards Mexias, the two of them got busy preparing the ingredients again.

As the smoke curled and the wonderful aroma gradually drifted away, Whis sat down next to Beerus with his head cocked and his two purple eyes straight.

“Lord Beerus, you are so lucky where you found such a good culinary master.”

Beerus cocked his mouth, “Hmm, are you starting to admire me!”

“How nice. I’m rather looking forward to the taste of the food later.” Whis squinted.

His eyes were sweeping over to Gaia’s body next to him. The round blue jelly-like body was causing Whis to take a second look.

Hey, what was going on? Why did I feel traces of something?’

The inexplicable feeling passed, making Whis wondered. His mind was quickly going back to the anticipation of fantastic food.

At that moment, Gaia bounded up to Whis and jumped into his lap.

“Oh, what a strange creature.” Whis stroked Gaia’s cold body.

“Lord Whis, I’m sorry to keep you waiting.” Muyang came over with a plate. As Whis saw it, his eyes lit up, and enjoyed it very happily.

“Ah, it’s so delicious. I’ve never eaten anything this delicious.” Whis enjoyed eating it very much. From time to time, he let out a pleasant sigh of admiration.

“Lord Whis, it’s delicious, isn’t it!” The God of Destruction, Beerus, grunted twice and said to Muyang, “Well, if you prepare a little more of this kind of food for this God and satisfy me, I can fulfill a considerable request of yours.”

Beerus said as he stared intently at the plate of colorful and fragrant food. Even if he couldn’t finish it, he could still pack it up!

So, later, he could sleep and wake up with something delicious to eat.

Whis wiped his mouth and said, “Since this is a promise from Lord Beerus, I will do my best to meet it.”

Muyang heard it and saw that the God of Destruction Beerus, and Whis, were solemn.

It was as if he was writing a blank check, so Muyang was busy telling Mexia’s situation.

“Whis, look at my wife’s situation. She was eroded by the demonic ki to save her home planet. Now, her soul has mutated. I used Planet Namek’s Dragon Balls to preserve her consciousness, so can you try to see if you can restore her soul to normal.”

In the past, Planet Namek’s Dragon, Borunga, had said that the transformation of the soul aspect was the authority of the Supreme Kai.

The angel, Wish, was at a level higher than Supreme Kai. There might be something that could be done about the soul aspect.

Also, the divine staff in Whis’ hand was not an ordinary object. All kinds of ability to turn decay into magic were pinched in hand; there was almost nothing that he couldn’t do.

It could be said that Whis’ abilities were even more magical than those of Shenron.

Whis’ purple eyes aimed at Mexia twice. The divine staff glowed, flashing out Mexia’s past experiences on earth.

“Your wife’s soul does have a few oddities. Well, since it’s because of saving the planet, I’ll just let her recover.”

The divine staff lightly touched the ground. Two divine lights scattered out from the black crystal ball with a tinkling sound and entered the two Mexia’s bodies.

The moment the divine light entered, Mexia’s soul was blessed with a high level of power.

The time in the depths of her soul was accelerated a thousand times, and the mutation process that would have taken many more years was completed in an instant.

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