Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 218


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“I have completed the mutation for them, but their souls have been transformed into demons. If you want to change their souls’ nature without harming, it is best to perform a reincarnation. I can preserve their memories of this life and awaken them when their bodies grow to their proper size.”

“How do you feel about that?” Whis asked politely.

Muyang was overjoyed and thanked him incessantly, “Thank you, Whis. We will arrange their reincarnation after returning to our home planet and discussing it with our family elders. Thanks for all of this.”

Mexia being able to complete the mutation quickly was already the best thing that could happen. As for reincarnation, It was what they had planned since the beginning.

Whis smiled lightly and softly said, “You’re welcome. It’s just a hand up.”

“You just need to prepare more of the same food for us.”

“Definitely, Mr. Whis and Lord Beerus. We’ll prepare as much as you want.” Muyang promised in a cheerful mood, and then prepared more food with Mexias.

“Mexia, how are you feeling yourself?” Re-lit the fireplace, Muyang asked his wife as he prepared the food.

Mexia replied with narrowed eyes, “It feels so good. My mind has become obvious as if I have been reborn.”

“That’s good!”

After getting help from Whis, Mexia’s soul had finally reached the reincarnation requirements.

At that moment, Muyang felt full of motivation. The three of them together quickly prepared a large amount of delicious food for Beerus and Whis.

Looking at the plates of delicious and pleasant food, the God of Destruction Beerus and the Angel Whis all stared at it as if they were admiring exquisite works of art, their eyes filled with joy.

Both the master and servant were big eaters. As long as they prepared good food, everything was negotiable.

“Your cooking skills are just fantastic.”

Whis smiled as he packed all the food in an exquisite box and then used the divine staff to store them away.

With a flash of light in her brown eyes, Whis said to Muyang, “I wonder if you guys would be willing to come with us to the God of Destruction Planet and teach us your skills. It won’t take much time. Of course, I won’t mistreat you, and in exchange, I can relatively teach you in martial arts!”

Did Whis just invite them to the God of Destruction Planet?

Muyang had a shocked look on his face. Then, he got excited.

It should be known that the God of Destruction Planet was a more mysterious place than the Sacred World of the Kai, and all Lifeform weren’t allowed to enter.

As the divine realm where the God of Destruction resided, the God of Destruction Planet was an unknown number of levels higher than the Kai’s Planet.

Practicing there was dozens of times better than practicing in the mortal world and Kai’s Planet.

Beerus was also surprised by Whis’s invitation. He frowned, “Whis, the God of Destruction Planet is not for mortals to enter.”

“Lord Beerus, don’t you want to eat delicious food later? Once I learn this cooking skill, We’ll be able to taste these more often!”

Any chef in the mortal world has to die one day, but angels are eternal.

It was clear that the God of Destruction, Beerus, was moved by Whis’ words, and his demeanor began to fluctuate.

“Well then, I’ll only allow it for a while…” Beerus eventually couldn’t resist the food.

“What do you guys think?”

“To be able to go to the legendary God of Destruction Planet, we would certainly be happy to do so.” Muyang was busy stating his position.

Not to mention that he could get Whis’ guidance in the God of Destruction Planet, but the space in which that God of Destruction Planet was located and the divine ki that permeated the air bring him endless temptation.

“Oh, then let’s get ready to go!” Whis said indifferently, then he waved his divine staff and struck the void twice in a row.

There was a “swish”, and the colorful glow spread abruptly, instantly drowning Muyang and the others.

“You guys stand around me. It will take about ten minutes from here to the God of Destruction Planet.”

It was easy for Whis to cross the Universe Space barrier as they entered an excellent space tunnel.

This kind of tunnel was like a wormhole in a science fiction novel, capable of communicating with places far away.

The colorful tunnel was distributed with glittering flashes of light, all projections from different dimensions.

There was no up, down, left, or right here; one wrong step and they would fall into the spatial turbulence.

A cluster of aurora flashes. Sometimes the light goes forward, sometimes the light goes backward, incredibly interesting.

Although Muyang had learned Instant Transmission, he had never experienced such dimension-transcending travel.

He looked around curiously for a moment, taking a look at his surroundings.

The two Mexias stood one on the left and one on the right beside Muyang. Their bodies just attached to him, while the tiny blue jelly, Gaia, was glued throughout Muyang’s hair.

After about ten minutes or so, a cluster of light appeared at one end of the colorful tunnel.

Just like Instant Transmission, the colorful glow suddenly disappeared. Muyang and the others suddenly appeared in the middle of a canopy of pink Oneworld.

Below was a diamond-shaped planet with an incomparably large, gigantic, gnarled tree growing on it. In a distant, an ancient and flooding great desolate emerged.


Powerful gravity acted on the body, and Muyang and Mexia landed on the diamond-shaped God of Destruction Planet.

The tiny Planet continued to enlarge, entering a turquoise landscape. The bright green grass was growing to its fullest.

In the distance were endless grasslands and mountains and a lake as vast as an ocean. Upon looking up, there were scores of stars swirling around in the pale pink sky.

The God of Destruction Planet was the highest dimension in the universe, and the only one that could be compared to it was the Sacred World of Kai.

Because it was the world inhabited by the God of Destruction, space here was powerful enough to withstand the power of the universe when it was destroyed.

“This is the God of Destruction Planet. Lord Beerus’ residence is on top of that ancient tree. You can find any residence you want, and from tomorrow you will teach me cooking while I will give you proper instructions.” Whis pointed around and introduced the God of Destruction Planet.

At that moment, the God of Destruction, Beerus, gave a hatch and said, “Whis, I’m going back to bed. Don’t eat all that food from earlier; I don’t have much faith in your cooking skills. “

“It hurts me when you say that, Lord Beerus!”

Ck, I just don’t believe you.” Beerus curled his lips, stretched his waist, and said to Muyang, “You guys should leave as soon as you’re done teaching cooking. The God of Destruction Planet is not a place for mortals to set foot in.”

After saying that, Beerus’ figure flickered a few times and returned without a trace to hibernate among the temples located on top of ancient trees’ branches.

“Oh, from today onwards, you will adapt to life here for the time being!” Whis said lightly.

After giving Muyang and the others a direction, he maintained the operation of the God of Destruction Planet.

All those planets in the firmament had to rely on Whis to adjust their operation trajectory from time to time to prevent crossovers.

Muyang and Mexia watched as Beerus and Whis both left and looked at each other, “Shouldn’t we find a place to stay, senior brother,” Mexia asked.

“Well, let’s just build a simple shelter by the lake.”

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