Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 219


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The Planet where the God of Destruction resided was massive.

In the following time, Muyang and Mexia started to get busy with their residence. By the time the simple shelter was built, more than an hour had already passed.

Wiping the sweat from their faces, Muyang and Mexia sat by the lake to rest. Although it was called a lake, it wasn’t much different from the ocean.

The space of the God of Destruction Planet was substantial. The vast pressure exerted on their bodies made Muyang and Mexai feel as if they were suppressed like mortals.

After moving their arms and legs a little, they soon felt exhausted – without a powerful body, even if they wanted to live in the God of Destruction Planet, it would be a difficult task.

This was the reason why the God of Destruction Planet forbade mortals from setting foot in it. In addition to preserving the dignity of the gods, it was also a protection for mortal life.

Sweeping across the shimmering lake, Muyang saw a mass of blue jelly lying very comfortably on the grass, emitting a glowing blue light all over.

In just a short while, Gaia’s body had grown a large circle. It could be seen that the ki of the God of Destruction Planet was exceptionally beneficial to its growth.

Mexia squatted down and hugged Gaia in her arms. The icy feeling was comfortable, “Gaia, what kind of creature are you!”


Gaia chirped twice in low tones, changing the shape of her body like a slime. It was happy to hear Mexia’s bright hippie laugh.

At this time, Muyang was back to his old work. Just like in the North Kai’s Planet, when the God of Destruction and Whis was not paying attention, he quietly opened a passage leading to the Acceleration Space.

Suddenly, like seawater pouring in, a large amount of divine ki entered the Acceleration Space through the small passage.

Nourished by this divine ki, the Acceleration Space’s growth improved again, gradually developing towards a perfect level.

At this time, in the Acceleration Space, the white clouds had already descended to a shallow place after the accumulation of these years.

It was signifying that Muyang’s third limit would soon be reached.

Unlike the previous two limits, the “ceiling” of the third limit was white, which seemed to be somehow related to his body’s constant changes.

For the third limit, Muyang didn’t have much pressure in his heart because, with the Triple Kaio-ken, he had absolute confidence to break this shackle.


In the God of Destruction Planet, the stars were high up, so there was no distinction between night and day.

After about a few hours later, Whis finished adjusting the God of Destruction Planet’s stars and reappeared in front of Muyang and Mexia.

With a slight lift of the divine staff in his hand, he juggled all kinds of cooking equipment. There were ovens and stoves used for cooking and all kinds of cooking utensils, like pots and pans.

“Please, teach me,” Whis said faintly.

“Of course!” Muyang lightly smiled and made an inviting gesture to Whis.

He then skillfully demonstrated the preparation of various dishes. Time seemed to have suddenly returned to the days many years ago when he learned cooking in Marlene’s restaurant, except that now he acted as a master.

Knife work, fire, these were all things that needed to be mastered.

Whis watched Muyang break down a sea fish in a flowing manner without blinking. As Muyang removed the spines inside, he let out a voice of admiration from time to time, “Amazing. There are so many delicacies even when handling a sea fish.”

“Mr. Whis, you can try it.” Muyang handed over the sharp knife.

Whis took the knife, clicked a few flashes, and then learned Muyang’s movements properly. It was just like martial arts; it was hard to beat Whis.

However, in terms of mastering fire, Whis couldn’t get into it.

“No, it’s still not good enough.” In the meantime, looking at the strips of meat that he charred, Whis stroked his chin.

“The control of fire takes experience, and this is not the same as knife work.”

“Hmm, so that’s how it is…”


Time went by every day.

Muyang and Mexia did their best to teach Whis the culinary arts. Whis would also take some time every day to instruct Muyang and Mexia’s training.

As expected, he was a master that taught the God of Destruction’s level. Whis’ instructions could be described as shallow and easy to understand.

However, those few simple words were able to make Muyang’s power start to rub off on him.

These few days in the God of Destruction, Planet was when Muyang’s strength grew the fastest.


Half a year later.

A clamor broke through the air, three flashes of light rose on the lush green grass, almost parallel along with the land cutting through the void, and the three appeared on top of a lake.

The lake was in a fierce wind, and the wintry hurricane swirled up a storm of waves.

Muyang fought with his eyes closed. His hands and feet were bound with weights as massive as a thousand pounds, and he could only exert one percent of his usual strength.

Suddenly, a green flash of light attack.

Mexia’s supernatural power swept over a whirlwind, and Muyang dodged it easily. Then another light appeared, the sea turned into a dragon under this flash of light.

Not far away, Whis stood quietly watching from the side of the lake as he waved his divine staff while Muyang and Mexia returned to the shore.

“Okay, remember this situation now.”

“Your movements are very methodical. You can tell that you have undergone careful training, but sometimes it is not good to be too methodical. You rely too much on the sense of ki; not all creatures in the universe have ki.”

Muyang listened attentively. Whis’ martial art was very crisp, eliminating many fancy and useless moves, often striking at the core.

The so-called great path was mostly said to be the case with Whis.

Ordinary martial arts practitioners might rely on their eyesight and intuition to fight. When they encountered what they couldn’t see, or when the light was too strong, they would have to take a passive beating; the Lookout, Mr. Popo’s training, was much more advanced, adopting ki to perceive the opponent. So, even if they were blindfolded, they were able to hit the enemy accurately.

However, when it came to Whis, it all became a flawed martial art.

Because Whis was standing on top of the universe, the view from his level was much more comprehensive.

Not everyone in the universe possessed ki. Some strange races, such as the Yardratian or Metamoran, had a way to remove the ki from their bodies.

Even on earth, a master like Son Gohan could usually lower his ki a little. This was when ki sensing was not always accurate.

Whis taught training techniques and combat skills. However, specific power enhancement depended on individual effort. He instructed the martial arts skills to remove the ki sensing and look down on the panorama at a higher level, arriving at a perfect state of freedom.

Such a martial arts concept was profound and obscure. Without the support of a powerful force or an excellent teacher’s guidance, it was certainly challenging to practice it.

However, it didn’t matter. Under this theory’s guidance, if one practiced at a high level, there would always be a little gain.

It was as if Muyang’s strength had changed almost every single day during the months he had been in the God of Destruction Planet.

The feeling of constantly getting stronger and having great power flowing through his body enchanted him.

“Ki is a manifestation of energy; learning to use ki is subtly using energy. Your martial art isn’t wrong, but it’s still quite rudimentary.”

“Find a way to thoroughly transform the ki into every cell without letting it spill out, and comprehend that intention.”

“You have studied North Kai’s Kaio-ken. You should have learned the damage caused to the body by having too much ki. Hence, giving your best to utilize all of the ki to reach full power to perform it is the right thing to do. Why High-Level Gods don’t have ki, it’s not because they don’t have ki; it’s because they have metamorphosed their ki to a higher level.” 

Whis recounted her theory lightly.

Muyang listened carefully, keeping it in mind. Little by little turning Whis’ words into a platform for his actions. Under Whis’ instructions, Muyang had always gained something.

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