Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 220


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Whis was an excellent teacher. Under his guidance, Muyang’s strength grew by leaps and bounds.

Finally, one day, the sky within the Acceleration Space gradually descended to a place close to the ground.

Muyang felt that he was very close to the limit. This was when the growth of strength would slow down.

Back then, Muyang was stuck for a long time at the second limit to breakthrough, but now, he had no such worries.

So, the next step was to break the limit!

Suddenly, Muyang’s dark eyes burst out with glittering light, immediately deciding to make a breakthrough in the God of Destruction Planet.

While Whis went to maintain the stars again, Muyang found a remote place in the God of Destruction Planet that wouldn’t disturb the surroundings.

He then shifted all the ships in the Acceleration Space out and entered it with a flash.

About a minute later, violent swallowing was suddenly created next to the lake. The Acceleration Space, like a hungry beast, began to absorb the ki of the God of Destruction Planet!

Muyang’s figure came out of the Acceleration Space, and he could only see his body shining with divine light.

His breath was becoming even more obscure, and his dimensional level had been raised once again.

It seemed that the process of breaking the third limit was going very smoothly.

Muyang had broken the third limit at this point, and his strength had risen to 300,000 power levels!

His life level also reached the same level as the Level 4 Dimension, just like Annin and King Yemma.

Thinking about his path of training, it was actually quite arduous.

When Muyang broke through the first limit until he broke through the second limit, it took a total of 15 years for his power level to reach 2600.

The second limit to now breaking through the third limit took another 12 years to get the 300,000 power level!

This was still just counting the time in the outside world alone. If the time increase in the Acceleration Space were included, it would be an even longer time.

With the shackles stuck on his body loosened once again, Muyang had the emotional and lofty feeling of the sky being high enough for birds to fly and the sea being vast enough for fish to leap.

His body flew in the air, breathing in the divine ki of the God of Destruction Planet. The warmth was spreading to every cell of his body everywhere; billions of cells were all becoming active at the moment.

The interior of the Acceleration Space was also undergoing drastic changes due to the infusion of the higher sacred ki of the God of Destruction Planet.

By the time the ki absorption gradually stopped, the heavenly circle’s previous pattern had disappeared and was replaced by vast spherical space.

The empty space was suddenly expanding to a spherical range of fifty million meters, which had a radius of fifty thousand kilometers.

Whereas the spatial scope grew violently, the land within began to condense, transforming from a giant continent into a tiny planet.

The planet was only ten kilometers in diameter, filled with small grasses, and was overall exceptionally sturdy and full of aura.

The changed Acceleration Space became similar in structure to the God of Destruction Planet.

With a small star spinning in the middle of the vast space, precisely, the Acceleration Space had further evolved into a world; it should be called the Acceleration World.

Upon returning to the Acceleration World and looking at the continually rotating pocket planets, Muyang moved the shell and gravity spaceships back in. He then turned around and returned to the God of Destruction Planet.


“Senior brother, have you broken through?” Mexia whispered in Muyang’s ear.

Muyang nodded his head and smiled with joy, “It was a success. After breaking through the third limit, the ‘Acceleration Space’ advanced to ‘Acceleration World.’ The time flow rate became 16 times faster, and next, my strength will enter into a high speed grown period.”

“Great, senior brother is getting stronger. No one can mess with us from now on.”

Mexia was overjoyed. Upon thinking that before, she was killed by a demon with more than 1,000 power levels, which almost broke her soul, she felt hopeless.

Muyang’s finger flicked at Mexia’s eyebrow and smiled, “The training still depends on yourself. You guys should also work hard in the future.”

“That’s for sure.” Mexia curled her lips and lifted her hand with a whiff of whirlwind generated in her palm, looking like she was flailing.

She couldn’t train her body right now, so she could only strengthen her spiritual power. Her superpower was her specialty.

Moreover, because of the “Divine Divided Soul Tempering” secret technique of the Yardratian, Mexia’s soul power was twice as strong as the others.


Time rushed, the days and months turned upside down.

Another half a year had passed.

It had been a year since Muyang had entered the God of Destruction Planet. This year, Muyang was living a very fulfilling life.

The God of Destruction Planet really was the highest level of a training place in the universe. Unknowingly, the divine ki in the air elevated that potential in his body.

At this time, Muyang’s normal power level of combat had undergone a drastic change compared to before.

With 600,000 power levels, this incredible value was Muyang’s current strength.

This value was quite terrifying, even if it was placed in the middle of the universe. Not to mention that Muyang was still just an earthling, yet he could reach such a strength.

On the calm grass, the emerald green grass curled and stretched with the wind, emitting a vibrant charm.

Muyang was floating in the sky more than ten miles off the ground with the wind rustling his clothes. Suddenly, he held his breath and then shouted.


The dark red light suddenly rose, blocking out the original white light on his body. With the aid of the Triple Kaio-ken, Muyang’s power level climbed to 1.8 million.

Suddenly, there was a gust of wind around, a breeze spreading out with Muyang at the center.

At the bottom, the two Mexias looked on with glowing eyes. Their eyes filled with loving tenderness.

“It’s so strong. Senior brother’s ki is too strong.” Resting her hands on top of her head to block the wind from blowing, Mexia shouted excitedly.

Whis leaned on his divine staff and watched blandly; this little ki didn’t affect her at all.

“Alright, feel that power in the Kaio-ken seriously and find a way to control it in. You can’t rely too much on the Kaio-ken. It’s a technique that has its excellence, but will cause you to get lost on the wrong path.”

Whis understated the disadvantages of the Kaio-ken. Although the Kaio-ken that the North Kai was proud of increased power levels several times, the North Kai level was still too low. The Kaio-ken that he invented was full of loopholes in Whis’ eyes, and relying too much on it would significantly disadvantage the training.

Kaio-Ken, as a magic weapon to conquer the enemy, had its uses. However, for training, Kaio-ken was a burden.

In Whis’ philosophy, real ontological power was the real deal. All those fancy transformations were just sideshows in his eyes, only creating shackles on the body.

Had you ever seen a God of Destruction Body Transformation?

Had you ever seen an Angel Body Transformation?

Of course, not.

At the highest level, the strength of itself was the key. There was a limit to any transformation or external addition.

There was a swoosh.

Whis silently approached a ten-foot radius around Muyang. He then stretched out his divine staff and probed forward, gently nudging at Muyang’s body.

A subtle force suddenly poured into Muyang’s body, immediately like an overwhelming mountain, causing the ki in Muyang’s body to fluctuate violently.


With a turn of in the air, Muyang’s face turned pale. His power level fell directly from 1.8 million, actually making it very difficult even to stand up.

“Look carefully. The slightest touch makes you exit your strongest state. Do you know why? Because this power is not your own.” Whis floated in the air and said, “In a normal state, although this point of mine is not weak, it’s not enough to cause you so much damage. It’s because you can’t control this power.”

Muyang was silent, somewhat understanding the meaning of Whis’ words.

In fact, whether it was the Keio-ken or the Super Saiyan Transformation, both of them used a power that was beyond normal to fight. Such power was precarious.

When he encountered an expert like Whis, a little bit of pressure would make him utterly incapable of fighting. He wouldn’t even have the strength to resist.

What Whis meant wasn’t for him not to use augmentation in battle, but to learn restraint.

After all, even if the effect of augmentation was intense, it wasn’t as solid and stable as a normal power level.

To take the reality out of it and enter it was like the moon in the water, rootless and floating duckweed.

A true master would not look at these. The only way to train was to increase the normal power level, which was the most solid and steady way.

As he figured this out, Muyang’s eyes became bright, looking at Wish with admiration.

Worthy of being the Angel of Universe 7. Whis was simply the most suitable teacher for martial arts training.

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