Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 226


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Have you ever hugged your childhood self?

Frankly speaking, Landy didn’t believe in Muyang’s words. At this time, she looked at Muyang with a look at the liar; the despise in her eyes was seen.

A person who was obviously only in his twenties actually said that he had hugged her when she was a child. Although she was only fifteen years old, she wasn’t that gullible! Ten years ago, Azure Mountain City had just been established, and it was only this big in total. Also, she didn’t remember any senior brother that matched this person in her memory.

However, despite the disbelief, Landy also had some mutterings in her heart, feeling like she had seen this liar in front of her somewhere.

Muyang was stunned, not expecting Landy to look at him with a confused look.

“Haha, senior brother, little Landy doesn’t seem to recognize you!” On Muyang’s shoulder, Mexia narrowed her eyes and laughed loudly to his ear.

Muyang had no choice but to laugh.

At that moment, Landy let out a scream. She finally remembered who the person in front of her looked like. Wasn’t he the idol of the entire Azure Mountain City, the Kami School’s legendary figure – Lord Muyang, the “God of Martial Arts”?

She had heard her parents whispering in her ear since she was a child that the “God of Martial Arts” had learned to cook in their restaurant and had even hugged her. Landy was still young, and her impressions were not deep. However, the God of Martial Arts legends were the most talked about in the Azure Mountain City, and she grew up with them.

She didn’t think about this at all before. Hence she didn’t recognize Muyang. However, upon closer inspection, the vague impression in her memory gradually became more evident. The person in front of her was no different from the Lord Muyang in her memory.

The entire Azure Mountain City had a strong martial arts culture, and there were dozens of small and large martial arts schools. Landry’s martial arts qualification wasn’t excellent, but she had also joined a martial arts school to practice some fists and kicks, and she had heard the legend of Muyang many times before.

“Muyang… Lord Muyang. Oh no, Uncle Muyang…” Landy looked a little restrained; her small face was looking very excited.

Muyang smiled and shook his head, “Don’t be nervous. I’m not that scary.”

“Ah, no, no, you’re our idol.” Landy busily put down the magazine in her hand and waved her hand.

“Where’s senior sister Marlene?” Muyang asked.

Landy answered, “Mom is with Dad, preparing ingredients in the back kitchen…”

It was still noon, and the restaurant wasn’t yet open for business. However, the preliminary preparations were also busy.

Today the restaurant had expanded quite a bit compared to a few years ago. With new casual meals in the lobby for all the major martial arts schools and a take-out service suggested by Muyang, the restaurant was popular among nearby residents.

As the restaurant’s business grew, Marlene and her husband became busier. Not only sifting through the ingredients but also guiding the chefs to fulfill orders and develop new dishes with quality and quantity.

As he was chatting with Landy, Marlene came out of the restaurant and saw her daughter talking with a young man. She then went forward to ask questions.

However, upon seeing that it was Muyang, she was surprised, “Muyang, when did you come back?”

“Senior sister Marlene, I just got back.” Muyang smiled slightly in Marlene’s direction.

Marlene was almost forty years old this year. However, due to her excellent maintenance and the fact that she was already quite beautiful, the years had not left many traces on her face. Instead, as she became more mature, she had a different aura in her.

“Muyang, speaking of which, we haven’t seen each other for a few years.” With that said, Marlene looked at her daughter next to her. She saw her curious face and glared, “Landy, don’t just stand here; the restaurant is so busy. You’re slacking off while your father is looking for you!”

Landy deflated and looked reluctant but didn’t dare disobey her mother’s words. So, she shuffled into the restaurant with the magazine in hand.

“This child is always so unpleasant!” Looking at her back as she ran in, Marlene shook her head, “She’s fifteen or sixteen years old. Considering that when I was her age, I was involved in the restaurant’s operation.”

Muyang smiled, “Little Landy is quite cute. Children nowadays, they follow the trend. Senior Sister Marlene should not be harsh on her.”

Marlene laughed, “If you also have a daughter, you will definitely spoil her to the heavens!”

She said, looking at Muyang and leaned in to whisper to him, “How about now, are you still single? Do you want me to introduce you to someone? Since Mexia has left, many girls have been asking about you.”

The many girls that Marlene was talking about were certainly not the ones she wanted to introduce to Muyang in the past. Those girls were now older and had married early to have children.

However, Muyang was a star stock.

Even if the original holder had to sell and leave the market for one reason or another, people still came later and snapped up the shares to take over.

With her restaurant, Marlene’s business was booming. People knew that she had a good relationship with Muyang, so many people came to her for a favor.

These people, including young neighbors who were still unmarried and some of the defeated dogs she was going to introduce to Muyang, ended up being defeated by Mexia.

Although they had no chance, their sisters, and even their daughters, can also take a chance. -or so that’s what they thought.

After all, Muyang was the “God of Martial Arts”. So many years have passed, and he has not aged, so it wasn’t a problem at all.

When the news of Mexia’s death came, everybody was a little sad, but more than that, it was just a little bittersweet.

To put it bluntly, if the wife didn’t die, how could they have a chance!

Then suddenly feeling a chill, Muyang said with great righteousness, “Senior Sister Marlene, don’t bring this matter up again. Although Mexia is no longer here, in my heart, she will always be my wife!”

Marlene was stunned and whirled around, nodding, “Mexia will be so happy!”

She then saw the little figure on Muyang’s shoulder that looked precisely like Mexia and said in amazement, “Hey, why does this doll look exactly like Mexia?” She said and reached over to take it.

Mexia’s soul immediately hibernated as the tiny doll body was then taken in Marlene’s hand and was played with.

Muyang coughed, “This is a doll that I found someone to make.”

Marlene gave an “oh” and changed the topic, “How long are you planning to stay here this time?”

“I’m not really sure; it should be longer.”

This time, it was mainly for Mexia’s reincarnation. What exactly would happen after that? Muyang had no plans yet.

“So…” Marlene gave it some thought and teased, “I have some young friends here who have always wanted to join the Kami School. Do you want to meet them and see if it’s appropriate?”

Hearing the strings’ song and knowing the elegant idea, Muyang knew as soon as he heard it that Marlene hadn’t given up the idea of introducing him to a girl.

How could this be an introducing a disciple? It was obviously a chance for him to have a look and see if he was likely to meet one.

“Senior Sister Marlene, you can even be a professional matchmaker…”

Upon hearing the matchmaker word, Marlene didn’t seem like she understood.

This topic could no longer be talked about. Muyang was deeply afraid that Senior Sister Marlene would put forward and said, “Why don’t you take a look at our Landy?” which would be too powerful and embarrassing.

Upon saying goodbye to Senior Sister Marlene, Muyang went towards the Kami School residence in the Great Azure Mountain.

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