Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 232


Clang, clang, clang.

The six fist-sized purple crystals collided to produce a crisp sound.

After many years of hard work, Muyang had finally combed through his martial arts. He combined it with the Yardratian’s approach to spiritual cohesion and burned the essence of martial arts into the six purple crystals.

When a life dimension advanced to a high level, the spiritual aspect would leap, resulting in all sorts of strange abilities, such as touching someone’s head to read the memories in the other person’s brain or staring at their eyes.

The intense pressure would cause them to faint. These were all wonderful uses of spiritual power.

Muyang was now a Level 4 Dimensional Life. In terms of dimensional level, he was already no less than the King Yemma in the Other-World and already possessed potent abilities himself.

“Senior brother, these crystals are so beautiful. How about giving me one?” April blinked her eyes sheepishly.

The decades in the Acceleration World hadn’t changed April’s simple personality, still expressing her feelings on her face as always.

Muyang harrumphed, “Of course, no problem.”

“Just give me a small one, senior brother. These crystals can be polished right; I want to make them into earrings.” April pointed to the smallest of them.

“It shouldn’t be that difficult.” Muyang laughed lightly.

His fingers were distantly pointing towards the smallest martial arts crystal. The Acceleration World power worked steeply over; the purple crystal shone with an intoxicating light and quickly changed into two teardrop-shaped earrings.

After figuring out how to make martial arts crystals, Muyang had created different styles of crystals at will.

“Here. I’ll put them on you.”

Letting April turn her body slightly sideways, Muyang personally put two earrings on April’s ears.

In the original story, Android 21 wore large golden earrings, which Muyang felt were too big.

However, now giving April compact earrings would make her look even more beautiful.

“These two earrings are imprinted with my understanding of martial arts inside. Try to understand more regularly, and don’t waste your martial arts foundation.”

“Got it.” April’s face was filled with joy, and her fair cheeks blossomed into a charming smile.

Stroking her glasses on the bridge of her nose, April ran towards the research room. She then laboriously dragged a sack with large and small plastic jars in it, opening it to reveal a bean’s seeds.

“Senior brother, these are number one through eight Sabaimen. Each jar has 300 of them. If you pour a special nutrient solution on them, you can grow Sabaimen.”

“Are these reliable?” Muyang picked up a seed.

April crossed her arms and said, “Have faith in my skills. I think I’m best at biochemical research.”

“The number one Sabaimen is the weakest with only 200 power level. After planting out, it has a survival time of 3 hours; the number two Sabaimen is slightly higher with about 400 power level and a survival time of 6 hours; the number three Sabaimen has 600 power level and a survival time of 9 hours… all the way up to the last number eight Sabaimen with 1600 power level 1600, and survival time 24 hours!”

April introduced it as if it was a treasure.

Muyang listened carefully. Although the strength of these Sabaimen was not worth mentioning in his eyes, on earth, they were unattainable great masters.

Looking at the large jars of Sabaimen seeds in front of him, Muyang felt that the earth’s future was basically stable.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to think that in the future, when the Great Demon King Piccolo or Raditz appeared, he would casually send out a few hundred Sabaimens to lay siege to them?

What kind of expressions would Great Demon King Piccolo or Raditz have then?

Tsk, that image would be too beautiful.

However, Saibamens could only serve as a back-up. It was better not to reveal them regularly.

After all, maintaining peace on earth still needed to rely on earth’s local martial arts practitioners.

If it all relied on Saibamens, then things would be nothing!

“April, keep up the good work and try to develop a stronger Saibamens.” Muyang complimented April a few times.

April smiled, “Senior brother’s Acceleration World is most suitable for research. The research progress will be much faster here… However, the potential of Saibamens are limited and need to rely on the suitability of the soil. In fact, I think we can research Cyborg Warrior.”

Muyang was shocked. Did April now have the idea of trying to research Androids?

“Be careful not to lose control. Things like Cyborg Warrior are best left in the Acceleration World for research. I don’t feel safe when it’s outside.” Muyang’s face was stony.

April’s body unconsciously leaned over, “Are you afraid that something will happen to me?”

Muyang quietly avoided it and knocked on her head, “Some research still needs to be safe.”

Muttering in his heart, this girl, April, wouldn’t have forgotten what Mexia had told her.

The intimacy she had shown in these decades of living together night and day was hidden beyond certain limits.

April playfully rubbed her head, curling her lips and grunting twice.

Next, neither Muyang nor April continued to stay in the Acceleration World. The surrounding shadows flickered, and the two of them returned to the house in the Great Azure Mountain.

After explaining a few words to April, Muyang brought a jar of Sabaimen seeds with him and then went to the place where Isaac and the others lived in a flash.

Looking at Muyang’s disappearing back, April stomped her foot. A smile suddenly appearing on her face, then hummed a little tune and ran to the kitchen to prepare her favorite dessert.


When Muyang rushed over to Isaac’s place, he could hear their cheerful laughter from afar.

Isaac was sitting in the shade with some of his junior brothers and sisters, playing chess. Beside them, Alice and Yula were also laughing and chatting.

“Is this the Saibamen that April has researched?”

Isaac picked up the Saibamen’s seed and examined it, unable to believe that this little seed could actually grow thousands of combat masters. If technology was so useful, why would they need martial arts practitioners?

Muyang smiled, “These Saibamens are already engraved with a code when they are made. They will only break ground if they encounter a matching nutrient solution, and adding a biological material to the nutrient solution, such as a strand of hair, will allow the Saibamen to do that person’s bidding.”

“That’s quite convenient.” Karl, who was sitting on the side, smiled.

Muyang then took out the fist-sized martial arts crystal, “Teacher, this is the crystal that records my martial arts comprehensions. As long as you inject your spirit into it, you can see my comprehension. I think the Kami School lacks something like this.”

Isaac’s face became serious. As opposed to an external object like a Saibamen, martial comprehension attracted more attention from him. It was a good thing that could improve the overall strength of the Kami School.

Isaac, Karl, and the others carefully put the purple crystal away and said thoughtfully, “We will keep it well in the future.”

Muyang smiled, “There’s no need to be so serious. This is something I can just make. I’m going to prepare a copy for Kanalita as well.”

“It’s different. This will be the future martial arts legacy of the Kami School.”

“Kanalita is your disciple, so she should indeed have a share of the good stuff.”

For the most talented disciple of the Kami School’s younger generation, everyone treated Kanalita like a treasure.

After chatting with the elders for the next few moments, Muyang launched an Instant Transmission to go directly to Korin Tower.

He then left a slightly smaller crystal with Korin to give the martial arts practitioner who climbed up to Korin Tower a chance to comprehend it, even when the martial knowledge recorded in this crystal was a bit shallower.

Bidding farewell to Korin, Muyang made his way upwards to the Lookout.

On the Lookout’s empty square, Mr. Popo, dressed in an Arabian outfit, quietly held a broom and sweeping the floor.

On the Lookout, Muyang also saw a few familiar faces, such as Wuting, Gillo, Arlo, Liz, Kane, Yiya, Ness, Aso, and Lida. All of these young associates were practicing above the Lookout.

The power of the ages was most relentless and had left frosty marks on their faces.

Handing over the largest martial crystal and a hundred or so Saibamen seeds to Kami, and seeing Kami’s teary-eyed look as he held these things, Muyang really couldn’t bear to tell him that the crystal and Saibamen could actually be mass-produced.

“Muyang, after so many years of not seeing you, I know you’ve definitely become stronger. However, we’re not wasting our time in the Lookout for nothing, so why don’t we have a contest?”

Wuting and the others came over and challenged him.

Muyang’s gaze swept over each of them, and nodded slightly.

Wuting and the others had worked tirelessly for so many years. With the Kami School Martial Arts popularization, their strength had climbed to something like 800 to 900 power level.

To be honest, they were already martial arts masters who could start their school on earth. However, they were still too far behind from Muyang.

While Wuting and the others were attacking their fists and kicks, Muyang was still standing toweringly.

Then suddenly, a streak of light flashed in his eyes, and waves of shock suddenly rolled up around Muyang.

A strong spiritual pressure seemed like a wall of air crushing over.

Wuting, Gillo, and the others looked horrified. Their bodies were flying out involuntarily.

“Oh my, the gap is actually this big.”

“How on earth did this freak Muyang train?”

“Our power level is almost a thousand, but we can’t even get close to Muyang’s side.”

Wuting and the others climbed up with an unforgettable horror in their eyes.

Muyang’s junior sister, on the other hand, covered her mouth and laughed, “I told you not to challenge my senior brother long ago. Now, you guys can eat the dust!”

Muyang quietly looked at them and could not help but sigh. As his strength grew stronger, he felt that he was about to leave the earth’s level.

Even the best martial arts practitioner on the earth, Son Gohan, the gap between them was like a cloud. This feeling… of being on a higher level made him sigh.

It was truly… too intoxicating.

“Perhaps, I should go out for another adventure.” Muyang raised his head at forty-five degrees, looking like a lonely master.

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