Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 235


It was said that Grand Kai was the noblest god in the galaxy.

All the people who lived in Heaven were proud of receiving the guidance of the Grand Kai.

However, in fact, Grand Kai was a fashionable and innovative god who loved competitions. So he could often be seen carrying a big stereo and dancing there.

Heaven gathered strong people from all ages of the galaxy. Because of possessing a physical body, these strong people could train in Heaven. Even if their race had poor qualifications, they still retained great strength over the years.

When Muyang stepped into Heaven, the vast emptiness of the sky was filled with one powerful ki.

Landing on one of the planets, Muyang walked all the way. The more he saw, the more he was shocked.

These beings living on the Heaven Planets rarely had less than a thousand power levels.

There were countless ones with more than 10,000 power levels. Just at the moment, he sensed it, several strong beings with millions of strength walked past him. Even on certain planets, Muyang felt experts with power levels comparable to Frieza’s.

If all the strong people here entered the Earth, they could almost sweep the entire planet.

Muyang soon realized that these strong people were all heroes who had saved the world in their lifetime.

Their strength was definitely not too bad on their original planet. Having trained for countless years after arriving in Heaven, it was normal to have this kind of strength.

The Other-World had its own rules, and souls entering the Other-World were not allowed to interfere with the Other-World’s normal development unless they encountered a major event of very high intensity.

Rather than the soul of the bad severing the good ties, the supreme ruler of the universe required the good to undergo a certain degree of hardship.

After lamenting the strong people in Heaven, Muyang flew over the planet after planet through the interplanetary conduits and eventually landed on the Grand Kai’s Planet. 

“May I ask where Grand Kai is?” Muyang pulled a man in a long white robe.

“Hey, you’re actually still alive!”

The robed man had a golden halo on his head and looked at Muyang in surprise, “If you want to find Grand Kai, you can go to his palace. However, the Grand Kai is mysterious, and even if you go to his palace, you may not be able to see him.”

Grand Kai’s playfulness was no secret in Heaven. No one knew where he would appear.

“I’ll go there and try my luck first,” Muyang said with a smile.

The long-robed man looked at Muyang and smiled, “The palace of Grand Kai is to the North of the Grand Kai’s Planet. You just have to go North, and you will soon see it. Good luck on reaching Grand Kai; you will definitely be surprised then. ” 


Muyang expressed his gratitude. The heroes of Heaven were of very noble character and spoke with a feeling like a spring breeze. 

After getting the general address of Grand Kai’s palace, Muyang set off towards the North.

As the Grand Kai’ Planet itself was not a very big planet, after flying north for a while, a garden palace appeared in front of Muyang’s eyes.

“This is Grand Kai’s palace. It doesn’t look magnificent, and it doesn’t even have a single guard.” Muyang smiled slightly and landed in front of the Grand Kai’s palace.

Passing through a corridor filled with flowers, Muyang entered a courtyard.

With the rhythm of stirring music ringing in his ears, he saw an old man with white hair and a long beard carrying a large stereo dancing fiercely in the courtyard, wearing a pair of sunglasses on his face and dressing very fashionably.

It seemed that he had good luck.

Muyang knew that the old man in front of him was Grand Kai of the entire Galaxy. His position was even nobler than the Four Directions Kai. 

“Lord Grand Kai.” Muyang stepped forward and spoke with neither being humble or arrogant. 

Grand Kai lifted his sunglasses and then turned off the music, “Human, how did you end up in Heaven?”

Muyang smiled, “I heard in the lower realm that Lord Grand Kai is a famous martial arts master. This is my pass to listen to your teachings through King Yemma.” He said, taking out the proof issued by King Yemma.

Grand Kai took the pass and tore it off without looking at it.

“Since you’ve come to Heaven, then it’s destiny. I see that your dimensional level is different from ordinary mortals. You’ll definitely be a great god in the future. You can stay and accept my instructions properly, that way, lest you fall into an evil path.”

Grand Kai lived for an unknown number of years and had seen many gods become evil due to their philosophies. What a tragedy it was. 

“Thank you, Lord Grand Kai.”

“Well said!” Grand Kai laughed and asked, “What do you think of the dance I just did. Did you have any insights?”

Muyang was startled for a moment, whirled around, and said, “Grand Kai’s dance is very profound. I’m only superficially learned; I can’t see anything.” 

“Hahaha, you’re humble. The young man must be truthful; there is no need to worry about anything in front of me.”

“Your dance steps aren’t ordinary move.”

Hmph, I like people like you who tell the truth.” Grand Kai couldn’t stop nodding his head. His beard raised in delight.

Grand Kai’s easy-going nature was well-known in Heaven. Everyone in Heaven was willing to communicate with him.

Moreover, he loved to hold martial arts tournaments and would even give advice when he was happy. Because of Grand Kai’s unconcerned personality, all heroes respected him from the bottom of their hearts.

“If you want to train in Grand Kai’s Planet, you must first show me your strength.”

“Of course.”

Muyang immediately nodded his head and then mobilized all his ki. Seeing Grand Kai squinting at him, Muyang held his strength and shouted, casting Triple Kaio-ken.

Instantly, a powerful force of 7.2 million Power level erupted. The tens of thousands of meters in diameter shook abruptly. The broken stones on the ground floated away from gravity.

Looking at Muyang exerting his full power, Grand Kai’s pale eyes suddenly flashed with a brilliant light.

“This is that North Kai’s Kaio-ken. It’s a sloppy technique, but the power is pretty good.” Grand Kai nodded his head.

There was never a shortage of masters in Heaven. Someone as powerful as Muyang was not a thousand or eight hundred.

He could even find one or two masters comparable to the full power level of a Super Saiyan.

So the power displayed by Muyang could only be considered pretty good in the eyes of Grand Kai.

“It’s fine. Put away your ki. The Kaio-ken is too taxing on the body. Only that North Kai would feel proud of it.”

Grand Kai’s eyesight was very vicious, and he already knew the fatal weakness of Kaio-ken. After the strength grew to a certain level, the increase of Kaio-ken would slow down. Many of Heaven’s heroes had practiced Kaio-ken and had long since touched the principles and drawbacks of their-ken.

“Lord Grand Kai, please teach me.”

“Hahaha, no need to be so polite. Follow me.” Grand Kai stroked his beard, “There are many good places above my Grand Kai’s Planet that are suitable for training. Ordinary people need to apply to get in; I’ll take you over there today.”

“By the way, which planet are you from?”

“Earth,” Muyang replied.

“Earth… I thought you were a Saiyan. Speaking of Earth, the Lookout there is excellent…” Grand Kai walked briskly in front of him, not looking like an old man at all.

Soon, Grand Kai led Muyang into a cloister. Like Earth’s Lookout, there were countless rooms distributed on both sides of the cloister, and each room inside was a special place of training.

Some had particularly strong gravity, some had extremely high temperatures, and some were simply a complete vacuum. 

“How’s that compared to your planet’s Lookout? I had the Yardratian build this; each room is an excellent place to practice.” 

Grand Kai proudly introduced it.

The importance of the training environment was self-evident to martial arts practitioners. A single gravity room was a great boost to training. Under Grand Kai’s advice, Muyang opened the room marked with the word “gravity,” and gravity more than three hundred times crushed over. 

Muyang was caught off guard and almost stumbled and fell. He had to use his strength to stabilize his body to not make a fool of himself in front of Grand Kai. 

Grand Kai laughed and stretched out his hand to stroke his white-flowered beard, “The Yadratians built these after spending countless years. Every environment inside has been reaching extreme states from easy to difficult. That gravity just now is just the beginning. As you go deeper inside, the gravity will be even stronger. Eventually, it will be as strong as the White Dwarf Planet surface gravity.”

“I dare say the entire galaxy can’t find a better place to practice than this.”

“By the way, there seems to be a Divine Tower on Earth built by the ancient Beiyaian. You, earthlings, are lucky that Planet Beiyaduoda seems to have some connection with Planet Yardrat, so you’re equal to the early treatment of my great planet!”

Planet Beiyaduoda?

When Muyang heard this term, he recalled that there was no such planet in the original story. 

However, according to Grand Kai, the Earth’s Korin Tower and the Lookout of Kami should both be the work of the “Beiyaian.” Therefore, he quietly memorized this term in his heart.

“Lord Grand Kai, what is the connection between the Beiyaian and the Yadratians ?”

Grand Kai shook his head, “I’m not sure; it was very long ago. Your Earth civilization rose and fell several times, then redeveloped from a primitive society. However, only that Lookout has stood there, and that is the power of the Beiyaian!”

“However, compared to a long time ago, the earth Lookout is becoming more and more fragile. It seems that no matter how miraculous the creation is, it cannot withstand the passage of time after all.”

The Earth Kami still had such a profound mystery. 

It seems that the Earth’s predecessors weren’t simple either!

Muyang then turned to his thoughts and suddenly realized that the Korin Tower’s construction style and the Lookout were very similar to that of the Yadratians temples.

Both of which were full of Mayan and Inca styles, with totem symbols and bird and beast face reliefs, especially evident.

Maybe they really had some connection as well. 

However, none of these were what Muyang needed to be concerned about. He just needed to grow his strength and not be eliminated in the flood of the future era.

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