Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 236


In the following days, Muyang trained in the various training grounds of the Grand Kai.

These magical rooms of the Grand Kai were worthy of the countless years spent by the Yadratians in building them.

Each room in them brought a natural attribute to the extreme.

With the assistance of these special environments, Muyang’s body was continuously being strengthened.

Of course, since he had come to a higher dimension, Muyang still could gather the gods’ ki in the higher dimension.

Grand Kai’s Planet was at a level that was not comparable to the God of Destruction and the Kai’s Planet but was the top level in the Galaxy.

In the thought that a mosquito was meat no matter how small it was, Muyang grimly opened the Acceleration World to greatly absorb the gods’ ki above Heaven and Grand Kai’s Planet.

Since it wasn’t a forbidden place like the God of Destruction Planet, Muyang was also much bolder.

As a steady stream of Heaven ki entered the Acceleration World, the small planet inside, with a diameter of ten kilometers, slowly became “fatter” and reached a diameter of twenty kilometers.

At this time, Gaia was the most excited. Its blue body was bouncing. To express its joy, Gaia worked even harder to plant Senzu Beans, expanding the planting area of Senzu Beans by several times at once.

“Keep growing, and you’ll be able to divide the central planet into different areas of the range.” Muyang was so happy that he also wanted to copy the Grand Kai’s training chamber into it.


Time rushed by.

After about a year, Muyang had completed several of the secret chambers. By this time, his base power level had risen from 2.4 million to 3 million.

In other words, it was the state of power that Son Goku had when he became a Super Saiyan.

Upon feeling the powerful energy flowing through his body, every cell seemed vibrant, and a faint smile appeared on Muyang’s face.

“If I were a Saiyan, I could almost become a Super Saiyan at this time now. Tsk, good for Saiyans, Son Goku was able to soar directly from 3 million power level to 150 million power level…”

This was the difference, and Muyang felt that The Saiyans’ hang-ups would create blocks in the entire world.

Think about how many days it took for Son Goku to go from 8000 power level when Vegeta invaded earth to 150 million in total. Just over a month!

Whip, whip!

If he didn’t work hard, others would catch up to him in a few months.

During this time, Grand Kai had been unstinting in giving him advice, which benefited Muyang a lot.

Although the Grand Kai’s martial arts were definitely not as profound as Whis’, precisely because of this, Muyang was able to comprehend faster.

In comparison, Whis’ martial art was more like attaining the level of rules, comprehending it was certainly not as easy as mortal martial arts, but the effect was even more outstanding.

As long as he understood a little bit of its skin, he would be able to use it for life.

“Muyang, a single bitter training is not conducive to growth.”

One day, Grand Kai said bitterly.

Muyang’s eyebrows were raised, waiting for his next words.

Grand Kai said, “It just so happens that there seem to be some problems at the Galactic Patrol in Lower Realm. There’s a creature running out of the prison planet, so you should go and clean it up.”

“Grand Kai, don’t worry. I’ll go to the Central Area.”

Grand Kai pulled Muyang and said, “Don’t be so bothered. I have God Platform here to let you copy an incarnation over.”

“Is there still such a place?” Muyang stared.

Grand Kai laughed, “Of course there is. Otherwise, when a great catastrophe happens on earth, how can these experts of my Heaven descend? You know the time for a soul body to stay on earth in exchange for your earth time is only 24 hours. If you can’t descend, no matter how many masters I have here, I can’t handle all the trouble on earth!”

“Hmm.” Muyang thought about it and found it to be right.

Whenever a vast disaster occurred on earth, Galactic Patrol would report the disaster to Grand Kai here, and the Grand Kai would weigh the severity of the situation to see if it reached a level where he could intervene. He then arranged for manpower to enter the earth to deal with the disaster.

If there were no incarnations, no matter how many masters there were in Heaven, the 24 hours would sooner or later be exhausted.

Of course, not any trouble needed to be reported to Grand Kai here. Whereas Muyang was a living person, there weren’t so many rules and restrictions.

Next, under the leadership of Grand Kai, Muyang walked into a particular room, only to see that there was nothing in the room. However, an intricate pattern was etched on the floor.

“You stand in the center of God Platform, and then I will naturally initiate the power to replicate a copy of your incarnation into the Lower Realm.” Grand Kai nodded his head, “Don’t worry about injuries. The incarnation will, at most, make you mentally dull for a while. Even if you lose it, it won’t affect you in any other way.”

Muyang quickly perceived that this God Platform was an excellent opportunity to fight with a master.

He immediately said, “Lord Grand Kai, leave the trouble of Galactic Patrol to me. As long as you can let me use this God Platform a few more times, everything will be fine.”

Grand Kai stroked his white beard with a red face, “It seems that you have already seen the wonderful use of this God Platform.”

“The guy who escaped from the prison planet this time is a beast with 8 million power level. It used to be a pet kept by the King of the Demon Realm. You go and dispose of it as a warning to that group of people from the prison planet.”

A confident smile appeared on the corner of Muyang’s mouth, “8 million power level, it’s quite strong.”

With the use of the Kaio-ken, his power could level directly soar to 9 million. With the skills and realms he had trained for a long time, he could easily take down even 12 million or even 15 million masters.

However, Muyang always kept in mind what Whis had told him. Even if the power of Kaio-ken was intense, it wasn’t his base strength. He couldn’t be complacent with the increase in the Kaio-ken.

If he encountered an opponent that was so fast that he couldn’t even perform the Kaio-ken, then it would be over in an instant!

For the same reason, Super Saiyan transformations had an identical downside. Any transformation requires a reaction time.

The period between the switch of normality and transformation state was the biggest crisis point. The most feared thing was a sudden sneak attack.

So, the strength still depends on normality!

If Muyang had the Base Form power like Universe 6 Hit or Universe 11 Jiren in the future, there was no place to fear a sneak attack. If someone dared to approach, they would be slap away directly.

“I’ll leave it to you.” Grand Kai waved his hand.

“Please rest assured, Grand Kai!”

Muyang stood in the center of the God Platform, then sat up.

As a silver-white light shone up, a virtual shadow came out of Muyang’s body. It then looked at the body sitting on the ground, nodded towards Grand Kai, and Muyang’s virtual shadow was instantly transported to the Central Area.


After arriving at the Central Area, Muyang finally saw the King of the Demon Realm’s once pet.

It was a beast that looked very similar to the Demon Beast Yakon. It had four black horns on its head and six eyes on its forehead. The bloodshot eyes opened together, giving it a creepy feeling.

The corner of Muyang’s mouth lifted, “Sure enough, it’s really an 8 million power level of this intensity, not much at all.”

After roughly estimating the strength of the beast, Muyang’s entire body relaxed. Not to mention that the survival of the incarnation couldn’t threaten the original body.

So, Muyang had the confidence to ultimately defeat the strength of the beast in front of him.


As he shouted with incomparable pride, a dark red light floated on the surface of Muyang’s virtual indistinct body.


The six-eyed demonic beast opened its bloody mouth and let out an angry roar. The continental plate beneath its feet immediately split in half. The six-eyed demonic beast attacked Muyang as fast as lightning.

With a cold light flashing in his eyes, Muyang narrowed his eyes and poked his right hand forward in a fighting stance.


The battle quickly ended. The end of this battle was self-evident.

Facing over eight million demonic beasts, Muyang played to his strengths well, completely ravaging the beasts into a meatball in just a few minutes.

Looking at the six-eyed demonic beasts he had killed, Muyang thought, “It is indeed possible to exert the same strength as the original body. Grand Kai’s God Platform is truly magical.

“Anyway, since it doesn’t matter if this body lives or dies, so why not take this opportunity of training in the Grand Kai’s Planet to challenge some stronger people…”

Thinking about it, Muyang would aim his realization at the North Area Southern Part, where there was a Universe Emperor who ruled as a king!

How good was Frieza?

How about… go and test him?

They were going to meet sooner or later anyway, so why didn’t he take this opportunity?

Thinking of this, Muyang felt itchy. For Frieza, who had the Universe Emperor’s name, Muyang was looking forward to fighting him for a long time.

If it were the original body, of course, he wouldn’t make such a move, but it was the virtual, so it didn’t matter!

So what if he died once?

It would be nice to be able to find out what Frieza was capable of! Frieza could transform three times to release his power.

The first two times were not intense, so he definitely had to get abused.

Thinking that he also had the opportunity to abuse the Universe Emperor, Muyang’s heart suddenly felt hot-blooded.

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