Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 237


North Area, Headquarters of Frieza.

The magnificent palace was brightly lit, and Frieza sat comfortably on the egg-like spaceship. His two bloodshot eyes were looking down at Captain Ginyu and a few other members of the Ginyu Force, who were half-kneeling below.

Frieza smiled, “Captain Ginyu, you are the guys who have been cleaning up a lot of trouble for this King lately.”

Captain Ginyu smiled and said without taking any credit, “It’s an honor for the Ginyu Force to serve King Frieza. Those disobedient guys shouldn’t have existed in this world.”

“I love Captain Ginyu’s words.”

“If only everyone in the North Area could understand that.” Frieza chuckled hoarsely, an indifferent smile that was as chilling as a demon’s.

In the entire Frieza Force, only a handful of people like Captain Ginyu, Zarbon, and Dodoria could gain his trust. Unfortunately, Dodoria had passed away nine years ago due to an accident, and Frieza sometimes missed the fat pink guy.

The Ginyu Force was the proudest combat unit under Frieza’s hand. Although there had been a decrease in personnel nine years ago, it had since been quickly replenished. It had been far too fortunate compared to the Cooler Armored Squadron’s destruction.

Among the several people, Captain Ginyu was the one he trusted the most. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have allowed Captain Ginyu to lead such a powerful unit.

“Captain Ginyu, have you encountered any trouble lately?” Frieza narrowed his eyes.

Captain Ginyu stood up and said, “I would say there is no trouble. No one has dared to mess with us in the king’s sphere of influence. However, near the north, we encountered Lord Cooler’s unit.”

Frieza gave an oh, “….was that Armored Squadron?”

When Cooler Armored Squadron was wiped out, Cooler was furious. Soon, he issued a public announcement to select a new Armored Squadron in the entire universe, which proved that there was no shortage of powerful masters in the North Area.

Not long after the announcement, a brand new Armored Squadron was established. The power level was not inferior to the original Cooler Armored Squadron.

Captain Ginyu nodded his head. The two horns on his head were shining brightly, “This subordinate has had several encounters with that Cooler Armored Squadron. Unfortunately, their power is so strong that they have taken several planets.”

A coldness flashed across Frieza’s face, quickly followed by an amicable one, “It can’t be helped. After all, it’s my brother’s team. Those planets are considered a gift to him.”

“This subordinate will definitely take the planets back in the future.” Captain Ginyu assured.

Ho ho ho, that will be a pleasure for Captain Ginyu and everyone.” Frieza waved his hand towards the members of the Ginyu Force.

“Of course.”

“It’s all due.”

The other members of the Ginyu Force were busy echoing. Among these people, Jeice was the original member. Second only to him was the Demoness Natania, who possessed a bizarre superpower, and two other members were recruited after the deaths of Recoome and Burter.

“Well.” Frieza gave a faint “Hmm.”

After a gentlemen’s courtesy was done, Frieza drifted to the front of the transparent watchtower at the controls of the egg spaceship. His eyes were becoming deeper.

Cooler’s power was so great that even his father, King Cold, had to appease him and hand over a large territory to him.

Hmm, but he didn’t even listen to his father’s words, so it was evident that he wouldn’t take his younger brother seriously either. Now that Frieza wasn’t sure about confronting Cooler, he could only choose to endure.

“By the way, I heard that the leader of Planet Vegeta had been replaced, is it true?” Frieza asked coldly.

Jeice, who had been silent at the side of the station, came over. His handsome face filled with a genial smile, “Yes, the original Saiyan King retired, and his successor is his son, who calls himself King Vegeta.”

Frieza listened with a playful smile on his face, “King Vegeta? I’m afraid he’s a disturbance.”

Jeice smiled, “After all, he’s a young man in his twenties. Understandably, he’s a bit impulsive. However, as long as he doesn’t go too far, we can still tolerate him.”

“Well, Saiyans are good fighters, so don’t touch them for now,” Frieza said and fell silent.

There was a brief silence in the palace.

At that moment, the entire ground began to tremble, and a brilliant light streaked across the sky. Fires linked together with a space fortress revealing a hideous cannon barrel being swept away by a powerful energy, instantly turning into a ball of flame in the night sky.

At the same time, the rapid and shrill “buzzing” of alarms sounded.

The aisles and promenades flashed with a light and a dark alarm light.

“What’s going on?” Frieza’s expression faltered, then he roared in anger.

“My lord, we detected a high-intensity energy reaction. The main scouter has been damaged.” A sharp-tongued alien crawled in.

“Rubbish!” Frieza shouted coldly.

An energy ray penetrated, instantly killing the alien who had come to report. At this point, Frieza’s face was so gloomy that it could drip ink. The situation was obvious; his headquarters planet had been invaded.

This was his headquarters! Which power was so bold as to dare to barge into Planet Frieza right under his nose.

This was a direct provocation to him!

“King Frieza, I’m afraid there will be a fierce battle next.” Jeice looked gloomy.

The main scouter on top of Planet Frieza had a far higher detection range than a normal scouter. The strength to burn out the main scouter was definitely not something he, Zarbon, could imagine.

Hmm.” Frieza nodded his head with narrowed eyes.

Suddenly, the sky lit up with a white glow.

Frieza raised his head, and through the transparent glass, he saw a sun-like object suddenly appear in the deep night sky. It was a massive ball of ki, containing power that could easily shatter the structure of a planet continent.

Zarbon and Captain Ginyu saw it with cold sweat appearing on their foreheads, but Frieza was staring with wide eyes.

“This is not good! This planet will be destroyed.”

Jeice’s scalp went numb. A chill rose from his feet, and his body froze.

Captain Ginyu snapped back to the Demoness Natania and yelled, “Natania, activate your powers!”

“I know.” The Demoness Natania responded, using her superpowers to protect everyone in the nick of time.



A brilliant flash of light lit up on one side of the Planet Frieza.

Endless ki penetrating the crust and pouring into the planet’s interior. When this power reached the nucleus, it meant that Frieza’s life had come to an end.

As the giant fireball consumed the entire Planet Frieza, the headquarters of Frieza’s power was officially destroyed.

In space, countless tiny planetary ruins and hot lava floating around. The once glorious planet of Frieza had become history.

Somewhere, inside a pale blue energy shield, Captain Ginyu and Zarbon looked on in disbelief.

As he moved his dry throat, Jeice’s eyes were filled with horror, “Planet Frieza, it was actually destroyed.”

“Who the hell is that?” Captain Ginyu was covered in a cold sweat.

If it hadn’t been for the Demoness Natania’s superpower to move everyone out just now and temporarily shape a living space, the instant destructive power that made the planet explode would have been enough to rip them apart.

“Was it the Galactic Patrolman?”

The name Galactic Patrol was the first thing that popped into their minds.

Who in the galaxy would have a problem with Frieza’s forces except for the pretentious members of the Galactic Patrol?

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