Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 238


“Ooh, here we go.” While Captain Ginyu and the others were confused, Frieza said with his head down.

As soon as the words came out, Zarbon and Ginyu looked at the sound and saw a shining white figure appear in front of them.

The person didn’t show his face, but his entire body was like a mist, wrapped in a layer of ki waves.

This person who had destroyed Planet Frieza was none other than Muyang.

He always did what he said he would do. Since he wanted to test Frieza’s strength, destroying his planet was the best way to force him out.

“Frieza!” Muyang sized up the universe emperor before him.

At this time, Frieza kept his usual Base Form of being the most energy-efficient, short, red-colored skin with a purple patch of leather on top of his head and two pointed horns sticking out to the sides, making him look even smaller and shorter due to sitting on top of an egg-shaped spaceship.

As a successful villain, Frieza had all the potential of a cold-blooded, cruel, and tyrannical villain but usually acted as if he were a gentleman.

This guy was very good at hiding himself, with his charisma to attract many admirers.

Even in Muyang’s former world, people who like Frieza were no less than those who like the main character Son Goku.

Who wouldn’t be impressed by this guy that played his villainous role to the fullest?

At this time, the destruction of the headquarters planet had completely offended the universe overlord. Frieza’s face was gloomy; his body was emitting a cold and chilling aura.

If he didn’t show enough authority, where would his face as an emperor of the universe go? How could he hold his head up in front of his father and brother?

“You’re such a brave fellow. You destroyed this king’s planet.” Frieza looked coldly, “To be able to destroy this King’s Frieza Planet, it seems that your power level is no less than 300,000!”

“But you’re definitely not a match for this king. To tell you the truth, I normally maintain a power level of 530,000.”

Frieza’s hoarse voice rang out.

Even in a vacuum, Muyang was able to see his anger through the opponent’s eyes. Also, through the superpower of the Demoness Natania, Muyang could clearly hear what Frieza was saying.

He knew that Frieza was very fond of using his power level to act as a pawn! Standing at 530,000! What a chilling number!

However, Muyang’s heart was already prepared and had no intention of dawdling. He looked at Frieza with his eyes filled with indifference as always. On the contrary, Ginyu and the others beside Frieza were stunned.

This was the first time they heard Frieza talk about his power.

In the past, Captain Ginyuu’s allegiance to Frieza was mostly still because of King Cold. Of course, Frieza’s strength was undoubtedly above him and had reasons to make him submit. However, the appalling value of 530,000 still surprised Captain Ginyu.

Gazing at Frieza, who still didn’t put him in his eyes, an electric flash flashed in Muyang’s eyes.

Frieza was very good at bragging about himself.

His body went forward hurriedly as if penetrating through a thin layer of mist. Muyang instantly appeared in front of Frieza, ignoring the small ants like Zarbon and Ginyu beside him, and smashed one fist directly towards Frieza.

Frieza usually concentrated his power at 530,000 power levels. The advantage of this was that he didn’t have to worry about the loss of energy.

However, the disadvantage also existed: when encountering an opponent whose power exceeded his, despite his eyesight remaining at its peak, his body simply didn’t have time to react.

And now, that was the case.

Muyang didn’t use Kaio-ken, but the normal 3 million power level, which wasn’t something Frieza could handle.


The spaceship that Frieza was sitting on exploded violently. The battle-armor on his body crumbled under the extreme force. All the remaining power was poured into Frieza’s body.

Poof, the bright red liquid drifted around the universe like rain.


Frieza was in a lot of pain, and there was a hole in his chest.


Frieza let out a painful and oppressive roar. The opponent’s attack was extraordinary, and the powerful force broke through his defense.

It should be known that although he didn’t exert his full power, with 530,000 power levels, it should be hard to find an opponent in the universe.

Instantly, Frieza’s face became colder, and a murderous aura vigorously erupted, pulling the surrounding temperature down to below freezing point.

He had met his opponent.

The flickering white light in front of him was above his current strength. Frieza knew he had to undo the suppression on his body and show his greater strength as soon as possible.

“Do you want to transform now? Usually, staying weak is your downfall.” A thought flashed by.

Frieza was used to being the Emperor of the Universe and had utterly forgotten this universe’s danger.

Using a low state to conserve energy was equivalent to exposing everyone’s weakest state and was the most foolish thing to do.

Although 530,000 power level was considered a master in the North Area, obviously having a more robust strength and not displaying it was simply arrogant to the extreme.

If the physical strength wasn’t good enough, shouldn’t you go to train your body?

Seeing that Frieza wanted to transform, how could Muyang give Frieza such an opportunity.

It was not easy to have the chance to ravage Frieza. This was a once-in-a-lifetime good opportunity. So, with a cold smile crept onto his cheeks, Muyang’s attack between his hands had never stopped.

Reaching out his hand to move again, this time, the attack was even more vicious. Muyang stuck close to Frieza’s body; he drew a graceful arc through the air.

It was a ki blade that shone with a brilliant light.


Frieza stared dumbly. At this moment, he suddenly felt the smell of death.

Puffs of flesh and blood splattered up, and the sharp ki blades sliced through the void as if they were about to cut through the planet.

Frieza’s mouth howled in pain and fixed his eyes to see a cut off the pale red tail. The intense pain nearly made him faint.



Frieza was dumbfounded; the piercing pain tormented him. Frieza now had the urge of wanting to destroy the world.

In response to Frieza’s reaction, Muyang looked on with cold eyes. As long as Frieza hadn’t turned into his Final Form, he was going to take care of him with confidence.

He wondered if Frieza could be killed at this point! Upon thinking of this, a killing intent flashed in his eyes, and the corners of Muyang’s mouth turned up slightly.

Against that pair of deep eyes, Frieza suddenly went cold.

The swirling attack started causing him a lot of pain. Muyang stepped forward and grabbed Frieza’s wrist with one hand, condensing a ki blade with the other hand before raising the blade to stab at Frieza’s vital parts.


Sparks splashed everywhere, like cutting on hardened steel. As the sharp ki blade chopped down, powerful energy from Frieza’s chest counteracted this attack of his.

“Hey, Frieza’s skin is so solid. The ki sharp blade was actually blocked!”

Muyang’s eyes flashed with surprise as he slashed towards Frieza’s head and neck, respectively, but found that the result was that neither could hurt Frieza as well. It seemed that the attacks were only effective when they hit him on top of his limbs.

“There’s a powerful force protecting Frieza’s life.”

Muyang quickly understood after thinking about it.

Frieza’s transformation state was different from Super Saiyan.

Super Saiyan relied on transformation to increase his strength, but Frieza adopted transformation to save physical strength. The real energy in his body had actually remained above 100 million.

The 530,000 power level he usually showed was just the result of compressing himself to save physical strength.

This powerful power didn’t disappear but was concentrated together to protect the vital points of his body.

Above the upper half of his body, there had always been powerful energy protecting it from his chest.

After thinking about this, Muyang regretfully confirmed that he couldn’t kill Frieza. No matter how strong he was, his strength was insignificant in front of over 100 million power levels.

After all, Frieza’s body contained over 100 million power levels! The cells at the core have been infused with ultra-high energy and have unparalleled intensity.


Although he couldn’t kill Frieza, he could make him suffer some more!

As long as Frieza didn’t display his Final Form, he could simply ravage.

Thinking about it, the corner of Muyang’s mouth curled up into a smile.

Upon seeing the smile on his opponent’s face, Frieza’s forehead was blue with veins. Suddenly, he felt a hint of something bad.

Sure enough, in the next moment, his feeling came true. Muyang viciously threw him into the deep space of the universe, bursting up and landing an iron fist on him.


As he spitted out a mouthful of bitter water, Frieza’s eyes filled with blood. The intense pain made it impossible for him to concentrate on undoing his Body Transformation Form.

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