Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 239



Frieza shouted in anger. He had never been so beaten before. A strong sense of humiliation arose in his heart at the same time as his grief and anger.

However, it wasn’t even over yet!





As the ki shone with brilliant light danced in the starry sky, Muyang moved quickly. At this time, the dignified generation of Universe Emperor was like sandbags being kicked around by Muyang and ravaged to his heart’s content.

“King Frieza!” Jeice was horrified. His usual grace had long gone.

“Is that guy a monster?”

A cold sweat broke out on Captain Ginyu’s head.



Not to mention the other people of the Ginyu Force. Jeice was ashen, and the enchantress Demoness Natania’s voluptuous body was trembling.


The cold white light flashed, along with the color of peach blossoms blooming. Blood droplets flew, and under the horrified eyes of Jeice and Ginyu, Frieza’s limbs were cut off.

“Bastard, this king will not let you go.”

Losing his limbs and tail, Frieza remained with only his upper body and head. When his life was seriously threatened, the power contained in his body finally exploded.

However, an intense glow rose into the sky, Frieza finally got rid of Muyang’s ravages.

In a bright ball of ki, Frieza undid the first restraints and increased his power several times.

Rather than saying that he had automatically unsealed, it was better to say that Muyang had cut off his arms and legs instead of helping him.

After all… he only had the core area of his body left to soak up the energy.

At this time, Frieza’s stature became huge. The sharp horns on his head also curved upwards, and his appearance became the same as King Cold’s usual appearance.

Even the limbs and tail that were previously cut off by Muyang grew back.

“This is Frieza’s second state. After transforming, he actually can regenerate.”

Muyang narrowed his eyes. A huge wave was created in his heart. Frieza, who had unlocked the first transformation, had his power level raised to as much as three times the original, and his body recovered.

However, it was also true that in the original story, Frieza, whose tail was severed by Krillin, was able to recover his tail after turning into his Final Form.

It was nothing more than consuming some energy.

“Ooh, you scared me out of nowhere, asshole. However, now you’re dead.” Frieza sank, regaining his confidence.

His heart was tumbling with infinite killing intent.

In the distant starry sky, Zarbon looked at Frieza’s current state in amazement. Although he knew that Frieza could transform multiple times, he had never seen it with his own eyes.

This was the first time he had ever seen a Frieza outside of his Base Form.

The previous King Frieza was terrifyingly strong, and he was stronger now.

Captain Ginyu was overjoyed, “This is the same state as King Cold. It’s a win!”

Jeice and Demoness Natania finally regained some color at the news.

Muyang’s hazy cheeks twitched. A wave of spiritual energy was released as he asked, “Frieza, what is your current power level?”

Frisa was smug, like a child who hadn’t grown up, arrogantly showing off, “This king’s power level is 1.65 million!”

“Oh!” Muyang smiled brightly.

“Whit this point of strength, it’s still not good enough!”

Frieza, the fool, wouldn’t have unleashed all his power at once, right?

Didn’t this allow him to continue to ravage?

Alas, it was hard to resist, so just do as he wished!

Muyang raised his ki, and suddenly a powerful force violently erupted out. At this time, Muyang was at one hundred percent of his three million power level, and sudden energy that was much stronger than Frieza crushed over.

Frieza’s smile stiffened.

Captain Ginyu was dumbfounded.

Zarbon became disheartened too!

“Captain, something’s wrong!” Jeice shuddered.

“I can see that.” Captain Ginyu was livid.

Even if they couldn’t perceive the ki in detail, they could still tell the strength of the ki.

In front of them, the guy covered in white light had a power level that was still above King Frieza after Body Transformation…

“King Frieza, hurry up and transform into the next state!” Jeice shouted urgently.

King Frieza had three chances to transform. This was only the first time; it was still not too late to hurry up and transform again.

Didn’t Frieza know about transforming at this time? Of course, he did, but Muyang was already entangled in his side, and he couldn’t perform a transformation even if he wanted to!

So the previously staged image appeared once again.

Even if Frieza transformed into his second state, he was not Muyang’s opponent at all. With three strikes, Muyang’s attack was as sharp as a storm.


A pop.

Muyang’s knee kicked at Frieza’s abdomen. There was a cracking crack, and Frieza bowed as bitter water sprayed out of his mouth.

Frieza’s blood-filled eyes bulged outwards as his abdomen was smashed into a cavity, while his back was raised high.

Frieza was continuously being attacked, and finally yelled as he broke free from the shepherding ring of attack. He then kept flying towards the debris of a distant planet.

As he hid behind a rock mass, Frieza’s face was covered in frost as he preyed.

“This guy, where the fuck did he come from? It seems that this king must exert his full strength.” Thinking this in his heart, Frieza was already getting anxious.

With his hands clenched in fists, and veins were surging at his head, his two eyes bulging outwards.

The purple cortex on the top of Frieza’s head beginning to extend backward, eventually turning into an appearance as if he were an alien.

This appearance resembled Pui Pui under King of Demon Realm.

The power level was directly unleashed to 4.86 million!

“Should I just show the Final Form?”

Frieza was a little hesitant. In his mind, the third form should have been enough to destroy the opponent, but Muyang had impressed him too much before.

To be on the safe side, Frieza decided to unleash all his power in one go this time.

Although this would be very draining, he couldn’t care less. Frieza began to condense his ki to release his final form.

However, his ki was like a searchlight in the middle of the night, directly attracting Muyang.


Muyang’s figure appeared next to Frieza’s body. Seeing him trying to unleash his full strength, Muyang immediately burst out and rushed forward.

Frieza had a power level of 4.86 million at this time, and Muyang had a power level of 3 million.

Although the difference in strength between the two was more than 50%, Muyang was not inferior to Frieza and could stealthily overpower him with his profound skills.

Frieza’s transformation was interrupted and had to react and entangle with Muyang.


The two sides began to fight fiercely.

The more Muyang fought, the more excited he became. Now that he was in such an evenly matched state, it filled him with the thrill of battle.

Especially when he thought of his opponent being the famous Frieza, the sense of accomplishment was simply bursting.

This was a battle!

On the other hand, for Frieza, the more he fought, the more he held back. Feeling annoyed, he wanted to blast the person in front of him into ashes.


A vast ki storm erupted in the center of the two of them. The small meteorites around them were blown to pieces by the giant waves.

Zarbon, Captain Ginyu, and the other members of the Ginyu Force were all in a state of disarray at the moment.


Finally, after a moment of entanglement, Muyang felt his physical strength declined.

As for Frieza… due to the body’s substantial capital, there was no downward. It should be said that he was indeed worthy of being the Universe Overlord Frieza; his strength was terrifyingly strong.

“It can’t go on like this.” Muyang gasped slightly and immediately took a breath.


The intense energy turned into dark red flames. The six million power levels under the Twice Kaio-kan once again surpassed Frieza’s energy state.


Frieza gawked.

Not good! This guy was able to increase his power level as well. The corners of Frieza’s mouth twitched, then a great hatred emerged in his chest.

The person in front of him was aiming at him. If he improved a little, he could simply crush the opponent!

Hmph, if I directly showed my ultimate power, let’s see if he could keep up.

At this time, Frieza couldn’t care less.

Let’s just take a beating and show the Fourth Form (Final Form).

Frieza had his confidence. In the entire North Area, other than his father King Cold and big brother Cooler, no one could defeat his Final Form.

So next, no matter how Muyang attacked him, Frieza curled up and didn’t move a muscle.

Even if his tail and limbs were broken again, Frieza would just snort, turning his monstrous hatred into the power to transform.

Finally, after enduring countless violent attacks from Muyang, Frieza completed his final transformation in a burst of dense white light.

A frozen and profoundly cold air covered the universe. This air had no emotion; there was only tyrannical cruelty…

A petite figure manifested, all white as snow, slightly covered in purple leather. His two eyes were as cold as demons, purple lips somewhat upturned, and a flexible whitetail that repeatedly flapped in the void.

This was Frieza’s Final Form!

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