Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 247


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“May I ask what brings you to Planet Sala to see me? Earth isn’t that close to here…”

“I came here to look for my wife…”

Next, Muyang said roughly what happened to Mexia.

“…In the beginning, to get rid of my wife’s identity as a demonic soul, I chose to have her reincarnated. I specifically arranging for her to be reincarnated as a Saiyan, but there seems to be a problem with that.”

At first, he thought that Mexia would reincarnate on Planet Vegeta, so he didn’t search beforehand. No one thought that Mexia would actually reincarnate on top of the distant Planet Sala.

After hearing this, Wayne’s expression was a bit odd, and he asked, “Did you just said that your wife had split her soul into two people before reincarnating?”

Muyang nodded, “That’s right. That’s Planet Yardrat’s ‘Divine Divided Soul Tempering’ secret technique.”

“May I see your wife’s appearance in her previous life?” Wayne continued to ask.

Muyang was surprised but still took out some photos of Mexia, in which Mexia was smiling with a bright smile.

Her green hair was flowing, and her beautiful turquoise eyes were as clear as a lake. Some of these photos were of Mexia herself.

A few of them were of her appearance when she attended the World Martial Arts Tournament as Mellie.

“She has green eyes.”

Wayne looked at the photos of Mexia’s everyday life, and then his gaze rested on Mellie’s photo.

Huh? …If this is your wife, Mexia, then who is this one?” Wayne pointed to the picture of Mellie.

Muyang said, “My wife knows a little bit of shape-shifting, and this is one of her after her transformation. I think her name was Mellie at the time….”

“Haha, what a similarity!” Wayne laughed out loud and couldn’t help but shake his head.

Muyang looked at Wayne in confusion and suddenly had a flash of light in his head and asked, “Do you know where she is?”

“Yes, it looks like you won’t have to go looking for her; I know where your wife is,” Wayne pointed to the picture of Mellie, “According to you, she’s about eight or nine years old now, and the one I know fits the bill.”

“Where is she?” Muyang asked emotionally.

“Don’t worry; I think she’ll be here soon.” A faint smile appeared on Wayne’s face.

Sure enough, not long after he finished speaking, a clear and lively voice rang out in their ears as a pale blue silhouette rushed over, “Woah, whose ki was that? It’s so strange but so powerful!”

“Look, here she comes.” Wayne shrugged his shoulders.

Muyang sniffed and looked. He saw a little girl wearing pale blue short sleeves running in.

She had black hair tied in a ponytail, fair and smooth skin, and watery eyes.

To Muyang’s surprise, her pair of eyes were actually not the black of the Saiyans, but a shimmering turquoise luster.

She had the same eye color as Mexia. Was she Super Saiyan?

Hey, this little girl’s appearance was clearly the infant version of Mellie.

Muyang rubbed her eyes repeatedly. The girl in front of her was indeed the juvenile version of Mellie.

Looking at Muyang’s surprised appearance, Wayne laughed, “This is my sister, Melia. Her eye color is different from a normal Saiyan. I didn’t know the reason before, but now after hearing your words I understand, it should be influenced by her previous life.”

“Melia…” Muyang muttered to himself.

The moment he saw Melia, he knew that Melia was definitely the reincarnation of Mexia.

On her body, Muyang had sensed traces of Whis God Power, which would at some point awaken the memories of her past life.

There was no mistake; Muyang was once again sure that Melia was the reincarnation of Mexia.

“Brother, who is this uncle? Did he emit the ki just now?” Melia ran a few steps closer and circled Muyang several times, excitedly saying, “Uncle, let me see your strength again.”


Muyang couldn’t laugh or cry. Although there was nothing wrong with Melia calling him uncle with his age, the problem was that his appearance was still very young!

Wayne then walked up to Melia and whispered in her ear. Melia blushed and spat when she heard, “Who is his wife?! Don’t lie to me, brother.”

“He was indeed your husband in a previous life and is now coming over to take you back.” Wayne looked at Muyang and Melia as if they were jokes. His sister actually had a husband at a young age; this was so unexpected.

However, although it was the first time he met Muyang, his senses towards Muyang were excellent. The Saiyans respected the strongest, and he recognized Muyang’s strength.

Also, he had traveled thousands of miles to find his wife’s reincarnation; from these two points alone, he had no reason to stop Muyang.

“I believed in you!” Melia stomped her foot. Her eyes swiveled around, and glared hard at Muyang, “If you want me to go with you, at least show me enough strength!”

“Well, what do you want me to do?” Muyang smiled lightly.

He could see that although Melia was very childish, she didn’t seem to reject him much, which was enough.

When Mexia’s memories awakened a little bit in the future, he was confident that she would follow him to death.

Of course, it would be best to complete the process before Mexia’s memories awakened so that both memories wouldn’t clash with each other.

“Unleash your power. Make sure it’s stronger than it was before.” Melia quirked.

“No problem.” Muyang readily agreed. He looked at the little girl’s tender face and said in his heart, ‘Wait a moment, you don’t want to be too surprised.’

Upon thinking of the little girl’s stunned appearance later, Muyang’s heart was filled with anticipation, “You have to watch carefully. I’m about to start releasing ki now.”

His eyes glanced at Melia’s delicate little face, which still had the appearance of Mexia’s former life. Muyang’s heart was beating, and he worked very hard to show his power.

In a moment, enormous power was released. The first thing he showed was his normal power, 7.2 million power level, which in Planet Sala was also definitely a rank of masters.

Hmph, not bad. It’s similar to the aunts and uncles of the Sala Squadron.” Melia curled her lips.

Muyang shook his head and shouted violently, “TWICE, KAIO-KEN!”

A dark red color rose and attached itself to the white flames while the ki on his body soared double.

Looking at Melia’s stunned appearance, Muyang smiled inwardly; the good show was still to come. The Saiyans worshipped the strongest, so he didn’t believe that he couldn’t attract her attention.





Muyang’s power kept climbing.

By the time he displayed his Six Times Kaio-ken, the entire giant Planet Sala had shaken violently. The vibrant atmosphere was spreading out vastly, and Melia had been entirely stunned. Her two green eyes looked dumbfounded, not knowing what to say.

“Good… awesome!” Melia mouthed a small murmur.

The young Saiyan leader beside her, Wayne, was also frightened. Although the Saiyans on top of Planet Sala was also powerful, because there was no way for them to transform into Super Saiyans, the most powerful warriors on top of Planet Sala were only capable of some extent.

In front of him, this earthman actually had ki comparable to the strongest warriors on Planet Sala, making Wayne sighed in his heart.

“How’s my strength?”

Muyang maintained his Six Times Kaio-ken. Although he could still barely use his Seven Times Kaio-ken to raise his power level to 50 million, as a display, his current strength was enough.

Melia, somewhat blushed with shame, grunted and said proudly, “It’s not bad. I’ll barely admit that uncle is outstanding.”

“Hahaha, since Melia has admitted it, then we will be family from now on. Melia will follow you in the future, so Muyang, you have to take good care of her for me.” Wayne didn’t care at all if it was appropriate for Melia’s age to follow Muyang.

Instead, he was quick to make sure.

“Brother, I’m just admitting that he’s a bit powerful,” Melia shouted petulantly.

Wayne waved his hand, “It’s all the same. Muyang was your husband in your previous life; you can become stronger by following him.”

Melia brightened and raised her head proudly, “Then I’ll reluctantly agree to it.”

Muyang and Wayne looked at each other.

Everything was on the line, Wayne wanted to bring Muyang close, and Muyang was also in need of a reason to take Melia.

The two could be said to be on the same page.

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