Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 248


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At night, the Imperial Palace was lit up with lights.

Wayne, as the leader of the Saiyans, hosted a grand welcoming banquet. Melia ate heavily during the banquet, completely lacking a few manners, and behaving so rudely.

However, although her behavior fell into Muyang’s eyes, it had a different meaning in his eyes.

“Melia’s personality is very similar to Universe 6’s Caulifla.”

Shallowly sipping a glass, Muyang walked over to Melia’s side and sat down, “Melia, do you want to become stronger?”

Melia’s mouth was covered in grease, and her lips were not clear, “Of course, are you going to teach me?”

Muyang took out a tissue and wiped it on her little mouth, “That’s right. Follow me; I can make you stronger. Do you want to learn that technique I did earlier?”

Muyang was now acting like an uncle who was seducing little loli. When in reality, it wasn’t even a matter of similarity because he ‘really’ was now seducing little loli.

Melia looked at Muyang, “Teach me quickly.”

Muyang smiled, “That technique is called the Kaio-ken. As long as the body can withstand it, it can continuously amplify the ki in the body. It’s a very magical technique.”

Hmm.” Melia nodded like a chicken and was suddenly wary, “Are you hitting on me like an odd uncle? Although you’re strong, there are some things you can’t do.”

Muyang laughed dumbly, “How can you think like that? Even if you were my wife in your previous life, I still have to wait until you grow up!”

“I trust you for now.” Melia glanced at Muyang, then her attention drawn back to those delicious foods on the table.

Saiyans have initially been a race that worshipped the strong and didn’t place any importance on formal ethics.

As long as she could make herself stronger, even if she followed Muyang, Melia wouldn’t find it offensive.

Muyang smiled faintly. The first contact with Melia seemed to have a good start.

At that moment, the Saiyan leader Wayne came over with a wine glass. Muyang saw him coming, stood up, and nodded towards him.

“It seems that Melia doesn’t have a problem with you.” Wayne smiled.

“She’s still young and doesn’t really know what I have to do with her.” Muyang looked at Melia beside him and smiled slightly.

Wayne said, “We, Saiyans, will have a pure relationship, as long as it looks pleasing to the eye. Often, two people who look too good for each other will soon form a team for missions and will start a family in the future. ” 

Muyang smiled, “Train from a young age; it fits the Saiyans personality.”

Wayne sighed, “It can’t be helped. The number of Saiyans is too small, and we love fighting, so how can we have time to nurture our feelings? Otherwise, the population won’t be able to maintain.”

Compared to earthlings, Saiyans were really a minority. To maintain the population numbers, the Saiyans had to make workarounds to every strategy. Marrying from a young age was not an option.

Of course, the Saiyans were a very pure race, basically from start to finish. They didn’t have as many detours as the earthlings.

“By the way, I have something to tell you. It’s about Melia.” Wayne hesitated and called out Muyang alone, “Melia is an amazing genius, extremely talented in combat. However, she has had an unusual power since childhood… sometimes she is prone to violence…”

Muyang said, “It’s a superpower. I think Mexia’s soul brings it.”

Wayne shook his head, “Not only that. Melia’s superpowers are powerful, and she is even more terrifying when she storms out. So even though she’s been yelling about going out on missions for the past few years, I’ve stopped her from going.”

“What’s going on?” Muyang’s expression became serious.

Wayne said, “This is something that Melia doesn’t even know. Her eyes will turn gold when she is storming, and her ki will grow to a terrifying level. I know that your strength can suppress her, but I still have to warn you.”

“How often is this happening?”

“It happened a total of three times, and each time it caused great damage. If it weren’t for the Sala Squadron who took action, the entire palace would have been demolished by her.”

Muyang knitted his brows. The Saiyans of Planet Sala were extremely talented and would generally have 100,000 power level when they reached adulthood.

As one of the few extremely talented ones, Wayne, Melia, and some powerful warriors even had super strength.

For example, Melia already had a 20,000 power level at a young age.

However, if Melia could even tear down the Imperial Palace, how much power did she have?

Wait, Muyang suddenly thought of something!

He asked evenly, “Does Melia’s eyes turn to gold?”

“Yes. I saw it clearly. The last storm was two years ago. The Imperial Palace would have been gone if it hadn’t been discovered earlier.” Wayne recalled the situation and became a bit more composed.

“Did she turned to the legendary Super Saiyans?” Muyang muttered.

However, the legendary Super Saiyans, such as Broly, wouldn’t be so easily outraged, either! Was it the same as Universe 6’s Kale?

“What…” Wayne asked confusedly.

Muyang’s face was serious, “I probably know about Melia. It’s most likely a ‘Legendary Super Saiyan.’ However, since her eyes are usually green, it might not be what I think, but it’s at least a mutated Saiyan.”

If Melia really was a legendary Super Saiyan, then Muyang would be under a lot of pressure. If he didn’t work hard, he might soon be caught up by Melia.

However, these were just his guesses. Melia might just be a somewhat mutated ordinary Saiyan as well.

After listening to Muyang’s words, Wayne mouthed, “Legendary Super Saiyan… Super Saiyan. I seem to have seen this name in the dictionary.”

In fact, “Legendary Super Saiyan” was different from “Super Saiyan,” “Legendary Super Saiyan” was more like a variation of “Super Saiyan.”

Like the Saiyans of the Universe 6, the Saiyans of Planet Sala had also lost their Super Saiyans lore.

Muyang wondered if something had happened back then, to the point that Saiyans’ tailless lineage from the two universes had uniformly lost their Super Saiyan legacy.

The conversation between Muyang and Wayne roughly ended here. After telling Muyang about Melia’s situation, he eagerly went to the palace’s library.

He browsed through the ancient texts as if the Super Saiyans’ name that Muyang said had touched something…


A few days passed, and Muyang began to live on top of Planet Sala.

These days he got along with Melia very well. Although this little girl was a little crazy and arrogant, she was quite obedient. It gave Muyang a feeling of training Mexia as a child.

In the courtyard, Muyang sat on a reclining chair. His eyes were flatly watching the little girl hone her fists and feet in the courtyard.

Watching the endless winds swirl around Melia, with waves of powerful ki being released around her, Muyang nodded his head.

Melia’s talent was too good. When she became an adult, she might be a terrifying master.

Suddenly, a whirlwind attacked, and a muffled sound of powerful power piercing through the air. There was an agile figure attacking Melia.

Seeing this, Muyang instinctively wanted to make a move to stop it, but his careful sensing didn’t reveal any malicious intent, so he sat down again.

His bright eyes firmly focused on Melia and the person who attacked her.

It was a little girl in a long black shirt, about the same size as Melia, and very close in strength.

After the two of them tangled for a while, Melia finally got the better of her. Her palms slapped the void with a muffled sound like yellow bells, and with a fling, she threw the little girl over towards Muyang.


Muyang stretched out his palm and subtly placed it on that little girl’s back, removing the force from her.

“Thank you.” The little girl whispered her thanks towards Muyang.

“It’s fine.” After saying that, Muyang saw the little girl’s appearance clearly, and he was stunned.

This little girl actually looked exactly the same as Melia; only her eyes were normal black.

What was going on? How could there be two Melia?

“Uncle, she’s my sister, Melis. She just got back from outer space.” Melia’s brittle voice sounded.

Muyang was startled, “Do you have a sister?”

Melia was surprised, “Yeah, didn’t my brother tell you about you?”

“Not at all!”

It was a bit chaotic for Muyang. Both Melia and Melis looked exactly like the Mellie that Mexia had transformed, except Melia’s eyes were green, and Melis was normal black.

Previously, he had confirmed that Melia was indeed carrying the God Power left by Whis in her body.

However, now, he had actually found Whis’ God Power on Melis’ body as well.

What was going on?

How could Whis’ God Power be in both Melia and Melis? Which of them was the reincarnation of Mexia, or was it both?

At this moment, Muyang felt his skull began to hurt.

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