Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 249


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Looking at the energetic and lovely sisters, Muyang looked left and right and couldn’t tell the difference.

Was there an error in Mexia’s reincarnation too?

Just when Muyang’s mind started to wonder, Wayne came over and saw Melia and Melis surrounding Muyang. He then smiled, “You’ve already met my other sister.”

Muyang said in distress, “I can’t tell which one is the reincarnation of Mexia now. They both have traces of their pre-reincarnation.”

“Maybe they both are.” Wayne smiled.

“That’s what I thought,” Muyang said. “But how does one reincarnation become two?”

Wayne laughed, “Didn’t you say earlier that your wife had split her soul into two parts before she was reincarnated? I think that’s the problem.”

“Huh?” Muyang recalled how Mexia looked before she was reincarnated.

Both Whis and Shenron seemed to think of them as two people, so was that really the problem?

Planet Yardrat’s “Divine Divided Soul Tempering” was very safe. The problem was later in Mexia’s actions. Planet Ambera’s Spring of Life strengthened both souls, and Whis and Shenron’s God Power indirectly contributed to this.

“What if they both really are? What should I do?” Muyang pondered the question.

“Then you’ll have to take them both.” Wayne’s answer was even crisper.

My brother-in-law, were you afraid that you couldn’t send your sister out?’

Wayne looked at Muyang seriously and said, “I actually didn’t want to give them to you, but they are both born from the same race. Their minds seem to be connected. It was pretty troublesome that one’s senses and feelings would appear in the other’s body.”

Mainly, Wayne felt that the two sisters were usually very troublesome. It would be better to give them both away than to give up one of them anyway.

“Looks like I’ll have to take them both.” Muyang immediately said righteously.

It didn’t matter which one was Mexia. The two of them had to follow one man since their hearts were connected, and that man could only be him. Muyang couldn’t let one of them be left out no matter what, or else wouldn’t he be unresponsible for Mexia?

Wayne envied, “It was so unfair. Our Saiyans were already small in number, and now you’ve taken two of them. It’s a good thing you’re exactly like Saiyans in strength and looks.”

If it wasn’t for the fact that the two sisters might indeed be his wives, there was no way Wayne would have let them leave the Saiyan race.

“Speaking of which, you really aren’t a Saiyan?”

“I’m sure. I’m from the earth.” Muyang was very sure.

While Muyang and Wayne were talking, Melia and Melis were also communicating. The two sisters were sneaking glances at Muyang from time to time.

“Sister, is that uncle really so powerful?” Melis whispered.

“Yes. He’s amazing. Two blasts and the whole Planet Sala would shake.” Melia was thrilled.

“But he’s taking us away.”

“Don’t you have it in your heart that you’d like that?” Melia snorted.

Melis blushed, “It’s because you’ve influenced me. I don’t even know him.”

“It doesn’t matter whether I know him or not. I like that uncle, and the most important is that he’s so powerful. I’ve never left Planet Sala, so I’m going to go out and have fun this time.” Melia curled her lips, her pink sculpted face flushed with excitement.

“But I feel like this is like packing up and giving myself away.” Melis shook her head.


This kind of feeling was uneasy for Melis. It was evident that they didn’t even know each other. However, being influenced by her sister, she couldn’t even feel any resistance in her heart, making it seem like an accessory. This was the end of the twin sisters’ whispering as they saw Muyang and Wayne walking over.

Muyang squatted down and touched the two little girls on their heads, “I’ve already agreed with Wayne that from today onwards, you will follow me, and I will teach you how to practice.”

Melia opened her round eyes, “You have to promise to teach us and make us very strong. I won’t follow you if I’m not happy.”

Muyang smiled, “Of course.”

Wayne said, “I’ll leave the two of them to you. Don’t forget to bring them back from time to time.”

“Don’t worry; I’ll take care of them.”

After saying that, Muyang nodded down towards Wayne. He then put his hand upon his brow and extended a hand to the sisters, “You two take my hand.”

“What for?”

Melia said so with her mouth, but her small hand still honestly reached over and grasped Muyang’s hand. Melis was affected by Melia’s influence and also unknowingly reached over his hand.

“Let’s go. We’ll come back sometime.”

As soon as the clear voice had fallen, Muyang’s Instant Transmission had been launched. In a moment, his shadow disappeared with the sisters from Planet Sala.

“Huh, this sudden disappearance ability seems to be the ‘Instant Transmission’ of the long-lost Planet Beiyaduoda…”

Looking at Muyang and his sisters suddenly disappearing, Wayne’s eyes lit up, and the name of Planet Beiyaduoda appeared in his mind.

Two days ago, after hearing the terms “Legendary Super Saiyan” and “Super Saiyan” from Muyang, he plunged headlong into the hide and looked through the books therein.

From the old documents, he found information about the Super Saiyan. At the same time, he also found the term “Planet Beiyaduoda”. According to the document, Planet Beiyaduoda seemed to have helped them seal something amazing.

If Muyang were here, he would be shocked because when he was in Planet Yardrat, Yardratian Sida also said that their ancestors had helped the ancient Planet Sala people seal something.

The two seemed to be talking about the same thing.

That was interesting. Beiyaian, and Yardratian, might have been of the same race.


On the other side, on a planet very far away from Planet Sala, Muyang appeared with the sisters on a mountain full of strange peaks and rocks.

“Wow, what is this place, and how did we get here?” Melia chattered like a lark and talked non-stop.

Muyang smiled, “I don’t know where this place is, but it’s just a random transfer based on Instant Transmission.”

“Instant Transmission?” Melia opened her eyes wide. Her turquoise eyes filled with a desire to learn as if to say, ‘Hurry up and teach me.’ She then looked at her sister Melis, which had the same expression. The two sisters were really soul mates.

Muyang shook his head, “I can’t teach you the Instant Transmission. You need to go to Planet Yardrat to learn it yourself. However, I can teach you ways to increase your power.”

“It’s that the Kaio-ken you used before?” Melia was even happier.

“That’s right. The Kaio-ken can improve your power level and is most suitable for Saiyans to learn.”

The Kaio-ken was Kai’s favorite technique. Although Whis and Grand Kai derided it, it was still a very useful technique under the current stage. Since these twin sisters were both reincarnations of Mexia, of course, Muyang had to teach them the good stuff.

Hmm.” Melia nodded her head without stopping.

Muyang smiled at her. Melia was much more eccentric than the previous Mexia. Then with a casual wave of his hand, Muyang opened the Accelerated World channel. A magical power projected down, quickly drawing them in.

“Where is this place again?” For the sudden shift in the surroundings, Melia looked directly at Muyang.

Muyang said, “This is my Accelerated World. This small planet has a diameter of 20 kilometers. From today onwards, you will be training here.”

Since the gravity of Planet Sala was fifty times that of earth, so to exert a little pressure on the sisters, Muyang directly mobilized the power of the world and added 60 times stronger gravity field to their bodies.

The gravity that suddenly became stronger was applied to the two sisters’ bodies, making Melia’s and Melis’ legs trembled, almost falling to the ground.


Two powerful forces erupted from their bodies.

20,000 power level erupted! The two sisters were pale and fighting so hard against the powerful gravity. The glistening sweat was soon oozing from their foreheads.

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