Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 251


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Planet Sala was located on the east side of the galaxy. It was a light green Middle-Level Planet.

The planet was not very large, but because it was at the intersection of several shipping routes.

It was the most prosperous trade planet in the nearby star fields and was one of the more critical planets in this galaxy.

Today, there were three strangers on the pale green planet.

Muyang held a little loli in each of his left and right hands, leading them around the street.

Perhaps because she had never left Planet Sala, Melia showed strong curiosity and felt exceptionally rare in everything she looked at.

“Uncle, look at those aliens; they look so strange.” Melia pointed with her finger at the aliens with six arms not far away.

Muyang smiled, “Don’t make a fuss. There are all sorts of strange races in this universe. Life forms with upright limbs like us are collectively called humans, and they just have a few extra arms.”

Melia smiled and looked around, happily grabbing the corner of Muyang’s coat. Seeing the calm face of Melis beside her, she asked, “Melis aren’t you curious?”

Melis shook her head, “What’s to curious about? I go out on missions all the time with my older sister from the academy. I’ve seen even stranger aliens.”

Melia cried out, “That’s great. Wayne is so biased. He lets you go out on missions but never allows me to leave Planet Sala.”

“I wonder why.” Melis licked her bottom lip.

Muyang smiled at Melia. The reason why Wayne didn’t allow Melia to leave Planet Sala was known to him. It was because he was afraid that she would lose control of her outburst out there.

Thinking that Melia might be a “Legendary Super Saiyan” or a “Mutant Saiyan,” Muyang’s heart dropped. Melia’s situation was precarious; she needed to be treated as soon as possible.

Muyang asked Melis in a low voice, “Melis, you and Melia’s mind are connected, so do you usually have any sudden emotional outbursts or uncontrollable situations?”

Melis tilted her head in thought and said in a lovely, clear voice, “No.”

“Nothing out of the ordinary at all?” In the meantime, Muyang knitted his brows.


Melis thought carefully, not knowing what Muyang was going to ask. She then suddenly said, “I remembered, strange things seem to have happened. I heard from a senior sister who was on a mission together said I’ve suddenly fainted several times while on a mission. Then after examination, nothing is the cause.”

“Did you faint for no apparent reason?…”

Muyang jotted down this situation of Melis and looked at the twin sisters seriously. It seemed that both sisters had some problems with the state of their souls.

Perhaps due to one soul splitting into two, there was some residue on their souls.

“Gaia’s Spring of Life has a strengthening effect on both soul and body; try to drink them later.” Thinking this in his mind, Muyang did not dwell on this aspect.

Next, he brought the sisters to have a good time on this trade planet.

On top of the trade planet, besides providing areas for the aliens of various planets to trade goods with each other, tourism was also the pillar industry of this planet.

Muyang took the two little girls to play in the playgrounds of the major cities. The sisters, who had never been exposed to these before, laughed happily and let out silver bell-like laughter from time to time.

“Uncle, look at those fish; they look good!”

In an undersea city, Melia’s little face was glued to the glass window. Her eyes were glaring at the fish swimming around in the deep sea, continually shouting at Muyang.

It would be a big mistake to say that she liked those fish because judging from the saliva being secreted from the corner of Melia’s mouth at this time, she was clearly hungry.

“Do you want to eat fish?” Muyang’s palm over Melia’s fluffy hair.

Mmm.” Melia nodded busily, touching her belly, “I’m hungry.”

“Uncle, I’m hungry too,” Melis called out as well.

Muyang laughed, “Since you’re all hungry, let’s stop playing. I’ll take you to a big meal.”


“Let’s go eat a big meal.”

The two little girls danced around; the expression of their emotions was straightforward. Melia jumped straight onto Muyang’s back and let him carry her on his back. Her sister’s eyes flashed, and her body floated to follow Muyang.

Muyang laughed softly, looking at the sisters. It was as if he saw the appearance of Mexia as a child.


The meal was in full swing that only the dishes on the table kept piling high, and the two people who were eating like crazy had no intention of stopping.

The surrounding waiters and aliens had been stunned. They had never seen a race that could eat so well.

The crackling and clashing of chopsticks continued. Soon, the new food entered the twin sisters’ stomachs again.

The plates piled up again in a large stack.

Muyang watched with interest, taking out paper towels to wipe down their grease-stained faces. He then shouted to the waiter, “Quickly bring up two more servings of the most delicious food.”

“Oh, yes!” The waiter was stunned and slowed his response by a beat.

“Eat slowly. No one’s stealing from you.”

Melia took one bite of steamed bun, then grabbed another roasted chicken and tore it apart. Suddenly, she was choking and punching her chest hard. When Muyang saw her, he quickly stroked her back and handed her a cup of water.

Melia hiccuped, “Oh, so refreshing. Uncle, do you not know that a big mouthful of meat is more delicious.”

Melis nodded along, “Exactly.”

Muyang shrugged, “I really didn’t know that.”

The Saiyans were a big eater and could consume a hundred servings of food in one meal.

If it were anyone else, they wouldn’t be able to afford to feed these two snackers. However, to Muyang, money and everything else was nothing, so it wasn’t a problem as long as these two girls were happy.

It could be seen that Muyang was really pampering them.

It was said that a daughter was his father’s lover in his previous life. She chased him from his previous life to this one, reluctantly.

This was quite a wonderful thing to say and quite divine at first glance.

Anyway, Muyang was already almost unable to tell whether he was raising a wife or a daughter.

After gorging themselves, Melia and Melis touched their propped up little bellies and lay down on the chairs very contentedly.

They hadn’t eaten so much for a long time. In the past, when they were on Planet Sala, Wayne would control their food and wouldn’t give them such a big meal at all.

Muyang was a little suspicious that Wayne was just trying to get them off as quickly as possible because these two girls were so good at eating.

“After eating and playing, you guys should practice well next. There are still quite a few Springs of Life in my Accelerated World; you guys should go in and take a sip when you have time. It will be good for your growth.”

Melia blinked, “Can it help us grow up quickly?”

Muyang was startled and smiled, “Of course, that’s impossible. You guys aren’t even at the developmental stage yet.”

Melia was a little disappointed. She was envious of Mexia’s two bionic human bodies.

“Nah, uncle, what kind of person was I in my past life?” Melia was interested in her past life and had something to find out.

Now even Melis was listening intently with her ears perked up.

“Your past lives?”

Muyang remembered Mexia’s bright smile, “Mexia is a very naive and straightforward person. Sometimes she still has a little bit of a heart, but it will be enjoyable to get along with her…”

He then told them in detail about his life with Mexia.

Melia nodded her head in satisfaction after hearing it, “That’s just like me, worthy of my former life.”

Suddenly looking up and down at Melia, Muyang added, “I don’t know about the future, but there is one thing that is different about you guys now.”

“Which part is different?” Melia asked with interest.

Muyang laughed, “Mexia is a very filthy girl. The reason why you have become two people may be that there is some ulterior motive existing in her heart.”

Of course, the latter sentence was a joke.

“Filthy?” Melia tilted her head.

“What do you mean?”

Muyang said, “You don’t need to know. When your memories awaken a little in the future, you’ll naturally understand.”

“When will that be? Tell me quickly!” Melia was itching, and under her influence, it was as if there were also many ants crawling in Melis’ heart.

Muyang laughed, “You guys are still young, I can’t tell you. If you want to know this, at least wait until you grow up.”

When Mexia’s memories awakened, there would be no need for him to tell them; they would understand.

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