Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 252


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In the following days, Muyang took them to play while heading to earth in the North Area.

In general, his relationship with the twin sisters was pleasant. For the two young girls, Muyang gave them his utmost affection. Not only teaching them the training but also taking care of their lives. 

Fortunately, they were very obedient and obeyed Muyang’s rules.

In addition to guiding the twin sisters’ training, Muyang also had to practice. They would enter the Accelerated World and use the time flow to make up for the time lost on road trips. 

Taking them all the way to go from Planet Sala to the North Area, Muyang wasn’t in a hurry. From time to time, they stayed on beautiful planets for a while.

When they encountered beast planets, they would take them on hunting trips, making the ordinary days were full of fun.


Two months later, an imaginary shadow flashed in space. Muyang brought the sisters back to the galaxy where the earth was. 

South Area, a cold and snowy planet.

“Uncle, what is this place? It’s so cold!” Melia harrumphed out a breath of cold air. Soon, a white cloud of air condensed in the air.

This planet’s temperature was about twenty degrees below zero. The twin sisters with thin bodies couldn’t endure the freezing environment.

“We have now arrived at the galaxy where the earth is located. This should be a planet in the South Area.” Muyang judged based on the Astro-chart in his brain

 Because he was moving with Instant Transmission to find powerful ki to teleport, the route deviated from the standard spaceship navigation route. The exact location was not very clear to Muyang.

Seeing the shivering appearance of the sisters, Muyang waved his hand. Soft power was released and enveloped their bodies, making the shivering chill disappeared without a trace. 

“No way. As a Saiyan Warrior, you guys don’t have enough resistance to the cold.” Muyang shook his head, “So, to strengthen your resistance, I decided to stay on this planet for a while.” 

“Uncle, don’t be so cruel!” Melia immediately stared up with dissatisfaction.

Muyang eyed Melia, “Can you not call me uncle? I’ll be your husband later, so call me senior brother.”

“No, it’s still early!” Melia was serious.

Ugh, Melia, if you don’t listen, you will be punished.” Muyang made a gesture for spanking Melia, but of course, he wouldn’t actually do it.

A pinch of his finger removed the protective layer around Melia and immediately put her in the middle of the snow and ice again. 

“Woah, it’s so cold.” Melia shivered and kept stomping her feet.

Ah-choo!” Melis was protected by Muyang’s ki but still sneezed uncontrollably. 

“Be more obedient for me next time.” Staring at Melia fiercely, Melis was much more obedient than Melia.

Muyang couldn’t let her sister’s body catch a cold because of the mistake she had made.

However, just as Muyang was about to add the protective layer back on Melia, he heard a popping sound. Melis fell to the ground as if she had lost consciousness.

Muyang, who saw Melis faint on the ground, went forward to hug her in his arms, “Melis, what’s wrong with you?”

“It’s hot!”

Melis’s body seemed to burn, emitting searing heat all over her body. The ice and snow on the ground were affected by the heat and melt, rising into a hazy mist. 

“What the hell is going on? Why did Melis suddenly faint?” Muyang hugged Melis in puzzlement.

When his brain suddenly remembered that Melis had said she had fainted a few times before, did that mean-

This couldn’t be a coincidence, right?

The vision quickly swept over to Melia’s side and saw that Melia’s body was also burning with blazing heat. Her body’s ki became extremely unstable, and she was puffing out.

A golden and green light mixed with ki flames burning on Melia’s body’s surface, and terrifying ki rose. 

Melia’s delicate body had floated unconsciously.

The golden and green lights were continually shifting, and the energy was also rising.

50,000! 100,000! 150,000! ……

Melia’s energy quickly surpassed 750,000, and it was still rising.

There was an invisible ripple spreading out with Melia as the center. It was so fast that it spread throughout the entire planet in the blink of an eye.

Soon, the whole ice planet trembled violently.

Mountains and rivers crumbled, ice and snow separated, and land plates began to fracture under the impact of the enormous energy.

“Is this situation of Melia’s a violent storm?” Muyang wasn’t sure.

Wayne had said that Melia had stormed three times before, and each time she had almost demolished the palace. Now Melia’s ki was increasing, so it should be the storming that Wayne had said.

Muyang quickly flew high into the air while holding Melis in his arms, observing Melia’s changes.

This was the fourth storming. A total of four stormings in eight years, it would be a storming once in two years!

“Ah!” Melia’s mouth let out a low growl, and her eyes opened.

Her original turquoise eyes tinged with a layer of golden light, and her eyes turned completely golden.

“Golden Eyes. It’s really the ‘Legendary Super Saiyan’!”

After seeing Melia’s golden eyes, Muyang’s face changed violently. He then felt a powerful force from Melia’s body, which was far beyond imagination.

1.25 million power level. The strength of Melia in her storm state was exactly 50 times more than the original!

It wasn’t a Super Saiyan transformation, but it wasn’t bad either.

It was the power that made Melia lose control.

No, Muyang suddenly shook his head. If it was the “Legendary Super Saiyan,” just like Broly, it shouldn’t be that easy to lose control.

Muyang remembered that Broly’s new version would only go berserk when he turned into grass green hair and when his emotions were greatly stimulated. Melia’s situation was different from Broly’s but similar to Kale of Universe 6. 

However, regardless of what happened, Muyang had to stop Melia first. He couldn’t let her continue to run riot. Suddenly, a stream of air arose from his feet’ soles, and Muyang instantly approached Melia’s side.

Melia felt someone approaching and shouted furiously, unconsciously launching a counterattack against Muyang.

However, the uncontrolled Melia was still no match for Muyang. Muyang quickly moved forward; a flash came behind Melia’s body. 

With a snap, a hand knife struck Melia’s neck. Muyang’s attack was like a bolt of lightning, immediately causing Melia to lose her ability to resist.

The golden-green flames on her body were gradually destroyed. When all the energy disappeared, Melia’s naked body appeared in front of Muyang’s eyes.

The pale green clothes on her body had been burned away by the golden-green flames.

With a hint of worry in his eyes, Muyang carried Melia on his shoulders. He then opened the Accelerated World’s passage and took the twin sisters into the Accelerated World. 

“Squeak!” Gaia let out a low chirp and jumped around Muyang.

Muyang looked at it, “Go get some Spring of Life.”

With that said, Melia and Melis were put inside the hot spring. Due to the fear that the violent state would damage the twin sisters’ tender bodies, Muyang instructed Gaia to fetch the Spring of Life and add it to the hot spring.

“Melia’s situation is a bit bad. The transformation in the Golden Pupil state alone should be the same as an ordinary Super Saiyan, without losing her mind… Is it because of Melia’s lack of innate state?”

Kale of Universe 6 and Broly of Universe 7 lost control in their grass-green transformation state, and Muyang could still understand.

After all, it was a sudden increase in power by hundreds of times, and their physical state couldn’t withstand it.

However, Melia had just revealed the golden sunburst, so she should not have lost her mind. 

The only explanation was that Melia’s soul lacked innate control.

Looking at the two sisters soaking in the pool, Muyang stroked his chin, “Melia’s problem is mostly in her soul, and Melis is affected by her. It should have been one person, but they were hardwired to reincarnate into two. Although there is a part of Shenron’s power, it still caused an innate deficiency.”

“Inborn deficiency can only rely on the acquired to make up for it. I should send them to learn Planet Metamor’s Fusion Technique or use Supreme Kai’s Potara Earrings to merge and strengthen their state of existence.”

Muyang was secretly thinking about his next plan.

Dragon Ball World’s Fusion Technique and Potara Earrings were both capable of producing more powerful warriors.

The most famous warriors born from Planet Metamor Fusion Technique were none other than Gogeta and Gotenks. The Potara Earrings also produced a high-powered Vegito.

Both of these techniques might be able to improve Melia’s condition.

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