Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 253


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Mmm…” Melia, who was soaking in the hot spring, let out a comforting whisper.

Beside her, Gaia kept rolling over and sprinkling the accumulated Spring of Life into the pool.

The only ones who were able to take a bath with the Spring of Life and enjoyed such treatment were the sisters and their former Mexia.

Wow, Melia opened her eyes to look around and jumped right out of the pool after discovering that she was actually lying inside it.

“Uncle, why am I in the water? I clearly remember that it was cold around just now.” Melia’s naked body lay down on Muyang’s back.

Her wet body leaving water stains on Muyang’s clothes all of a sudden.

Muyang pulled Melia off his body. With a little pressure, the tumbling air stream evaporated the water stains on her body. He then helped Melia dry the water droplets on her body, “You really don’t know what happened before?”

Melia shook her head, “I don’t know.”

Muyang looked straight at Melia’s delicate face, making sure that Melia really didn’t know anything.

He then waved his hand, and a screen appeared in the void. The picture of Melia’s previous storming away was presented on the screen.

In the image, Melia floated with her head down. Her hair was rising, her body was glowing gold and green, and her ki rising, looking imposing.

Melia opened her turquoise eyes wide, frightened by the state of the picture. She pointed at herself in the picture and cried out strangely, “What’s going on? How did I become like that?”

Muyang said, “Simply put, your power has gone violent; it’s an out of control transformation state. If I’m not wrong, you should be one of the few ‘Legendary Super Saiyans’ among the Saiyans. This transformation is the same as the ‘Super Saiyans’; it’s a legendary level transformation state.”

“What’s a Super Saiyan?” Melia didn’t quite understand that the legend of Super Saiyans was long gone above Planet Sala.

Muyang patiently explained what Super Saiyans were and the difference between the Legendary Super Saiyans and Super Saiyans.

“I wonder why there are no legends about Super Saiyans above Planet Sala, but such legends have been circulating on Planet Vegeta in the North Area. To put it bluntly, once a Saiyan can break through a certain barrier, they can stimulate their internal bloodline to transform into a Super Saiyan, and their power will rise to fifty times their original power!”

Muyang explained the meaning of Super Saiyan to Melia.

“As for the Legendary Super Saiyan, it’s a little different than Super Saiyan. Do you see the golden eyes state in the picture? That’s your transformation and a fifty times increase in power.”

Melia was taken aback, “If my power level has increased by fifty times, so wouldn’t I just have 1.25 million power level.”

Melia wiggled her fingers, suddenly feeling so powerful.

Seeing Melia’s somewhat smug look, Muyang clunked her on the head, “What’s there to be smug about? You can’t control the power in your body at all, because of your violence, even Melis fainted.”

Muyang pointed to Melis, who was soaking in the pool, “Look, Melis isn’t even awake yet.”

Melia covered the place where she was hit and blinked her eyes, “But that’s powerful!”

Muyang sighed, “That’s why Wayne won’t let you leave Planet Sala. If you keep losing control, Melis’ life will also be in danger.”

The Saiyans of Planet Sala was full of masters and could take action to stop Melia at any time, so of course, there was no need to worry about what would happen if she lost control.

However, if Melia was allowed to go out on a mission without supervision, there was a chance that she would remain out of control and eventually be overwhelmed by the surge of power.

Wayne had agreed to let him take the twin sisters away only because he knew that Muyang had the strength to stop Melia from storming out.

Upon hearing that her state might affect her sister, Melia’s face finally began to panic. Her eyes filled with tears, and she wailed, “Woah, what should we do? I don’t want to hurt Melis.”

Muyang squeezed Melia’s little face and wiped away her tears, “Don’t worry, I’ve already thought of a way. We won’t go to earth; instead, we’ll take you directly to a place that can heal you.”

“Really?” Melia sobbed.

“Of course, I won’t lie to you.” Muyang picked Melia up.

He suddenly thinking that Melia still had nothing to wear as the clothes she had just worn had been incinerated by the hot flames, so he asked Gaia to go to the Dominian Spaceship to get some of the old clothes that Mexia had used.

Mexia’s clothes were much wider for Melia, and the clothes were about to drag on the ground. But for now, she could wear them.

“These clothes are good, but they’re just too big.” Melia rolled up her sleeves; her chest was empty.

Muyang said, “Wear them like this for now, and when we pass by the trading planet, I’ll prepare some more supplies for you.”

Melia nodded and turned around, asking, “When will Melis wake up?”

Her sister had been soaking in the water and couldn’t wake up, making her depressed.

Muyang went up to check on Melis’s condition and said, “There’s nothing serious. Melis is just suffering from too much mental wear and tear. She’s temporarily asleep; she’ll wake up soon.”

After knowing that her sister was fine, Melia put her mind at ease. She then pestered Muyang to ask him about Super Saiyans and Planet Vegeta.

Of course, Muyang told her everything he knew, but Muyang didn’t know much about transforming into a Super Saiyan.

The only thing sure was that before transforming into a Super Saiyan, Saiyan needed to reach a specific strength of basic power level and then rely on some opportunity to break the physical barrier.

However, how exactly it was done was impossible to say since Muyang was not a Saiyan. Relying on anger was fine, but there were more conventional ways to transform besides emotions.

“Uncle, you’re useless; you don’t even know such a crucial thing. How can I try to become a Super Saiyan?” Melia said in a crisp child’s voice as she shook her head.

Muyang listened and looked at Melia’s expression like it was all entirely his fault. A few black lines popped out on his forehead. This girl was grinning greatly and a bit of a badass.

A wall of air directly crushed over and Melia was bounced into the air with a wow!


Melis soaked in the pool for about an hour or so before waking up under the Spring of Life’s nourishment. Muyang also told her about what had happened before and planning to go to Planet Metamor next.

Of course, the sisters listened to Muyang.

“Uncle, hurry up and take us there with Instant Transmission. I want to learn fusion!”

After understanding that the fusion technique on top of Planet Metamor had the potential to solve their hidden problems, they couldn’t wait to urge Muyang to hurry up and take them there.

“Using Instant Transmission continuously is tiring. So if you want me to speed up, you should all kiss me.” Muyang laughed and jokingly pointed to his cheek.

“I’ll take it. It’s just a kiss; it’s nothing!” Melia looked at Muyang with a scowl on her face. She then honestly leaned in front of him and kissed Muyang on the cheek with a “Ba.

Melis had some embarrassment and also stood on tiptoe to kiss on the cheek.

Muyang touched the place where the two sisters had kissed him and suddenly felt his body filled with power. He laughed and said, “Haha, the energy is all replenished. I’ll take you to Planet Metamor now.”

It was a pity. It would have been nice if the sisters grew up a bit more.

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