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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 255


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“My name is Melissa.”

“I feel full of power now!”

The fused out girl had one hand on her waist, tilting her head up and laughing very proudly.

Perhaps because Melia and Melis were initially identical twins, even more so in her previous life, the fused out girl did not have an accent; instead, had a clear and pleasant voice that was very nice to hear.

Muyang looked at the fusion girl curiously. From her face, there were shadows of Mellie and Mexia from her previous life.

“Melissa, release all the ki in you for me to see.”

If what was expected was right, Melissa’s strength was definitely more powerful than the twin sisters. However, how much more powerful it was unknown. 

“Of course I can, just watch.” Melissa nodded her head very proudly.

Her attitude towards Muyang was also different from the original, but at last, she was still obedient.

Wow, the vast ki was released, and a whirlwind was blowing on the ground. The fine stones were blown in all directions by the wind, and the entire Planet Metamor was enveloped in Melissa’s ki.

Melissa, who was releasing her ki to the fullest, laughed loudly and very proudly squinted her eyes. 

“How about it? Are you scared by my power?”

Muyang frowned at it. Melissa’s ki, although it was strong, it didn’t seem to be as strong as he thought.

“How can there be only this little bit of ki. This doesn’t seem right.”

In Muyang’s senses, Melissa was stronger. However, her power level was only a mere 50,000, which was only about double the 25,000 power level of a single body.

As a rule, it shouldn’t be like this. The power of a warrior born from the Fusion Technique shouldn’t be increased by only this much.

In the original story, both Gogeta or Gotenks were boosted more than that in their normal state. Muyang couldn’t tell how strong Gogeta was, but Gotenks showed signs of improvement.

From the fact that Gogeta’s Super Three state after fusion wasn’t worse than Son Goku’s Super Saiyan Three, it was clear that Gogeta’s normal state strength wasn’t much worse than Son Goku’s Base Form.

After the fusion of the two little punks, their normal power level could even reach the normal power of the Base Form power of Son Goku in Buu Saga, which was increased by dozens of times. Unlike Melissa’s current power, which was only twice as much. 

If Muyang thought about it, the problem was still with Melissa.

Carefully observing Melissa’s state, Muyang suddenly discovered that Melissa’s state at this time seemed to be that of a truly complete individual.

Her soul was complete, and her bloodline was also pure.

Even if it was decided that Melissa was the reincarnation of Mexia, there was nothing wrong with it, except that Melia and Melis would be more like remnants.

Muyang thought whimsically. However, this thought became more and more real. The more he thought about it, the more likely it was.

The two sisters were usually said to be soul-synchronized rather than soul-synced. The twin sisters had equally divided Mexia’s soul.

However, by fusing out Melissa this time, Mexia’s soul was considered complete. In a sense, it was indeed Melissa who was the reincarnation of Mexia at this time.

“If Melissa is the only one who is Mexia, then Melia and Melis are equivalent to her split soul state in the Accelerated World back then.”

Thinking of this, Muyang had a rough outline in his mind. To cure the state of the twin sisters, they would need to appear in Melissa’s form often.

After some time, their souls would be replenished, and their state would stabilize. 

Just so, the relationship between Melissa, Melia, and Melis became complicated.

They were like the relationship between Mexia’s main soul and her divided soul.

After he cleared up the cause and effect, Muyang’s eyes glazed over as he looked at the not-so-mature girl in front of him. The corners of his mouth lifted, “Melissa, is this all of your strength?”

“Huh?” Melissa harrumphed, “Aren’t you frightened by my power?”

Muyang shook his head, “With this little power you have now, you still can’t scare me.”

Melissa was immediately unhappy. Her green eyes stared hard at Muyang, and her face had an indescribable pride, “How dare you underestimate me? Even if you are Muyang, you will not be spared.”

After saying that, Melissa stomped her foot forcefully, then squealed; her turquoise pupils actually became a golden glow.

The golden eyes state appeared on her body. In an instant, the ki on Melissa’s body climbed fifty times from its original base, suddenly reaching 2.5 million power levels.

“Hahaha, how about it? This state of me will definitely surprise you!”

Melissa unleashed her power to her heart’s content, not caring at all if the ground of Planet Metamor could withstand the ki.

The whole world suddenly descended like the apocalypse. Thick clouds covered the sky, and the color of the sky darkened. The electrical discharge phenomenon pulled the free electric charge in the air.

Under the pressure of this powerful ki, the martial arts practitioners scattered all over Planet Metamor woke up. All their faces flashed with horror.

“What a terrifying ki!”

“Who is it? How did this strange power come to be on Planet Metamor?”

“Could it be the two Martial Gods are using the Fusion Technique?”

All the martial arts practitioners guessed up to the fact that the only thing that could produce such a powerful momentum on Planet Metamor was a fusion between two martial gods with over 10,000 power levels. 

It was just that there was no strong enemy above Planet Metamorright now, so why would such a powerful master appear.

“No, this ki is filled with tyranny. It’s definitely not the ki of the Planet Metamor….”

For a time, all the masters of Planet Metamor were shaken and then flew towards the power source. 

While countless masters were speculating over the ki released by Melissa, Muyang narrowed his eyes at the little girl in front of him.

Melissa was overly arrogant; was this arrogance the nature of Saiyans?

Gently shaking his head, Muyang swooshed forward, not caring if Melissa resisted or not.

Muyang grabbed Melissa’s wrist with one hand and directly pulled her with Instant Transmission to take her away from the Planet Metamor.

Only after the ki of Muyang and Melissa disappeared did the blue planet finally regain its calmness… 


In a primitive planet a hundred light-years away from Metamor, the figures of Muyang and Melissa suddenly appeared in the air.


Melissa threw her arms down with an unhappy face, breaking free from Muyang’s hands.


The pale green light and shadow shifted position in the high altitude, then suddenly attacked Muyang. Melissa, who had converted to her golden eyes state, actually wanted to fight with Muyang.

“It seems like it won’t storm out anymore. However, to fight me, with your strength, you’re not even close.”

Muyang looked on with a faint smile. Facing Melissa’s attack, he looked calm and unmoved. When Melissa was about to touch him, his body dodged her attack with a few flicks.

Seeing that her attack didn’t work, Melissa’s face looked dainty. She then drank loudly, her golden eyes shone with a beautiful glow, and her whole body was wrapped in golden flames. 

“I don’t believe I can’t beat you.” Melissa’s clear and cold voice sounded, and her ki increased even more.

To Muyang, Melissa didn’t dare to take it lightly.

Muyang looked on calmly, nodding slightly. Melissa’s strength was strong enough. However, due to her inexperience, she raised hands were full of flaws.


Muyang approached quickly. He didn’t use his full strength, but the gradually increasing ki had caused Melissa to feel tremendous pressure.


Muyang’s figure appeared on Melissa’s side. Melissa’s face panicked, and the break became more apparent. With a light slap of the palm, Melissa was immediately knocked out.

A series of streaks followed, and Muyang kept up with Melissa’s figure.


A few strands of electric light flashed, and Melissa was always in a passive state.

Laughing leisurely, Muyang fought with Melissa several times, intentionally guiding her opponent’s movements.

A steel-clamped palm was placed on the girl’s shoulder, and then with force, a huge force pressed Melissa towards the ground.

The ground crumbled, faults appeared, and the entire mountain collapsed. 

Heavy smoke spread out, and Melissa hid her ki as she slipped away. However, Muyang’s detection power was beyond her imagination.

Another fierce attack came.


The two figures made contact, and the sky shook violently, spreading out a circular shockwave in all directions.

A beam of impact fell from the sky. Melissa was struck to the ground by Muyang’s attack, smashing into a hundred-meter diameter impact crater. 

The winds whistled, and the thousand-meter radius became cluttered, with dense bands of impact all around.

“Well?” Muyang’s blurred figure appeared in front of Melissa, pressing her chest with one hand and looking at her in the middle of the impact crater in a half squatting position.

Melissa fell dumbly and openly in the middle of the impact crater. Her small lips were pouting, “You can’t count this. I only have 2.5 million power level, while you have less than 8 million power level, which is that much higher than me.”

Muyang pulled Melissa up, patted the dust off her body, and said, “Even if I control my power level to the same level as you, you’re no match for me. To be honest, your skills… are too poor.”

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