Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 256


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“Are my skills really that bad?” Melissa glared at him, wondering about life a bit.

With Melia and Melis’s memories, she had always thought that she was mighty. With the Saiyan’s personality, it made her look so arrogant. However, this pride and arrogance were shattered in front of Muyang’s absolute strength.

Muyang said, “I can’t say it’s terrible. However, there’s still a lot of room for improvement.”

“Teacher Mu, please teach me.” Melissa’s eyes sparkled as she looked at Muyang, suddenly becoming very polite.

Looking at the tender face of the young girl in front of him, Muyang nodded slightly. At this time, he suddenly frowned… He seemed to have seen this image somewhere!

Muyang thoughtfully gazed at Melissa’s cheek and felt déjà vu. He then suddenly remembered.

When he was on top of Korin Tower, he had seen a few fragments of the future. One was Mexia disguised as Mellie to participate in the 12th World Martial Arts Tournament, which had already happened. Another fragment was a fight between himself and an 11 or 12-year-old girl with golden pupils.




It turned out that he had already seen this at the top of Korin Tower. Although there were countless possibilities in the future, and just looking at the future picture couldn’t determine whether it would happen or not, it had a specific reference value.

Melissa saw that Muyang was looking straight at her, and her high and cold face turned twisted up, “What are you looking at?” Melissa’s heart was a little panicked.

Muyang smiled leisurely, “I was looking at you. I suddenly realized that I knew you a long time ago.”

“Wasn’t my previous life was your wife?” Melissa bit her lower lip.

Muyang shook his head and said, “It’s not a past life. It’s another sense of understanding, like foreseeing the future. Forget it; you don’t understand.”

Melissa raised her head, dissatisfied, “I hate that you don’t make it clear.”

Muyang coughed twice and changed the subject, “I’m now a little convinced that you are the reincarnation of Mexia. Stay like this often; it’s good for both Melia and Melis’s body.”

“I also feel very comfortable in my current state. Too bad the Fusion Technique only works for half an hour.” Melissa waved her arms.

It was so unpleasant not to be able to be available at any time. Planet Metamor’s Fusion Technique had a time limit, and each fusion could only last for half an hour.

“That’s not necessarily true.” Muyang shook his head, “Planet Metamor’s Fusion Technique may not work in your case. After all, your relationship with the twin sisters is extraordinary. This can be seen from your voice and fusion power.”

The warrior born from the Fusion Technique had an accented voice. Both Gogeta and Gotenks were dual voices.

In Melissa’s case, she was the complete soul of Mexia, but her body was a fusion of the twin sisters, so it was hard to say whether the fusion limitations of the Planet Metamor would still be present in her.

For example, in terms of strength, she was different from the average fusion warrior.

Melissa’s eyes lit up, “You mean… I can be around for a long time?”

Muyang said, “I don’t know.”

“By the way, can you change your outfit?” Muyang couldn’t understand the nature of the clothes on the fusion warriors.

Although Melissa’s outfit was relatively cool, it was a bit unreasonable if there were only one clothes set.

Melissa blinked her eyes, “I’m not sure. I guess I can change.”

It seemed that Muyang needed to prepare some clothes for Melissa as well. The twin sisters’ clothes were too small for her, and Mexia’s clothes were too big.

Ugh, I only had one wife; how could she come up with so many different versions?


Time passed, and after half an hour, Melissa really didn’t unmold. It wasn’t until three hours later that Melissa split into Melia and Melis in bright light.

Both Melia and Melis, who had split back into two people, retained Melissa’s memories. Everything about the three of them was almost identical.

“Uncle, I can control the power in my body just now. Wow, I can become that powerful too.” As soon as the fusion was unraveled, Melia chattered on and on.

“If I go back to Planet Sala, bang, bang, bang, I’ll be able to knock down a whole lot of people.” Melia was so happy that even Melis smiled.

Muyang also smiled, “It seems that we have found a solution to your hidden problems. In the future, as long as we keep Melissa’s state more often, the violence will naturally decrease. With the nourishment of the Acceleration World for you, one day you will be able to maintain your Golden Eyes State alone.”

Hmm.” Melia and Melis nodded continuously.

Here, Muyang could basically guarantee that no accidents would happen to them.

However, Melia and Melis’s combat experience and skills were still too far behind, so it seemed that he still had to take on the role of “Teacher Mu” and gave them strict guidance.


In the days that followed, Muyang instructed them in the Acceleration World.

Under the sixteen-fold time acceleration, the two sisters grew up rapidly. At the same time, Muyang also brought them into the North Area.


Half a year later, in the outer world.

Thanks to the effect of the Acceleration World, Melia and Melis were basically ready to go. Their power level had soared to 40,000 each. If fused, Melissa’s strength would be equivalent to 80,000 power level!

This hadn’t counted with the power level state of the Kaio-ken and the Golden Eyes Transformation.

If she had used the Kaio-ken or the Golden Eyes Transformation, she would have become even stronger.

What makes Muyang even happier was that during this period of training in the Acceleration World, Melissa had awakened the superpowers of her previous life.

She had also remembered the “Vacuum Inner Breath” that she had learned from the Planet Yardrat.

Maybe in a few years, Mexia’s memory and personality will be awakened.


In the Acceleration World, Melissa’s length of time maintained her fusion state was extended sixteen times. Melissa was covered in golden light; her golden eyes flashed with a stream of light.

At this time, Muyang shifted and arrived at Melissa’s side. Melissa sneered, her body twisted slightly, and a force was channeled up from her waist.



The two fists met in the air. Muyang’s strength was greater than Melissa’s, making Melissa’s delicate body was directly knocked out of the sky.


As soon as it landed on the ground, the pale green silhouette quickly disappeared.

Muyang smiled in satisfaction while maintaining the same power level. Melissa’s reaction ability had reached his requirements.

He had to say that the Saiyans were really worthy of being born as a fighting race. That kind of intuition and reaction ability in battle was too good.

“You can stop now,” Muyang shouted.

Melissa heard it and disarmed her fighting state, then transformed into two people.

“Your skills have been outstanding. You can say that you have reached the level of a master. However, training and fighting are still different.

“Are you going to let us join the Galaxy Mercenary you mentioned before?” Melia was excited.

“We can really fight now.” Melis smiled with some bloodlust in her eyes.

To be reasonable, Melia had never left Planet Sala. Not to mention killing people, she had never been in a real battle.

At this point, Melis was a little bit better. She had participated in a few missions when she was studying at the academy.

Muyang smiled cheerfully, “There are a few stronger forces in the North Area, such as the Ginyu Force, Cooler Armored Squadron, King Cold Strongest Squadron. Each of these forces has at least one master with a power level of over 100,000.”

“Uh-oh!” Melia’s eyes lit up.

“Uncle, which force are we aiming for this time?” Melis asked seriously.

Muyang narrowed his eyes, “Let’s start with the weakest. Ginyu Force is good prey.”

“Melia, Melis, I don’t care what method you use. Superpowers are fine, martial arts are fine, even if you merge into Melissa. Do everything you can to kill the Ginyu Force. However, I have one request. If you use Melissa’s state, don’t use the Golden Eyes Transformation and Kaio-ken sparingly. Otherwise, it won’t work as an exercise.”

If they fused into Melissa and used their Golden Eyes Transformation or Kaio-ken, the Ginyu Force would have no resistance at all, so Muyang limited this aspect.

Muyang would be watching over the side to prevent Ginyu from using his weird superpowers.

“No problem, we’ll absolutely kill them for you,” Melia assured with a pat on her chest.

“We won’t let you down.” Melis licked her lips and smiled softly.

“Then let’s go. I’ll take you to the Ginyu Force!” Muyang laughed. He waved his arm and led Melia and Melis toward the location of the Ginyu Force.

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