Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 258


“Captain, who is this man?”

The Demoness Natania sensed an unusual atmosphere in the air when Muyang declared their information. So, she trotted up to Captain Ginyu and asked.

“Hmph.” Captain Ginyu grunted and didn’t answer.

At this time, Jeice also recognized Muyang’s identity, and his face showed fear, “Natania, we have to be careful. This guy is mighty; I’m afraid that only the captain himself can fight him off.”

“No way, is this guy that strong?” Natania was shocked, and her face became ugly.

It must be known that Captain Ginyu’s strength was far above theirs. If the captain himself had to take action to deal with it, they would surely be nothing more than food.

Jeice nodded with a solemn look on his face, “He’s powerful. He killed several members of our Ginyu Force in the early days.”

He had never forgotten that when he was in the Eastern Part North Area on the Planet Demen. 

If Captain Ginyu hadn’t appeared in time to repel this guy, he would have suffered the same fate as Gausan and Ouaosi.

“So it was him!”

That was when Natania remembered. Back then, she, Burter, and Recoome had the chance to join the Ginyu Force because of the attrition that occurred for some reason. It turned out that the culprit for all this was the man in black in front of her.

That was really scary.

Natania’s heart had developed jealousy, causing the energy in her body raised. Of course, she didn’t plan to fight but was ready to use her superpower to make a run for it at any time.

“Muyang, you also had great achievements in the past!” Melissa’s pretty face smiled at Muyang.

She was not like the twin sisters who called Muyang their uncle and had always called him by his first name. Her personality had become more independent since she had awakened a part of Melissa’s ability.

“It’s nothing.” Muyang laughed.

“It can’t be nothing.” Melissa nodded her head seriously.

Her vision was also very high; with Muyang’s current strength of up to 8.6 million power levels, he was considered a great master in Planet Sala. 

The best of the Ginyu Force in front of him was only a little over 100,000 combat power, which was nothing.

‘Although these old things don’t seem like a big deal now, can’t you just go along and give some recognition?’ 

At this moment, Muyang had the urge to give Melissa a thrill.

However, it was evident that Muyang and Melissa’s downplayed attitude had already angered the Ginyu Force members. 

Anre and Bonyu were both members who joined later and had no idea what had happened before.

“Be careful. Don’t go over there.” Jeice shouted at the sight of the two.

“Idiots!” Captain Ginyu cursed but stood there indifferently.

On the surface, he was dismissive of Muyang, but in fact, he was terrified, especially since the opponent had the “Transformation Ability” that could increase his power level several times. 

He wasn’t sure whether the opponent had significantly improved in the past ten years or not, so it was better to keep an eye on him.

Captain Ginyu’s gaze flickered, and a pair of fierce eyes sweeping over Muyang’s body.

Heh, the little minions have brought the food.”

Facing the suddenly rushing Anre and Bonyu, Muyang gave a faint glance and paid no attention at all. With his strength, even if he stood still, the opponent couldn’t break his defense.

The purpose of coming out this time was to train Melissa, so Melissa made her move after he gave her a wink.

Melissa stepped forward slightly. Her light body swooshed and flashed a few times; then, her arm swung out in one direction.

With a bang, Anre was directly hit in the head by Melissa, and his eyes flew out of his body. 

At this time, Melissa sneered, her eyes glanced at Bonyu on the other side. Her body appeared next to Bonyu in a flash and then swung out with an iron fist of steel.


Both Anre and Bonyu were knocked back by Melissa in a brief moment.

“Giggle….” Melissa let out a silvery bell-like laugh. 

Her eyes suddenly flashed with tyrannical light. Her body took another step forward, chasing after Bonyu, a bright ball of energy already condensed in her hand.

“Oh no, Bonyu is in danger!”

When Natania saw this, she said a bad word in her heart. She then hurriedly used her superpower to prepare to pull Bonyu’s body back.

Just then, Melissa’s eyes stared towards her, and an invisible wall of spiritual energy crushed over, overlapping with Natania’s superpower.

“You have no business here, so get out of my way,” Melissa yelled, very rudely.

With her eyes wide open and a glittering glow in her turquoise eyes, her pale green superpower directly broke up Natania’s superpower, then continued to crush towards Natania.

After the fusion, Melissa now has up to 80,000 power levels. Both strength and superpowers were far superior to the Demoness Natania. 

With that, Natania suffered a tragedy, as her face turned white from the devastation of her superpowers.

“This girl. She actually has a superpower.” Natania’s face was bloodless, unbelievably alarming.

After skipping over Natania, Melissa targeted Bonyu and Anre again.

At this point, Captain Ginyu finally couldn’t resist. His foot stomped on the ground, leaving a large cracked rock, and his body sprang up, intending to stop Melissa’s attack.

However, a black silhouette was in front of Captain Ginyu’s face.

Muyang lightly fanned his hand. It was a casual movement that raised a wall of ki, which directly blocked Captain Ginyu from taking a step closer.

“What a terrifying strength.” Captain Ginyu’s eyes were straightened with a trace of horror.

Immediately after that, his scalp went numb.

The opponent had actually knocked him back with a casual wave of his hand, a force that was far beyond his ability to resist.

In these ten years, had he improved so much?

Captain Ginyu’s pupils had shrunk to pinpoints, and his heart was beating wildly.

“Stay quietly on the side; it’s not your turn to make a move yet.” Just like a referee ruling on the offending player, after stopping Captain Ginyu’s action, Muyang faintly glanced at Captain Ginyu.

This glance made Captain Ginyu feel like he was in an ice cellar, and his body couldn’t help but tremble.

How could this be? How could the gap between them be so wide?

“Captain!” Jeice was holding up Natania, and his face already bloodless.

“It looks like there’s more bad luck this time.”

Captain Ginyu gritted his teeth and quietly pressed his finger on the scouter at his ear.

In addition to detecting energy, the scouter could also be used as a communication device to get in touch with the outside world. 

Captain Ginyu now thought that even if he couldn’t escape, he had to send the message to King Frieza to take revenge for them.

On the other hand, Melissa’s attack was quite rude and fiery. With the power level was just over 40,000, Anre and Bonyu were no match for her.

A ki wave soon penetrated Bonyu’s heart, and then Melissa’s figure flickered and chased after Anre again.


Melissa smashed Anre’s head out. The blood splattered all over her face, sticking to her face with an innocent smile, which was really bizarre.

“Melissa is actually still such a violent loli!” Muyang stammered a bit.

Technically speaking, with Melissa’s age, she could only be considered a little girl. However, because of the fusion, her figure was slightly more mature.

“Anre and Bonyu are dead.” Jeice witnessed the tragedy of the team members. 

The images of the old days when Gausan and Ouaosi died tragically overlapped with this moment, causing him to break out in a cold sweat.

“What… should we do?” Demoness Natania also began to grow restless.

“Hey, Muyang, how was my performance?” Melissa jumped to her side with blood on her face.

Muyang looked at her, “Dry the blood on your face first.”

“Giggle…” Melissa’s face changed as she said, “Next, it’s your turn.”

The purpose of Muyang bringing her to the Ginyu Force was to let her experience the atmosphere of battle. 

Of course, these ordinary members of the Ginyu Force didn’t give her a chance to practice, so only Captain Ginyu was her target.

“Natania, get out of here!” Captain Ginyu suddenly turned back and shouted.

“I got it!” Demoness Natania nodded her head vigorously and forcefully launched her superpower regardless of the previous superpower reversal damage.

A sudden illusory flash of light enveloped Ginyu and Jeice. By the time the light dissipated, the three had disappeared from the spot without a trace.

“They escaped….” Melissa lowered her head and suddenly laughed, “But still on this planet.”

Muyang said, “Then go after them; they are your prey!”

“Okay!” Melissa’s young face was smiling.


One thousand kilometers away, Ginyu and the others appeared on a gravel beach in a mess. As soon as they landed on the ground, Demoness Natania spurted out a mouthful of blood.

“Captain, I can’t use my superpower,” Natania managed to say with difficulty.

Captain Ginyu’s eyes were shifty. He was about to use his communicator to call Frieza headquarters to send a spaceship over.

However, at that moment, across from him, a young man slowly came holding the hand of a small girl.

“You are my prey, don’t think of running away!” Melissa had bright eyes and a bright smile on her face.

However, this smile was like the devil’s smile in the eyes of Jeice and others… making their heads chill.

“Captain Ginyu, let’s run away. We’re no match for that man!” Jeice looked panicked and retreated backward. Facing Muyang and Melissa, he really couldn’t muster the courage to fight.

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