Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 260


Melissa, who had displayed Twice Kaio-ken, had increased her power level to 160,000. 

That was why it was no problem to deal with the mere 100,000 power level of Captain Ginyu. Therefore, Captain Ginyu was miserable.

Once Melissa launched into a frenzy, even Muyang’s heart was terrified. Within two or three blows, Ginyuu’s body was battered and bruised.

“I’m not happy; King Frieza will not let you go.”

After the exchange of superpower failed, Captain Ginyu knew he was in danger and would threaten to use the name of Frieza even before he died.

“Frieza is nothing!” Melissa was so arrogant that she didn’t even care about Frieza.

Even if she couldn’t beat that Frieza, so what, Muyang would protect her!

She was the one who had the “backing.”

The thin, flapped winged energy blade emitted a dizzying light; starlight flashed and scraped Captain Ginyu’s body one by one. 

The hallowed Captain Ginyu was even scraped into pieces by her.

“I’m sorry, Muyang, I didn’t keep my promise.” After killing Captain Ginyu, Melissa honestly came to apologize in front of Muyang.

He knocked her on the head with a “slap,” then said, “Next time, don’t make an exception. Remember my arrangement in the future. If you use the Kaio-ken or the Golden Eye Transformation at every turn, you won’t achieve the purpose of exercise at all.”

Uh-huh, I know!” Melissa smiled as she put her hands over the beaten area.

“By the way, there’s still a white-haired alien in the Ginyu Force that hasn’t been killed.” Muyang pointed down to Jeice, who had been knocked flying by Melissa earlier.

“I’m going to kill him!” Melissa said. 

Her figure then appeared in a flash to where Jeice had fallen.

Looking at Melissa’s back, Muyang shook his head, “Melissa, this girl is too jumpy. I wonder who she resembles more.”

Planet Metamor’s Fusion Technique could fuse the consciousness and body of two people. 

If it was anyone’s personality, it should also be a fusion of the two. However, although Melissa was a fusion of Melia and Melis, she seemed to have a more independent mind. 

This might be caused by the fact that Melissa was a complete soul body.

What happened next was simple. Melissa came and went in a matter of seconds, and she killed the last member of the Ginyu Force.

Thus, Ginyu Force, under Frieza, had truly fallen.

“Muyang, where are we going next?”

Melissa jumped to Muyang’s side and looked at him with her head cocked. The battle just now was not at all enjoyable for her. The Kaio-ken was cool to use but not very challenging.

“Let’s go find Cooler Armored Squadron. Their strength is about the same as when you used Kaio-ken. They don’t have any weird superpowers, so don’t use the Golden Eyes Transformation this time.”

Muyang had already planned everything out. As long as Melissa could be obedient, he guaranteed that she could grow her combat experience quickly.

“As you wish.” Melissa’s bright eyes looked at Muyang. 

Her body split into the twin sisters in a burst of white light, then hung onto Muyang’s body separately.


More than two months passed in the blink of an eye.

During this period, Muyang continued to bring the twin sisters to challenge powerful masters. After destroying the Ginyu Force, they first approached the Cooler Armored Squadron.

The newly-formed squadron was the same as the original, with a three-person squad, and its power level was up to 160,000 to 170,000.

On that day, Muyang brought Melissa to the Cooler Armored Squadron. With the Kaio-ken on, Melissa fought a good fight, finally destroying the Cooler Armored Squadron again.

Next up was King Cold’s strongest unit, considered the most powerful fighting force in the North Area. 

The leader looked like an alien, and when Muyang saw it, he discovered that this guy was actually the same family as the wild race of Pui Pui’s alien under King of Demon Realm Dabura. His power level was as high as five million.

Even though Melissa had used her Golden Eyes Transformation, she was still severely injured. In the end, if it weren’t for Muyang, Melissa would have lost her life.

Ouch, it hurts.” Melissa wailed in pain.

Her whole body was lying in the center of a huge circular pit, half of her body buried by the soil.

“Won’t you get up yet?” Muyang crouched at the edge of the impact crater and threw a gravel head at her.

“Muyang, my bones are broken. It hurts when I move.” Melissa looked dumbly at the clouds floating in the sky, just lying there without moving.

Muyang said, “You still have Senzu Beans on you; just eat them.”

Melissa said, “I can’t move. Come and feed me!”

He looked at Melissa, who was buried halfway in the soil a moment ago and was now wilting. 

Finally, seeing her in such a miserable state, he shook his head and walked over to her and stuffed the Senzu Beans into her mouth.

After one Senzu Bean went down, the rich vitality immediately healed all the injuries on Melissa’s body. She soon became lively again, and after coming out of the impact crater, she lay down on Muyang’s back.

“Muyang, I seem to remember some things from the past.”

“What have you remembered?” Muyang looked at Melissa with surprise.

Melissa didn’t know what she was thinking of; her face suddenly became flushed, “It’s all some messed up things.”

Muyang was thoughtful and cupped Melissa’s chin, “Did you feel that you used to be dirty?”

Melissa snorted, “Not at all. I think that’s quite good.”

Muyang laughed, “You and Mexia’s personalities haven’t even merged yet, and you already agree with her behavior? However, it’s already good to be able to remember a little bit of stuff. In a few years, you’ll be able to really wake up.”

Melissa was still too young now. Even if she looked a little more mature than her actual age because of the Fusion Technique, it couldn’t hide the fact that she was still a loli.

“Muyang, take me to Earth!” Melissa suddenly said.

“Yes, let’s go see your friends from your past life. Maybe it will help you awaken faster.” Muyang nodded his head in agreement.

Isaac and Alice would be delighted if they saw Melissa, as well as the brothers and sisters of Kami School. 

When he thought of this, Muyang was determined to return to his hometown. He then grabbed Melissa’s hand and started to perform Instant Transmission.


The earth was located in a starfield far to the South of the North Area.

It was a very backward area in terms of force. The nearby planets had little useful things besides water, plants, and animals. 

Even if the Frieza Force already knew this star field’s situation, they didn’t send a large army to conquer it.

Due to the frequent use of Instant Transmission between the earth and the outer planets, Muyang found the earth’s location very easily. With a flash of light, Muyang brought Melissa to the earth.

The breeze washed the shore in fine waves, creating white waves.

This place was around March or April when the warblers and willow floss were growing, and the warm sunlight was already a little hot.

“Muyang, where is this place?” Melissa wasn’t very familiar with the earth. 

Although she already had a partial memory of the planet in her mind, it was impossible to get her to remember the geographic location.

“Not sure, but it’s okay. I’ll take you back directly.”

Muyang shook his head. After his thoughts spread out, he quickly determined the location of the Great Azure Mountain. Then with another Instant Transmission, he returned to his own house with Melissa.


The Great Azure Mountain was in September, and the air was vaguely hot.

In the small building of the house halfway up the mountain, April was lying leisurely on a sun chair, wearing a pair of sunglasses on the bridge of her nose. 

She was wearing a cool-looking dress, showing a large piece of delicate white skin, with melons and fruits and drinks beside her.

“My brother has been out for over a year; I wonder if he has found Senior Sister Mexia.”

“I think he should have found her!”

In the meantime, April’s lips moved. Suddenly her eyebrows knitted together as if she were bothered.

“Em, what are you thinking about so intensely?”

A clear voice sounded in her ears, making April thumped and jumped up. What entered her eyes was the handsome figure of Muyang, who was accompanied by an eleven or twelve-year-old girl.

“Brother, you’re finally back!”

April looked agitated and looked over at Melissa, “Is this the reincarnation of Senior Sister Mexia? Shouldn’t she be just over nine years old? How did she…”

If she were the reincarnation of Mexia, she would have been only nine years old. 

However, the girl in front of her looked eleven or twelve years old. Her body was starting to develop, so were the Saiyans that precocious of a race?

Muyang smiled, “She is the reincarnation of Mexia. You can call her Melissa. It was just that her situation is a bit special.”

Before Muyang finished speaking, an icy gaze was ushered in behind him, “Muyang, tell me clearly, who is this woman?”

“Haven’t you regained a little memory, or have you forgotten April? She is our sister?”

Melissa was startled and then said thoughtfully, “April, erm, it does seem that there is someone so beautiful… but why is she living in your house?”

“Senior sister, you’re the one who let me live in to ‘supervise’ my brother.” April was the first to take a stand.

“Is it my idea?” In the meantime, Melissa muttered, her eyes sweeping over Muyang and April, “You two wouldn’t have anything to do with each other, would you?”

“Absolutely not!” April jumped up in shock.

“What are you thinking?” Muyang laughed and patted Melissa’s head.

Why was Melissa acting like this? Was she jealous? 

It was unexpectedly kind of cute!

“What the hell is going on?” Melissa pressed the question with authority.

April became weak under Melissa’s eyes. Although she was usually a very heroic female scientist, she seemed to feel a little guilty in front of Melissa now.

“Senior Sister Mexia, no, Melissa is like this…” April said what Mexia had told her.

After listening to all this, Melissa stayed for a long time. Her turquoise eyes stared at April for a long time, and she blamed herself for her past life, “My past life was sick in the head. Looking for such a beauty to supervise her husband, isn’t she afraid of the other party stealing him from her? No, no, it’s too dangerous.”

She knew too well how attractive Muyang was to the women around him. She still had many years to go before she reached adulthood, and with such a beautiful woman by his side, Melissa’s heart was uneasy!

The only good thing about April was that she looked weak and very obedient.

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