Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 262


“Senior brother, what’s going on? How did Melissa become two people?” April was completely confused about the situation.

Seeing everyone’s puzzled expression, Muyang coughed lightly and said, “Ahem, this is the original appearance of Melissa…”

“At the beginning, Mexia wasn’t often controlling two bodies. All because of the ‘Divine Divided Soul Tempering’ that Mexia became two people after reincarnation. They are twin sisters, one called Melia, and the other called Melis. Melissa is the fusion of the two sisters as an individual.”

After Muyang’s introduction to Melis and Melia’s situation in general, everyone on the spot opened their mouths wide. They looked at the twin sisters incredulously.

There was actually a way to a person reincarnate split into two people?

April’s eyes were full of curiosity. However, soon she realized that, in this case, wouldn’t her senior brother have to marry both of them in the future?

Senior brother would have at least two wives… It was no longer monogamous.

For some reason, April’s emotions suddenly became elevated.

“Hello guys, my name is Melia.” Melia kept Melissa’s high spirits. She possessed Melissa’s memories and already knew everyone present.

“My name is Melis…” Her sister Melis was much shyer and more aware of manners.

Isaac took a hard sip of wine and laughed out loud. Alice then took another set of dishes from the kitchen, “Come on. You two sisters look so identical; I can’t tell the difference.”

“This is easy. I’m the older sister, with turquoise eyes.” Melia pointed to her own eyes and said. Alice took a closer look and saw that they were indeed turquoise, exactly the same color as Mexia’s eyes.

April also tried to communicate with the twin sisters. Later, she found that the two sisters were much better to talk to than Melissa. At least not so defensive.

Well, before Melissa’s memory had awakened, it would be better to get along with them.


In the Acceleration World.

The two light green light flashes in the sky. From time to time, the collision burst out dazzling sparks, and the wind howls on the central planet as Melia and Melis keep attacking each other. 

They soon separated, along with the ground green lawn glide out of a distance.

At that moment, a dozen black shadows came out from all directions and pounced on the two green figures.


Melia’s face was full of fury, gasping for breath while slapping the air towards the black shadows. 

The vast transparent palm cut through the air; several black shadows were slapped away. Soon these black shadows reversed direction and defiantly flew towards her.

“Is it over?” Melia’s forehead was covered with sweat, and her clothes were stained with sweat.

After a good fight to knock off those black shadows, Melis appeared in front of her again. The two sisters looked at each other and winded up in a battle again. There was a lot of residual shadows, with fist and palm shadows all over the place.


After a long time, Melia fell to the ground exhausted, panting heavily. Not far away, Melis was in a similar situation, both of them too tired to move.

At this time, April, dressed in white, jogged over and helped them up. She gave them a few sips of nutritional fluid to help them improve their condition.

“Thanks.” Melia was still gasping for breath.

April smiled sweetly, “No need to be polite. If only Melissa could talk so well after you two fuse.”

Melia laughed heatedly, “I can’t help this; my personality has changed a bit after the fusion.”

“No matter what, we will get along well in the future.” April knew that Melissa was always bothered with her because of her senior brother. 

Compared to Melissa, the twin sisters were younger and got along better.

“Yeah.” Melia nodded her head forcefully.

“The Saibamen you made is so powerful; it almost tires me out.” Melis sat up and wiped the sweat off her forehead with her hand. 

April said, “It’s nothing. It’s mostly because your powers are imprisoned here.”

“I did this to train them better. Yet, you don’t have any positive spirit.” At this time, Muyang walked over and waved his hand to release Melia and Melis’s power confinement.

In the Acceleration World, Muyang could manipulate the rules inside at will. He waved his hand, confined the twin sisters’ power to only about 3000 power levels, and then let them attack each other, supplemented by the Saibamen to interfere.

With that, at least the two sisters’ combat experience would grow rapidly.

Gaia jumped down from Muyang’s shoulder, puffed, and moved to Melia and Melis’s side. It then spat out two Senzu Beans from its stomach.

“Thank you, Gaia!” Melia happily hugged Gaia in her arms.

After eating the Senzu Beans together with Melis, the two of them recovered their strength at once. They looked at each other, and without seeing any movement from them, a cluster of white light was born on the surface of their bodies, and soon Melissa’s figure appeared.

“Muyang, let me also exercise!” Melissa said.

Muyang smiled and nodded. He pressed his palm towards Melissa, and a mysterious rule suppressed her power to 3000 power level. Muyang then gestured towards April’s side.

April narrowed her eyes, smiled, took out the latest development of Saibamen, and planted them down. There were twenty of them.

Click, click, click.

The soil broke open one after another, and the main body of the Saibamen curled up and burst out of the soil.

Seeing that all the Saibamen had been generated, April ordered loudly, “Listen up, all of you, attack that brunette woman with all your might. No need to be polite; teach her a lesson with all your might.”

Click, click, click.

Twenty Saibamens opened their blood-red eyes at once and rushed towards Melissa with strange screams.

When Melissa saw this, she glared up proudly and looked contemptuously at these Saibamens. She was just about to attack when she realized that her power had been restricted, and she couldn’t help but scream strangely, “Good for you, April, how dare you take personal revenge!”

April’s white cheeks showed a smile, “No, I planted so many Saibamens because I trusted you.”

Melissa’s eyes began to fire, “I don’t believe you. Damn it!”

This brunette woman was so hateful!

As she watched Melissa dodge the attacks of the twenty Saibamens in a mess, with a constant roar coming out of her mouth, April’s shoulders shook, and she let out a giggle.

“Hey, what a hoot!” Looking at the nonsense between Melissa and April, Muyang didn’t bother to interfere. Instead, he found it quite interesting.

“Next, it’s my turn to train myself.”

Muyang found a quiet place to sit down, and he began to practice. While training the twin sisters, Muyang also insisted on training, and now his strength was steadily rising.

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