Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 263


As the days passed by, a greenish figure appeared in a castle made of white bones at the edge of the Dark Demon Realm – the Greater Demon Realm.

“What exactly is happening here?” Garlic Jr looked at his father’s castle in confusion. The entire castle had been deserted. The dark corners were already covered with cobwebs as if no one had used it for a long time.

“Don’t hide. I’ve already found you.” Garlic Jr said indifferently.

At that moment, a black shadow flashed out from the corner. When he saw Garlic Jr, he shivered and prostrated himself on the ground, “Lord Garlic Jr, you have finally returned.”

“You know me?” Garlic Jr asked unexpectedly with the corners of his mouth raised.

The black shadow was busy nodding, with a panicked face, “Yes, I know you. My name is Buddy. I used to serve Lord Garlic and had the honor of seeing your portrait.”

“Are you father’s subordinates? Then tell me… what happened here? Where did everyone go?” Garlic Jr was very thin, but the power he released between his words made the whole castle shake violently.

Where had Buddy seen such a powerful force? The six demon warriors that Garlic had invited from the depths of the Demon Realm were already mighty. However, they couldn’t even compare to a shadow in front of Garlic Jr Buddy.

“About twenty years ago, Lord Garlic invited six masters from the depths of the Demon Realm. He then led many people to attack Earth through the passage of the Earth attached to the Demon Realm…”

“Were those six people you mentioned Hawke and the five Karov brothers?” Garlic Jr remembered that those men were the ones he sent over to help his father conquer the Earth.

“Yes, it was exactly those lords. They entered the Earth with Lord Garlic, but they seemed to have encountered a strong enemy and never returned after that. I have inquired about the whereabouts of the earth passage, but the entire Demon Realm seems to have been cut off from the Earth all of a sudden. Not even a single passage can be found.”

Buddy didn’t know that after Garlic led the Earth’s invasion, Mr. Popo used the Dragon Balls to close all the passages and strengthen the space around Earth.

Garlic Jr listened carefully and doubted, “Earth is only a Low-Level Planet. There should be no master on it who can threaten father and others.”

“My lord… this little one is not lying.” Buddy trembled and looked at Garlic Jr.

Garlic Jr waved his hand and said, “Is it true that not a single passage can be found?”

 “Yes…. yes. This little one has searched, and there really is none.”

“That’s interesting.” Garlic Jr nodded his head, and a dangerous light appeared in his eyes, “Since the spatial passage cannot be found, then we will go directly through the cosmic space of the earth.”

The Earth wasn’t crucial to Garlic Jr. Even if he conquered it, it would be meaningless. However, the reason his father never returned aroused his attention.

Garlic Jr had served King of Demon Realm Dabura for many years and knew something about Earth. It was said that a terrifying monster was once sealed there.

Even Lord Dabura and Babidi kept a close eye on it. Although the monster had been quietly transferred away by Lord Dabura hundreds of years ago, there might be something missing. 

Thinking of this, Garlic Jr intended to make a trip to Earth himself. Something that could concern Lord Dabura, even if there was a hint of omission, it might be of great help to him.

“Buddy, are you familiar with the situation on the earth?”

Garlic Jr stared straight at Buddy. The seeping gaze made Buddy couldn’t say a word no, “I had gone to Earth twenty years ago with Lord Garlic. I came back later because I had to organize the people of Earth Demon Realm…”

Garlic Jr waved his hand and interrupted Buddy, “That’s enough. We will go to Earth with the spaceship, and you will lead the way.”

“As you command!” Buddy gulped and was only able to follow orders.

In fact, Buddy didn’t dare to tell the truth that Lord Garlic was most likely already dead. It was he and Kanglu who first discovered the spatial passage to Earth. When Kanglu stayed on Earth to guard the spatial passage, he died inexplicably.

Buddy returned to the Demon Realm to report the news to Lord Garlic, which prompted Lord Garlic’s intention to attack Earth.

He didn’t dare to report this matter to Lord Garlic Jr; otherwise, his life would be in danger.

On the other hand, Garlic Jr was also thinking inwardly, “I heard my father say that there is a Lookout or something like that on Earth. Maybe my father didn’t return because he fell into their path.”

He knew the reason why his father couldn’t forget about Earth. However, honestly, the Lookout on a Low-Level Planet was not in his mind.

At best, it could only suppress a few thousand masters in combat power. Thinking that Garlic Jr had a staggering 1.4 million power level, how could he be afraid of a Low-Level Planet?

When he arrived on Earth, he wanted to find out the reason why his father never returned. He might be able to find something that Lord Dabura had missed.

After thinking about it, Garlic Jr raised his cloak and turned around to prepare to go back to his base.

Since he was going to travel, he had to take his men and horses with him, plus prepare a good spaceship.


At this time, of course, Muyang didn’t know that the Earth was being targeted by a demon again.

Muyang’s now taking the teacher role again and instructing his disciple Kanalita to practice.

He knew that he was irresponsible as a teacher, accepting people as disciples but not personally training them for a few years.

Now, at the age of eighteen, Kanalita had grown up to be a beautiful woman, with fiery red hair like her mother, Ness, and a pair of starry eyes.

According to Isaac, Kanalita has been appointed by the Old Kami of the Lookout as the next successor of Kami. In this regard, Muyang didn’t oppose the opinion.

Both Muyang and Son Gohan refused the arrangement of the Kami’s successor. This time, they finally found a good seedling, and the Old Kami said he wasn’t willing to let it go.

Reasonably, the disciples of the Kami School had a Kami-level character. So, it wasn’t a problem, of course.

Thanks to the martial arts crystal perceptions left behind by Muyang, today’s Kami School could be described as a generation of masters.

There were already several masters in Muyang’s generation of junior brothers and sisters. Even the next generation, already produced several masters.

Today’s Earth was truly different from the original story. It was easy to become a martial arts master.

Kanalita was undoubtedly the best in the younger generation. She passed the Korin Tower and the Lookout in the past few years and practiced in the Mount Five Element for quite a long time.

In the absence of Muyang, it could be said Son Gohan and Annin were instructing Kanalita.

Muyang, as a teacher, felt very ashamed.


At the back of the mountain in the martial arts field, Kanalita, under Muyang’s guidance, and three Saibamen were training.


There was crystal light in Kanalita’s body surface floating a few times. Kanalita tossed her red hair, her fingers facing forward, and suddenly shot several sharp energy rays.

On the side, Muyang and the twin sisters floated in the air, carefully watching Kanalita’s performance, “Uncle, this disciple of yours almost has 3200 power level. She should be considered the most potential on Earth.” Melia’s childish face pretended to be deep as if she was a young adult.

According to the seniority, she was Kanalita’s “master wife”!

Muyang laughed, “I can’t say that she has the most potential, but she should be at the top of the earth.”

Melis said, “I think her potential is above that Son Gohan.”

The two sisters have visited the Mount Five Element and had met Son Gohan. In general, Melis thought that Kanalita could surpass Son Gohan in the future. After all, she was only eighteen years old and already had such strength.

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