Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 264



Kanalita waved her fist and defeated every single Saibamen that attacked her. She then calmed her breath and flew towards Muyang and others.

Seeing Kanalita flying towards her, the twin sisters touched hands. They quickly turned into a more mature Melissa, standing side by side with Muyang.

“Teacher Mu, Teacher’s Wife Melissa.”

Kanalita was very discipline in addressing the two without having any opinion in Melissa because she was young. After all, Kanalita knew about her teacher’s wife since she was a child.

She even played with Mexia when she was a child. At that time, Mexia was even more petite and was almost used as a doll by her.

Muyang smiled and nodded, then pointed out Kanalita’s shortcomings in the battle just now.

Muyang’s eyesight was very sharp. He saw the problem exceptionally thoroughly and gently put her problems out.

Kanalita listened carefully. Little by little turned Muyang’s words into a plan for her actions, and the effect was soon evident.


On the way back, Melissa suddenly leaned towards Muyang’s body with her body, and her whole body almost hung up.

“What’s wrong?” Muyang asked.

Melissa’s face was red for a while and then white. Her expression kept changing, and her body was emitting a green glow, “Muyang, I feel so uncomfortable. It seems like I’m about to wake up.”

“Is this the time now?” Muyang’s face was shocked. His expression immediately became serious, and he hurriedly sent Melissa to the Acceleration World.


In the Acceleration World, Muyang arranged a tranquil place for Melissa. He then apprehensively sat not far away to pay attention to the changes in Melissa’s body.

Mexia’s consciousness would soon merge with Melissa, and he didn’t know how the process would evolve.

The relationship between Mexia, Melia, Melis, and Melissa was very complicated. He couldn’t tell what would happen during the fusion process, but with the divine power set up by Whis in advance for protection, there shouldn’t be any accidents.

Time passed little by little, and Melissa’s body began to emit a fiery flame.


The majestic and turbulent energy emanated from Melissa’s body and was soon suppressed by silver energy.

Clang, clang, clang.

The ground began to shake, and the central planet’s lawn began to appear partly collapsed. 

Muyang watched quietly, holding Gaia in his arms. He then waved his hand to regulate the distribution of energy around him, trying not to get in the way of Mexia’s awakening.


Melissa’s eyes turned golden, and her aura rose again. The greenish glow on her body swelled up violently, and her body began to grow gradually, slowly, shifting from a loli state to a maiden state, and then continued to grow.

Puff, puff, puff!

A pale green costume had burned away in flames, gradually growing away from the delicate body, wrapped in a thin layer of cloud.

As that ethereal cloud became thinner, a slender body appeared.

Melissa’s body at this time had grown to a height of close to 1.7 meters. The body was slender and voluptuous, athletic but not too soft.

Her delicate face became very mature with green eyes like emeralds and only a few strands of hair naturally hanging down to her chest, revealing a fearless temperament.

That was right, the charming and seductive eyes, the knitted brows, and a smile.

It was definitely a fusion of Mexia and Melissa.

“Senior brother.”

A pleasant and clear voice sounded in Muyang’s ears. The familiar address made Muyang’s heart tremble, and he naturally flew up to take her in his arms.

“Mexia, you have finally awakened.”

“Mmm.” Melissa nestled in Muyang’s arms. “My name is now Melissa; call me Melissa from now on!”

The fusion of Mexia’s consciousness had changed Melissa’s personality again. She was full of heroic and high-minded and full of charm in her bones.

“It’s the same whatever you call it.” Muyang laughed out loud.

His wife Mexia came back, and the figure became adult all of a sudden.

“Muyang, bring my clothes.” Melissa pushed Muyang away and used her hands to cover the sensitive parts of her body. Her cheeks were already flushed with scarlet.

“Why do you even need clothes? I am most familiar with your body.” Muyang joked.

Melissa threw a blank look over, “It’s not the same. My current body is new; you haven’t even touched it.”

After saying that, Melissa very shamefully divided herself into two. Melia and Melis’s body appeared again.

At this time, Melia and Melis’s body were still tiny, less than ten years old. Even if they were naked, there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

“Hmph, so there’s no need to worry.” Melia, who retained Melissa’s consciousness, sighed in relief.

“Melissa?” Muyang asked tentatively.

“Of course, it’s me. Whether it’s Mexia or Melissa, Melia, Melis, the consciousness is the same; only the body state is different. The personality may have a little deviation. In the future, I will be called Melissa in my fusion state. When we are separated, we will be called by our respective names.”

Melia and Melis said together when they separated. Melia’s personality inherited the original, which appeared to be on a high and lively side, while Melis’ was a little more gentle and quiet.

Muyang wondered, “How did your consciousnesses fuse?”

Melia said, “I don’t know. Anyway, it just fused.”

Melis and Melia’s thoughts were connected, “If you want to ask, ask Whis, but I don’t think she can figure it out either.”

Muyang was a little confused. Now that their personalities had wholly fused, no longer distinguishing who was who.

They were all the consciousness of one person. With this thought, Muyang’s face revealed a smile, casually beckoned the two to their clothes, and then watched them put it on.

“Muyang, let’s go out; I still have to settle a score with April!”

“Settle what score?” Muyang asked.

“She knows it well in her own heart.” Melia narrowed her eyes.

Her face changed, and she suddenly waved her hand, “Forget it. Let her go for the sake that she took care of you for so long. She already has a lot in her mind.”

“It was really a mistake before,” Melis added.


In the vast universe, the stars were brilliant and crystalline.

In another part of the deep and quiet universe, a very grand spaceship set off from the distant side of the starry sky, heading continuously in the earth’s direction.

“Lord Garlic Jr, in a short time, we will arrive at the starfield where the earth is located.”

In the spaceship, Buddy was very seriously comparing the interstellar map. This was the first time he had left the Demon Realm and was following the great Lord Garlic Jr.

He felt as if he had become a superior demon all of a sudden, and his heart was filled with pride.

“About how much further is the journey?” Garlic Jr was sitting in the middle of the cab. His white hood covering his body, and a hood on his head, making it hard to see his expression.

Buddy studied the star map carefully and said, “There are still three hours to go before we enter the solar system where the earth is located.”

Garlic Jr nodded his head, “Everyone listens to me. When you get to earth, don’t make any rash moves for the time being. Investigate the situation up there in secret before you make your move.”


“As ordered.”

This time Garlic Jr didn’t bring many people, including himself and Buddy, only twelve people. However, except Buddy, everyone was good. Their power level was more than 10,000.

“There is no need to worry; there are no masters on earth. A Low-Level Planet, I will be able to suppress with the flip of a hand. The main thing is to investigate the cause of my father’s disappearance.” Garlic Jr didn’t put the earth in his eyes at all, just interested in Garlic’s disappearance.

“Of course, Lord Garlic Jr’s power is certainly invincible in battle.”

“A mere Low-Level Planet.”

“Finally, I can ravage those weak humans. I heard that the blood and flesh of upright walking humans are very delicious. I’m really looking forward to it!” All the demons laughed loudly, gleefully full of anticipation.


Three hours later.

The spaceship sailed into a planetary system centered on a yellow dwarf. In the third orbit of the habitable zone, a beautiful azure planet floated, with a small moon orbiting around it.

Boom, boom.

The spacecraft gradually entered the earth’s atmosphere and finally landed in a place called Yunzabit Height.

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