Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 265


In the Yunzabit Heights, where the cold wind blew and rolled up the sand.

This place was desolate with little water and few people. All that stepped into the eyes were the bare mountains and the endless colossal canyon.

At that moment, the rumbling sound of a vast shadow cast down. Accompanied by a tremendous roar, a very luxurious spaceship landed from high altitude.

When the spaceship stopped, twelve figures flew out from the hatch.

Garlic Jr stood in the center of several people, navigating the barren landscape of Yunzabit Heights.

“Earth is still as unchanged as before, as frail and weak as ever!”

Three hundred years ago, when his father was still on earth, Garlic Jr had lived on earth for a while. The earth was so weak then that it hadn’t changed a bit after several hundred years.

Earthlings were truly a Low-Level Race, and they couldn’t be strong even if they were given more time.

“Lord, should we scatter out to detect the situation?” An obese demon stepped forward with his stomach held out.

“There is no need; we will go directly to the Lookout where we can see everything on the earth.”

Garlic Jr wasn’t interested in conquering the earth, only in Garlic’s disappearance – Lord Dabura might have left something special behind after taking away the earth’s sealings.

However, unbeknownst to Garlic Jr, it was all just a fantasy of his, and there was nothing on earth that he needed.

On the contrary, there were several people, far too strong, were waiting for them.

“From what my father said, the Lookout floats just above the Korin Tower, which is located on the north side of the earth…”

Garlic Jr judged roughly and then flew towards the Sacred Land of Korin in the north of the earth.


In the Big Azure Mountain, a light green robe wrapped Melissa crossed her legs as she sat on the sofa. Her two long and slender legs were constantly swaying.

On the opposite side of her, April was sitting upright with a pair of watery eyes carefully glance at the suddenly grown-up Melissa.

It should be known that not long ago, when April first saw Melissa’s adult version, she was shocked.

Now, knowing that the consciousness of Mexia had awakened, April was terrified.

“Sister April, do I treat you well?”

April was intimidated by the surprised’s queen-like aura, and she answered weakly like a scary daughter-in-law, “Senior sister has been very good to me.”

She was surprised and stood up with a swish. Her face came up to April’s and gently removed her glasses, “I’ve been so good to you, but you don’t listen to me enough!”

April’s body trembled a little, and said pitifully, “No, I always listen to you.”

“You don’t admit it, do you?” Looking at April’s pitiful appearance, Melissa suddenly burst into a smile.

“Forget about teasing you. Look how scared you are. There is nothing else on your mind, is there?” Melissa’s face was frozen. She pinched April’s chin and swept her body. “It was my mistake to let you stay and supervise Muyang, but for the sake of all the years that you have honestly taken care of Muyang and didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, I won’t bother you.”

“What exactly happens in the future will depend on your performance.” After Melissa said these words, she gave April a meaningful look and then returned to the sofa to drink.

Since her reincarnation as a Saiyan, her appetite had become better. She could digest anything she ate, and she could eat openly when she came across something she liked, and it wouldn’t affect her figure.

“Senior sister, what do you mean by that?” April sat next to Melissa.

Melissa sipped her drink, “Muyang rescued you back when you were just over five years old. After so many years, you have grown to adulthood, since you have lived here, from now on, you will continue to do so.” Melissa extra aggravated her tone, “But at home, you have to listen to my words.”

April responded at this point and immediately stated, “Senior sister, I will definitely listen to you.”

“I hope it will be as you say.” Melissa nodded and frowned. “April, your martial arts are indeed poor. Don’t always spend your time on scientific research. You should know that your strength is the most important thing.”

April said, “I know, but my qualifications can’t compare to yours. I can only rely on external forces to become stronger. Recently I am studying Saibamen technology. If I can apply this technology to the human body, I can also quickly become stronger.”

For April’s research mind, Melissa knew very well that April was determined to become stronger in this direction, and Melissa had nothing to say.

“Hm?” Melissa, who was chatting with April, suddenly frowned, and her eyes suddenly looked out the window.

“What’s wrong?” April asked suspiciously, looking out the window, but saw nothing.

“There are several powerful ki descending on the earth. Are they demons?” Melissa discerned the strength of that several ki. Her eyes faintly glanced at the sky outside the window.

At this time, April also felt the several strands of ki and exclaimed, “Could it be that the demons have come to earth again?”

Twenty years ago, if it wasn’t for Mexia and Muyang, who arrived at the West City in time, she and Panchy might have perished at the hands of the demons.

“Don’t worry, just a few little ants; I won’t let them come back.” Melissa sneered.

Back then, she was forced by the demons to almost collapsing her soul. Now she had just awakened her consciousness.

So, how could some demons dare to come to earth? It seemed that God was giving her the chance to take revenge!

All this hatred had come back.

“April, you stay at home and do not go anywhere. I will go and return.”

After saying that, regardless of April’s worried gaze, Melissa’s body turned into a gust of wind and disappeared from the room.


“Muyang, you already feel it, right?” Melissa said lightly as she ran into Muyang outside.

“Yes.” Muyang nodded, “There are twelve demons in total. The leader has about one million power levels. The remaining ones are around ten thousand power level.”

“It’s quite powerful.”

Melissa smiled lightly, and a cold light flashed across her clear and elegant face.

Sensing the direction in which the demon’s ki was moving, it was easy to tell that their target was the Korin Tower or the Lookout above the Korin Tower.

“They are moving to the north, where the Korin Tower is located,” Melissa said.

“That’s their destination. Leave the leader to me; you go and pull Son Gohan on. The battle later must be quick; we can’t give them time to react.” Muyang pulled Melissa’s hand.

If it was on the outer planets, Muyang could let go of the battle. There was no need to have such scruples.

However, on earth, the slightly larger attack was enough to cause a destruction effect, and improper handling would lead to a disaster.

Melissa understood the destructive nature of high-level energy battles and nodded in agreement.

Then the two of them used the Instant Transmission to go to the Mount Five Element, where Son Gohan had also felt the ki of the demons.


“Muyang, you guys are here.”

Son Gohan saw Muyang and rushed forward, noticing Melissa’s astonished expression. A few days away, Melissa had actually grown so much. The Saiyans were truly a magical race that could develop really fast.

Muyang said, “Melissa has recovered the memory of her previous life.”

Son Gohan laughed and said, “So that’s it. Congratulations.”

Muyang nodded, and he’s back to the topic, “Everyone understands the situation. This time the demons who come are very powerful. The strongest demon has a power level of more than a million, which I am afraid that only Muyang and Melissa can deal with. The other ten is not weak, but I can handle it.”

As for the weakest, Buddy, with a few hundred power levels, had been automatically ignored.

“Give the strongest one to me,” Muyang said benevolently.

“Okay, but I want seven.” Melissa seemed to be dividing the cake and crossed off seven for herself.

Son Gohan laughed, “Then the remaining three will be given to me.”

These years Son Gohan had been studying hard the martial arts crystal left behind by Muyang. His strength continues to rise, but he had reached middle age. Now, he had 100,000 power levels and hundreds of thousands of power levels if he used the Kaio-ken. Three demons with more than 10,000 power levels were just a piece of cake for him.

The main thing was to control the range of attack not to cause too much burden to the earth.

Each of the three people assigned opponents then looked at each other and laughed, not at all worried about the situation.

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