Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 266


Sacred Land of Korin was located on a vast plain in the North Hemisphere, with a lofty mountain range rising from the south to the north in the west, blocking the water vapor from the western ocean.

At this moment, twelve black shadows were rapidly traversing, constantly approaching the Sacred Land of Korin.

“Lord Garlic Jr, this earth is really weak. We encountered only a few humans with more than a hundred power levels along the way. If we were in the Demon Realm, it would be challenging for them even to survive.”

Several demons laughed loudly. The weakness of the earth’s people made them feel contempt.

How could such a weak race occupy such a beautiful planet? It was clear how unfair the heavens were.

“Oh, after all, it’s a Low-Level Planet. What kind of master can there be.” A demon with a pointed head was full of disdain. 

A cold smile appeared on his ugly face, “But, flesh and blood of the earthlings taste good. If they can be bred, they can be used as a good source of food.”

Garlic Jr glanced at it and said indifferently, “After I find out the truth, about that time, this planet will be given to you as a territory.”

He didn’t care about this palm-sized piece of earth. Since his men were interested in the taste of earthlings, he might as well reward them.

“Lord Garlic Jr is really generous.”

Buddy followed behind, and a glint of envy flashed in his eyes when he heard that Garlic Jr had rewarded the earth so easily. 

Buddy, who lived at the edge of the Demon Realm, lived in relative poverty and was full of desire for the green scenery of the green hills on this side of the earth.

Hm?” Just at this time, Garlic Jr suddenly stopped in his tracks.

“My Lord, what is it?” Buddy hurriedly stopped when he found that three human figures had appeared in front of them at some point.

They were two men and one woman, all with black hair.

Muyang, Melissa, and Son Gohan came from the Mount Five Element with Instant Transmission.

‘Another few earthlings who came to die.‘ Buddy looked at the three people who appeared in front of him, and a cold light appeared in his eyes.

Previously, Garlic Jr led a group of people to fly towards Korin Tower, and along the way, they met several martial arts practitioners who thought they could stop them. The results were that they were invariably killed.

Now came three more.

Garlic Jr, whose white cloak rustled in the breeze, faintly glanced at Muyang and the others. He waved his hand and ordered one of the demons at the side, “Gore, go and dispose of these three earthlings.”

The demon named Gore smiled sinisterly and walked forward with his head held high, “Don’t worry, Lord Garlic Jr, leave it to me!”

On Muyang’s side, Melissa and Son Gohan was already assigning themselves to annihilate their opponents, not putting Garlic Jr’s group in their eyes at all.

“Muyang, the seven on the left, hand them over to me.” Melissa’s clear and cold voice rang out.

Son Gohan said, “Then the three on the right are for me.”

“End the battle as soon as possible.” Muyang nodded his head. His eyes glanced at the short demon in the center who was cloaked in a white cloak, showing green skin all over.

A trace of surprise flashed in his eyes. Muyang had already recognized the identity of the opponent. 

No wonder he had more than one million power level, it turned out to be Garlic’s son – Garlic Jr. 

He was a character who appeared in the theatrical version and was also considered a relatively powerful demon.

Did he come to earth to avenge his father?

Muyang couldn’t help but think of the Garlic’s invasion of the earth twenty years ago. At that time, he hadn’t been that strong. 

That battle could be considered one of the most challenging battles. Even Mexia was sacrificed in that battle. 

Now that he thought about it, Muyang couldn’t help but smile slightly. This was just a small fight.

After twenty years, it was Garlic Jr’s turn. Unfortunately, his luck was as bad as his father’s, and he was bumped into him.

“Let’s begin!”

The first thing that happened was that he disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already in front of Garlic Jr. Without any extra action, Muyang’s arm swings directly towards Garlic Jr’s head.

“WHAT KIND OF SPEED IS THIS?!” Garlic Jr was stunned by Muyang’s speed.

Looking at the sudden appearance of the upright figure, a look of shock appeared in his eyes. Just now, he actually couldn’t see clearly how the opponent moved over. Just when he was about to make a move, the opponent’s enlarged fist had already attacked towards his head.


Blood splattered, Garlic Jr’s face was distorted, half of his head was directly sunken in by the blow. The muscles on his brain shell squirmed, making Garlic Jr dizzy for a while. 

The corners of his mouth twitched, and his thinking became sluggish all of a sudden after losing half of his head.

“How can he’s not dead?” Muyang looked on in amazement. 

He shook his head and attacked once again towards Garlic Jr. This time, he was not polite, and pounds of energy shone white at the tip of his fist. 

As his fist cut through the air, the friction with the air made the tip of his fist light up with a faint red glow.

Garlic Jr’s face changed violently; his eyes had tightened to a point.

How could this happen? Isn’t earth a Low-Level Planet? How could there be such a master?

Garlic Jr’s liver and guts were split at this moment. He was desperately pushing the energy in his body to counterattack, but it was too late. Garlic Jr was simply incapable of blocking Muyang’s attack.

It was too late!

“NO, IT SHOULDN’T BE LIKE THIS.” Garlic Jr let out a desperate roar.


The hard fist attacked down, and the overwhelming force acted on Garlic Jr’s body. In that instant, Garlic Jr’s face became stiff, and then several ring-shaped shock waves were born along the plane of the attack.


Garlic Jr’s body was beaten to pieces under the brute force. The excess power had nowhere to vent, so it extended downward along with the point of impact and a radiant pillar of light.

The famous Garlic Jr of the Demon Realm actually didn’t even have the chance to transform and exert his full strength and was beaten into flesh by Muyang’s fist in three or two blows.




The scene fell into an eerie silence, and only after a few seconds did an inhalation of breath erupt.

The stir caused by Garlic Jr’s death was huge, and the demons behind them were all frozen in their tracks. 

They didn’t expect that in just a few seconds, their biggest backer, Garlic Jr, would be beaten to powder. In such a state that he had no power to fight back.

It was a lie; the earth was such a horrible planet.

Where was the promised Low-Level Planet?

Buddy and the other ten demons trembled, and cold feeling rushed to their hearts. At this time where they still have the previous bravado, all retreating with a frightened gaze towards the black-haired earthling in the center.



These demons completely lost their fighting spirit, and the deep fear stimulated their nerves. 

They only wanted to go back to their spaceship in the opposite direction and then leave the earth as fast as possible.

However, Melissa and Son Gohan wouldn’t give them such an opportunity; they had been watching intently for a long time. 

When these demons were ready to escape, they were shocked to find that they couldn’t move their bodies!


Since when are we being confined?

Then they saw, not far from them, a black-haired young girl with her hair slightly upward, and her turquoise eyes fiercely opened. 

Her slender white arm raised, and an invisible wall of air then crushed over, making the space around her even more unbreakable.

“It’s my game next.” Melissa lowered her head like a demon and said in a low voice.

When the demons were forced, and their souls nearly collapsed, now all the old grudges would come back.

As soon as the words left her mouth, her body kept flickering back and forth in the space where she had imposed the confinement. The seven ugly demons immediately suffered violent attacks.

Click, click, click.

The sound of bones breaking.


Clattering, blood seemed to drip down from their bodies like raindrops.

The seven demons were now worse than dead after Melissa was ravaging them. Although these demons had more than 10,000 power level, in front of the fighting race Saiyans, how could this power be considered?

Moreover, Melissa’s strength had reached a terrifying 120,000! What was more, it wasn’t something they could resist.

“How ferocious!”

After Son Gohan easily killed his three opponents, he turned around and looked at the situation on Melissa’s side. 

He immediately shrank his neck as he was scared by Melissa’s brutal side.

Never mess with Melissa in the future; the consequences were too terrible.

“Melissa, kill them directly.”

Although he knew that the opponent had been imprisoned by Melissa’s superpower and couldn’t possibly do harm to the earth, Muyang still frowned and told Melissa to finish the opponent as soon as possible.

The two delicate palms suddenly opened and then closed as hard as a mosquito. The space around the palms closed, followed by a sharp collapse, and the seven demons were crushed into powder.

“So… there is still one left!”

Three pairs of tiger eyes cast over. Muyang, Melissa, Son Gohan floated to Buddy’s side, surrounded him in the center.

With a power level of only a few hundred, this demon was actually followed by several 10,000 or more demons. How interesting.

Buddy’s body stiffened. His face was pale as he swallowed a little, wailing in his heart. 

Being stared at by these several terrifying to the extreme characters was so much pressure compare to his 500 power level!

Buddy cried and said, “You all don’t look at me like that. I can explain; these are all misunderstandings…”

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