Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 267


“534 power level!” Muyang seriously stared at the demon named Buddy and said with a severe expression.

“This is true, his power level.” Melissa followed and nodded.

Son Gohan sucked in a breath of cold air, “With such a power level, how dare you invade the earth!”

Did he really think that the earth was still the earth of over twenty years ago?

Although the power of the ordinary masses on earth was still very weak, there were many masters.

Even without their help, some outstanding martial arts practitioners on earth could have shot him to death.

Buddy cried, “Lords, I have no malice…”

Before he could finish his words, Melissa’s vicious gaze stared over, frightening him so much that he couldn’t speak. Buddy saw how this vicious woman killed several demon “masters” just now.

In front of her, Buddy felt he was as weak as a white flower.

“What about this guy?” Son Gohan asked.

Muyang thought for a moment and said, “Send him to the Lookout to Kami. Let’s see if he can figure out something.”

“Let’s do that.” Son Gohan and Melissa listened and nodded gently. This matter was better left to the Kami to handle; this would also give the Kami a headache.

So, in Melissa’s superpower confinement, Buddy didn’t have a little resistance to be tied up. After that, space rippled slightly, and Muyang performed Instant Transmission to transfer everyone to the Lookout.


The Lookout.

The Lookout was located in another dimension. In accordance with its height, it had long exceeded the atmosphere, but it was far from reaching outer space.

On the wide square, the Kami stood on the edge of the Lookout with a crutch. His face was staring intently at the lower realm.

Behind him, several earthly martial arts practitioners were practicing under the guidance of Mr. Popo.

When Muyang and the others had destroyed and killed Garlic Jr and his group, a smile finally appeared on the Kami’s pale face.

“Kami, that ki just now has disappeared.” Mr. Popo said as he walked over.

The Kami nodded his head and said with relief, “It was Muyang and the others who stepped in. Thanks to them, earth avoided another big crisis.”

It was hard to believe that if Muyang and Melissa weren’t on earth at this time, when Garlic Jr invaded, what purgatory earth would have been!

The thought of Garlic Jr’s imperceptible and terrifying strength, making Kami couldn’t help but fear.

Fortunately, there was still a master like Muyang on earth, and he happened to be on earth at this time.

At this time, there was a cluster of unreadable flashing lights. Muyang, Melissa, and Son Gohan came to the Lookout and casually threw Buddy on the ground.

The Kami looked at Muyang and the others and smiled, “Thanks to you guys; otherwise, the consequences would be unthinkable.”

Muyang waved his hand, “It’s just a small help. I’ll leave this demon to you.”

“Yes, leave him here.”

It was his duty, and Kami didn’t push back, so he asked Mr. Popo to keep Buddy in custody, “Mr. Popo, you go and ask questions to find out the purpose of Garlic’s son coming to earth. After that, detain this demon to the room for practice, and use it as a companion for the Lookout martial arts practitioner in the future.”

“Okay.” Mr. Popo nodded slightly.

His words have always been minimal. He then walked up, directly lifted Buddy, and headed to the interior of the Lookout.

At this time, the martial arts practitioners practicing on top of the Lookout saw the situation.

These young martial arts practitioners had just ascended the Lookout not long ago. They had never seen Muyang and Son Gohan.

At this time, they were shocked to see someone actually talking and laughing with the Kami.

“Look, guys, doesn’t that person look like the image figure that appeared in the martial arts crystal?”

“I know who that person is!” A robust martial arts practitioner shouted out.

The martial arts crystal left by Muyang in the Lookout had become the most valuable secret treasure of the Lookout.

All the martial arts practitioners who ascended the Lookout had to feel the martial arts inside in front of the altar, which was dedicated to the martial arts crystal, so they all had a vague understanding of Muyang’s image.

“The God of Martial Arts, Muyang!”

“Ah, yes. He is Mr. Muyang. I had the honor of meeting him when I was practicing at Korin Tower.”

As soon as they were reminded, the other martial arts practitioners also woke up. The man in front of them, wearing black casual clothes, wasn’t he the God of Martial Arts, Muyang?

He was exactly the same as the figure in the martial arts crystal!

After passing down the martial arts crystal, Muyang was already a worthy God of Martial Arts.

It was rumored that the future successor of the Kami, Goddess Kanalita, was also a disciple of the God of Martial Arts.

He was a legendary figure!

The crowd stood together and couldn’t help but chatter and talk.

“Don’t stop; keep practicing.”

Seeing that the martial arts practitioners in the square actually slacked off in their training, the Kami immediately put up a face.

Through the glory of Muyang and the others, the Kami was now considered extremely majestic.

He turned his head to Muyang and said, “These are the practitioners who have just ascended the Lookout.”

Muyang nodded with a smile, “They all look quite familiar. Did Wuting and the others have already gone down to the world?”

Wuting and the others were Muyang’s former companions. If they had followed the original development, they were destined to die out in the trajectory of history.

However, because of Muyang’s intervention, today’s condition has been extremely different from the original story.

So, Wuting and the others had a new chance; their strength had broken through one thousand and was struggling on their path.

“Yes, I no longer have anything to teach them here, so I let them figure out their way to practice.” The Kami smiled. “I think after referring to the martial arts crystal you left behind, they will all be able to find a new direction to practice.”

Muyang nodded, “The water on earth is still a little shallow after all.”

Without enough masters to compete with, the improvement of martial strength would inevitably come to a standstill, which was why Muyang had gone to the universe to train in the first place.

“Kami, this incident reminds me of one thing.” Suddenly the topic changed; Muyang said something else, “As the earth martial arts continues to strengthen, the destructive power of the martial arts is also rising geometrically. Before, it could be ignored, but if it continues, it will give a feeling of being tied up.”

Son Gohan also followed, “Muyang is right. The earth is not strong enough. If a big war occurs, it is easy to cause damage to the planet itself.”

For example, this time, Garlic Jr’s invasion, if Muyang and others were not strong enough to kill him instantly, with Garlic Jr’s power level of more than one million, he would easily make humans lose their home and rely on for survival.

After listening to this, Kami’s face became serious, “I have thought about this problem. What do you think we should do?”

Melissa said, “Let’s use the Dragon Balls to strengthen the earth. We don’t need it to block the enemy’s attack, but at least let the earth could recover quickly from the destruction.”

The Kami pondered on Melissa’s words, and his eyes looked at Muyang, who shrugged and said, “That’s what I mean too.”

However, the power of the earth’s Shenron was limited. It was impossible to resist the energy that was enough to destroy the planet. That kind of intensity of the attack even Porunga of Planet Namek couldn’t resist it.

So, switch the idea and enhance the strength while giving the earth the ability to recover quickly; at least it wouldn’t be destroyed at once!

The Kami agreed, “I will consider your ideas.”

Muyang and Melissa looked at each other, and both smiled. They didn’t stay on the Lookout; Muyang took Melissa’s slender waist and directly took her back to their home in the Great Azure Mountain.


In the Great Azure Mountain’s villa.

April saw that Muyang and Melissa returned safely and soundly, and her heart finally relaxed.

“Senior brother, it’s great that you guys can come back.”

Muyang rubbed April’s head, “It’s just a small demon, don’t worry at all.” Turning back to Melissa, he said, “It’s past time for lunch, Melissa; you go to the kitchen and get some food over.”

“Sure!” Melissa smiled lightly.

She had regained her memory from her previous life, and her cooking skills had also been restored.

Nodding her head, Melissa winked at April, who immediately followed Melissa into the kitchen – according to the agreement between April and Melissa, she would listen to Melissa in the future at home.

The first time Melissa saw her, she was so obedient.

After living with April in the Acceleration World for so many years, Muyang thought he already knew April’s character very well.

‘This child was well behaved, but sometimes also very playful. So, she should not be very obedient.’

Especially some time ago, she and Melissa were still in a disagreement.

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