Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 268


Early in the morning, the sky was hazy.

Muyang embraced the soft body of the young girl. There was a cool sensation of the white skin against his body.

Muyang opened his eyes just in time to see Melissa sleeping on her pillow, looking at him with a scarlet face.

“What are you doing with your eyes open? Why don’t you sleep? It’s still early?” Muyang stroked Melissa’s black hair.

The girl’s delicate face was attractive, and her naked skin was as white as snow. Her reverie-inducing body was perfect with hardly a trace of fat from top to bottom, especially a pair of moist eyes that seemed to drip water.

“Muyang, when are we going to have another wedding?”

After her body returned to its adult state, Melissa moved directly from the next room to Muyang’s room.

In the past few days, Melissa had already given her body to Muyang, so she began to urge for another wedding.

Muyang was surprised for a while, “There is no need for a wedding. We have been married before.”

Melissa unhappily curled her lips, “It’s not the same. I am now the princess of Planet Sala; I can’t just follow you for no reason. A wedding is definitely needed.”

Muyang said, “That is even more inappropriate. Think about how old Melia and Melis are now. If you want a public wedding, at least wait for you to become an adult. How about I make up the wedding for you after eight years?”

The twin sisters’ public identity was only ten years old. If the wedding was held at this time, wouldn’t Muyang be regarded as a lolicon?

Melissa thought about it. With her current status, it didn’t seem appropriate to hold a wedding, so she let go, “Well, such a bargain. I already gave you all my pure and flawless body.”

“You are still pure…” Muyang dumbfoundedly laughed.

Melissa’s body was definitely pure, but Mexia’s previous life had long polluted her mind. He was afraid that the associated Melia and Melis were similar.

Melissa spit and suddenly smiled flirtatiously, “Senior brother, do you want me to change my image?”

Muyang was interested, “Do you relearned the Shapeshifting Technique as well?”

“Of course, this is the most useful ability.”

After saying this, Melissa stretched out her onion-like fingers and snapped her fingers in the air. With a snap, Melissa kept changing her appearance. After changing her appearance to a dozen beauties in a row, Melissa smiled strangely and changed her image again –

A tan, slightly curly hair. Two sapphire eyes, flawless face, white skin like snow, and two small tiger teeth open mouth. This girl, Melissa, actually turned herself into April’s appearance in front of Muyang.

“Melissa, why did you turn into April? Hurry up and change back!”

When Muyang saw Melissa turn into April’s appearance in front of him, he was shocked and hurriedly wrapped her body with the quilt.

He was afraid that he would do something he shouldn’t do on impulse and be embarrassed when he faced April.

Melissa laughed out loud and changed back to her original appearance, “Haha, well, what do you think of my appearance just now? Isn’t it sexy?”

Melissa stuck to Muyang’s body and winked playfully. Muyang slapped her on the body, “What nonsense! If April knows, she will fight you to death.”

Melissa waved her hand, “It’s okay. I’ll just talk to her next time and get her consent.”

Muyang said, “She will cut you down.”

Melissa fluttered her eyes, “Well, I’m not going to mess with you.”

Melissa crawled out of the blanket by herself and simply dressed. With a slight movement of her mind, she quickly split herself into two people, Melia and Melis.

The body then shrunk, and the appearance became childish all of a sudden.

“Melissa’s body has been given to you. Melis and I will not give you our bodies until the day of our wedding.” Melia stood by the bed and whispered.

Melia inherited all the memories from her time as Melissa, but her personality became more arrogant.

‘Even if you gave it now, he couldn’t take it!’

Muyang’s heart shouted. He always thought he was a decent man. Melia and Melis were still little girls; how could he possibly lay his hands on them.

However, Melis was understanding and whispered in Muyang’s ear, “Don’t bother with Melia; Melissa too influences her.”

“I understand.” Muyang nodded his head.

Although Melissa or Melia and Melis were actually the same consciousness and memory, because of the difference in their bodies, their personalities also behaved completely differently.

Melissa was a replica of Mexia, Melia was quite open, and only Melis was much more reserved.

After Melissa awakened, probably because of the influence of the divine power left behind by Whis back then, the Planet Metamor’s Fusion Technique had become unrecognizable.

They had become almost capable of fusing and splitting without any limitation in terms of time.


“Senior brother, you’re up. There’s Someone outside looking for you; I told him to wait in the courtyard.”

April was sitting very ladylike in the living room, but her cheeks were slightly flushed with scarlet. Her pair of shining eyes glanced at Muyang’s room from time to time.

After seeing Muyang and the twin sisters come out, she hurriedly walked up and whispered.

“Do you know who is looking for me?”

April shook her head, “I don’t know; it seems to be from the Central Area.”

Muyang nodded and walked straight towards the courtyard outside the villa. Melia bounced to April’s side and whispered to her about Melissa’s previous behavior.

April knew that Melissa used the Shapeshifting Technique to turn into her appearance to tempt Muyang.

Her cheeks immediately reddened to the point of dripping blood, hoping to find a crack to drill down.

A small spaceship was parked in the courtyard. Muyang could see clearly from a distance that the opposite person was a staff member wearing the Galaxy Mercenary Headquarters uniform.

“Surprisingly, it’s Someone from the Galaxy Mercenary Headquarters. What is he doing here on earth?”

After getting a clear picture of the other person’s identity, Muyang couldn’t help but be astonished.

He knew that the Galaxy Mercenary had always only issued and offered bounties for missions. There had never been an instance where a staff member needed to go out personally.

“Hello, is this Mr. Muyang?” The Galaxy Mercenary staff member saw Muyangg approaching and quickly stepped forward and asked.

“Yes. Are you looking for me regarding something…”

“It’s about this.” The Galaxy Mercenary staff took out a piece of equipment and handed a communicator to Muyang after confirming his identity, “I accept the commission from Mr. Birgil to hand this communicator to you.”

“Did something happen to Birgil? Why didn’t he contact me?” Muyang said with a calm face as he took the communicator, slightly surprised in his heart.

Birgil was the Namekian who lives in Planet Ambera with super high strength of more than seven million power levels.

Back when Muyang was still weak, Birgil had helped him a lot. It was when he took Melissa to chase and kill the Ginyu Squad; they had been communicating. It seemed that there was no need to ask Someone to send a special contact device.

The Galaxy Mercenary staff said, “I don’t know about this; I just accepted the commission from Mr. Birgil.”

Muyang nodded to show his understanding, then watched the staff of the Mercenary Headquarters leave.

“Muyang, is something wrong?” Melia and Melis gathered around.

Muyang shook his head, “I’m not sure yet.”

After pressing the Birgil’s contact, an image of a Narmekian appeared in the void. Birgil said with a bitter smile, “Muyang, I’m afraid I need your help this time.”

Muyang asked, “What happened there?”

Birgil sighed, “Someone has discovered my whereabouts, and now he is driving his ship towards the Planet Ambera. Maybe he will arrive in a while; I have no other way but to ask for your help.”

“Is the person you are talking about Lord Slug?” Muyang’s eyebrows furrowed deeply.

“That’s right. It’s him.”

Muyang sniffed and took a deep breath.

The slug was a Warrior-type Namekian. Just like the Planet Namek Grand Elder, Old Kami, and Birgil, he was an ancient Namekian who had survived the climate catastrophe.

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