Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 270


“Birgil, you still look the same after all these years…” Slug laughed lowly and looked at the nemesis, who was also a Narmekian in front of him.

He then noticed the dark-haired young man standing beside him.

The young man’s face was blank, his ki was weak, and he looked like an ordinary human with no fighting ability.

However, those who could stand with Birgil wouldn’t be ordinary people. Slug quickly understood that the other person was a helper invited by Birgil.

“Birgil, your power has grown very limited over the years!” Slug stretched out his arm to compare.

The great power gap between the two made him very happy.

“What’s the use of having this kind of power full of evil intent,” Birgil said coldly.

Slug’s face turned black. He wanted to show off a little. Unexpectedly he was choked by the opponent, “How can there be evil and righteousness in power? The most important thing is to be strong, and that’s enough. Anyway, you have been living here very comfortably all these years. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to discover this strange planet…”

With that, Slug’s finger pointed towards the sky and pointed to the orange-red Super Dragon Ball hanging in the sky and asked, “What kind of planet is this? There is actually a star inside.”

Looking at Virgil’s gloomy face, Slug laughed loudly, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t tell me because, from this day onward, it is mine.”

Ignoring Slug’s self-talk, Birgil then turned his gaze to Muyang’s side, “Slug’s power is extreme, so I’m counting on you next.”

Muyang casually waved his hand, “Don’t worry, I will defeat him.”

With that, Muyang stood tall. His body couldn’t help but give off a powerful and overpowering aura.

“Kid, I can’t see that you are actually a master.”

When Muyang showed the ki on his body, Slug’s expression changed slightly. He realized that the black-haired man in front of him was also a tough person. However, if this young man only had this power, he was far from being his opponent.

“Oh, you probably have 10 million power levels. This kind of power in the universe is indeed considered very powerful.” Slug stroked his chin and smiled evilly. “Unfortunately, you don’t know the gap between you and me. To tell you the truth, my power is 72 million power level!”

“You must have been tricked by Birgil. I’m telling you, you’ll lose your life. However, if you’re willing to join me, I’ll let you go.

As a strong man in the Dragon Ball World, Slug had the same common problem as other strong men, who was talkative!

Probably because they were strong, they’d been too high up and lonely for too long, which made them always wanted to show off their power to the weak.

“Did you just said you have 72 million power level?” Muyang asked confirmingly.

Slug nodded his head very proudly, “That’s right. Do you want to join me?”

Muyang grinned. If he only had 72 million power level, then it was a relief for him. He estimated that with his fighting skills, he could probably make five to six times Kaio-ken, and it would be enough to deal with Slug.

He looked at Slug quietly for a while. The mighty Super Namekian seemed very strong, wearing a yellow-colored coat.

However, behind his strong body, there were still traces of age that could not be defeated.

Slug’s eyes were already cloudy, which was the sign of an old man, signaling that his body was, in fact, no longer young.

“It’s impossible to get me to defect to you,” Muyang said indifferently.

He even fought Frieza Final Form. Would he be afraid of a mere aged Slug?

After hearing Muyang’s words, Slug’s face darkened. A brutal coldness swept over him, spreading in all directions with him as the center. Muyang raised his mental gaze, and his eyes snapped open.

“You’re looking for death.” The hem of Slug’s coat rustled in the fierce wind.

He didn’t mind spending more time with the weak, but he would never allow anyone to disobey him.

Within seconds, overwhelming energy had exploded entirely out, and the entire Planet Ambera trembled violently.

“It is indeed a powerful force.”

Muyang swept a glance towards Birgil, meaning for him to retreat a distance for the time being.

Birgil nodded his head and quickly retreated away. After Birgil left, Muyang took a few steps forward and suddenly bellowed.


To be on the safe side, Muyang used the Six times Kaio-ken as soon as he came up!

The terrifying power of the Kaio-ken suddenly burst out as the dark red energy continued to spread. Muyang’s body burned with a constant flame. The raging surging energy was like a long-stored reservoir suddenly opened the floodgates. When the two forces collided in the air, the sky seemed to split into two at once.

“Your power actually rose so much at once!

Slug exclaimed in disbelief, and a burst of awe-inspiring killing intent erupted from his eyes.

If the killing intent turned into a solid, several dozen meters of steel plates would be penetrated.

Just a moment ago, there was such a big gap, but all of a sudden, it rose to the point of approaching him.

What kind of power was this? Slug’s heart shook and vaguely felt some unease.

However, he thought his fears were superfluous, knowing that as a Super Namekian, his power in the universe was already very superior.

The man in front of him had become much stronger, but it was clear that there was some limit to this power.

Perhaps the opponent was bluffing and couldn’t support it for long.

“Humph, let’s see how long you can support.”

Slug’s eyes were fixed on Muyang, trying to find a trace of tension in his expression. Unfortunately, Slug was going to be disappointed.

Until the end, Muyang’s face did not change. Except for being cold, there was no trace of panic. The burden of the six times Ksio-ken was something he could bear.

“Coming to Planet Ambera is your biggest mistake.”

Muyang walked forward. His speed wasn’t fast, but with each step, his ki was changing drastically.

When he was only a few meters away from Slug, the overwhelming power had climbed to the extreme. Outwardly powerful, inwardly restrained.

The ground lawn was scraped away by a layer of terrifying ki. It cracked out potholes and broken areas.

The leaves floating down around had been crushed.


Muyang’s body bowed, fiercely began to accelerate. In an instant, it was like a transient quickly appeared at Slugs side.

The slug was surprised for a moment and hurriedly used his fist to meet the attack. The two fists collided in the air, and the terrifying force was released, turning into a shock wave visible to the naked eye.

Slug, full of anger, took a small half step back, “I’ve underestimated you. You are actually so strong.”

Muyang smiled lightly without making a reply.

In fact, five times Kaio-ken was enough to deal with the aged Slug. More importantly, Muyang still kept his biggest card – the seven times Kaio-ken.

As long as the battle continued, the victory would eventually be at Muyang’s.


Muyang and Slug blasted each other punch by punch. Their terrifying power canceling each other out as the two moved quickly—countless residual shadows appearing all over the sky and ground before quickly disappearing again.



Muyang and Slug entangled into a ball, quickly turning into two rays of light, one red and one white.

They sometimes hit each other and promptly scattered; sometimes, they connected into one group, swooping from the sky until hundreds of meters below the ground, with terrifying wind power raging.


Peng Peng!!!

The energy burning with dark red flames collided with Slug. After the battle continued for some time, Slug’s physical strength began to run out. The gradual decline of his physical power made him start to pant violently.

“Damn it. Where the hell did this monster come from? Why have I never heard of him before?” Slug was indignant.

Generally speaking, as long as a person’s power exceeded one million, that person would be famous in the universe.

For example, Slug had a great reputation in the universe, but today he met a monster who had the power not inferior to his, yet he had never even heard of him before.

It should be known that there weren’t even a few masters in the universe who had reached this level.

“He’s so powerful. The power of the battle between Muyang and Slug has affected the whole planet!” In the distance, Birgil stabilized his body with difficulty. His gaze was horrified at the two people fighting in the distance.

The movements of Muyang and Slug had been so fast that even he could only barely see some images. The detailed process was beyond his ability to see. It was hard to believe that Birgil, who had more than seven million power level, could only act as a spectator at this time.

There was a buzzing!

The gale swept along, mercilessly crushing everything around.

Muyang and Slug collided again, splashing sparks of steel clashing. The terrifying whirlwind squeezed each other, and the air buzzed with an ear-splitting pop.

The whole Planet Ambera seemed to have entered into the apocalypse all of a sudden.

All kinds of natural disasters and mutations were frequently staged everywhere.

The lofty mountains split in the middle, revealing deep canyons; the seawater poured in, flooding the hills, and the original desert turned into lakes.

The only surprising thing was that such a severe geological disaster did not trigger any volcanic eruptions or lava surges.

It was really hard to understand!

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