Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 273


In the end, collecting Super Dragon Balls was just something that Muyang was thinking about in his mind. He wasn’t really going to collect them.

Because there were three more Super Dragon Balls scattered in Universe 6, which made it impossible for him to collect all the Super Dragon Balls at once hence, he wouldn’t expend too much energy on this.

Wait until the day he could cross the universe; then it wouldn’t be too bad to consider collecting the Super Dragon Balls.

This time, he had already collected two Super Dragon Balls because of an outburst of luck. He came across them by chance, so there was no need to dwell too much on the remaining ones.

After transferring the two huge Super Dragon Balls to the Acceleration World, Muyang stayed in space and looked at the empty universe with a bland gaze. He smiled faintly and then used Instant Transmission to leave this starry sky.


Earth, Great Azure Mountain.

When Muyang returned to earth, Melia and Melis sat on the sofa, eating snacks while watching TV.

On the other hand, April was busy next to her, serving tea to the Namekian Birgil.

“Thank you. Just give me a cup of water.”

Birgil said thank you, but Namekian itself could use Photosynthesis to synthesize nutrients that meet physiological functions. So, usually, they only needed to drink water to maintain life.

It was the first time for April to face the Namekian. Her two eyes glanced at Birgil from time to time, curious about the Namekian’s bodily functions.

At this time, Muyang returned, and when they saw him, they all stood up.

“How’s the situation over there?” Birgil asked with concern.

Muyang shook his head, “Slug has already died by self-destruction, and likewise, Planet Ambera has also been destroyed.”

After listening to the brief description of the situation on Planet Ambera, Birgil looked a bit gloomy and sighed, “Slug deserved what he got, but Planet Ambera was destroyed after all!”

Although his heart was prepared, he couldn’t help but feel some emotions when he actually knew the news.

After all, it was a planet where he lived for hundreds of years. So, it was hard to accept that it was destroyed.

“Muyang, Birgil said…. that there is e also a Super Dragon Ball inside Planet Ambera?” Melia equally sighed.

She had recovered Mexia’s memory, and she also knew that azure planet.

“Yeah, what about those Super Dragon Balls?” Melis asked.

Muyang smiled and said, “I just went back and already took care of those two Super Dragon Balls properly. Now, they are staying in the safest place.”

The twin sisters understood the meaning of Muyang’s words as soon as they heard them, and their pretty faces couldn’t help but show a smile.

Although Birgil didn’t know how Muyang handled the Super Dragon Balls, he believed in Muyang’s character and gave the Super Dragon Balls to Muyang. Therefore, Birgil was also relieved.

Muyang looked at Birgil and said, “What are you going to do next? are you going to find a reclusive planet again?”

“No, I’m going to go back to Planet Namek.” Birgil shook his head.

“For now, Planet Ambera is no longer needs me to guard it. I heard you guys say that there is already life repopulating there on Planet Namek. So, I plan to go back and take a look. I wonder how it has become.”

Muyang nodded, “The Grand Elder will be pleased to see you go back.”

Birgil said, “It’s been hundreds of years since I left my home planet. It’s time to go back.”

“Do you want me to send you there?” Muyang smiled lightly.

Planet Namek was only a month or so voyaged from the earth; if he used a more advanced spaceship, he could arrive in a few days.

However, with Muyang’s Instant Transmission, he could go even faster and send Birgil to Planet Namek in an instant.

Having seen the magic of Instant Transmission, Birgil certainly didn’t refuse Muyang’s kindness and smiled, “That would certainly be best. Then I’m sorry to trouble you.”

“There is no trouble.” Muyang smiled, indicating that it was nothing.

Next, Birgil didn’t stay on earth any longer, and Muyang could see his eagerness to return to his home planet.

Hence, he took him by the shoulders, then launched Instant Transmission, and quickly sent Birgil to Planet Namek.

As expected, with the addition of Birgil, a Namekian with 7 million power level, the overall strength of the Namekian was no longer the “weak” like the original Namekian.


A few minutes later, a brilliant light shone again, and Muyang had returned to his home in Great Azure Mountain.

“Senior brother, did that Namekian return to his home planet?” April ambled on the sofa.

Earlier, she had been unable to interject, but now she was chattering and inquiring, with a strong desire to know everything about the situation outside.

Muyang laughed and said, “I have sent him back.”

April regretted, “What a pity, I have not even been to other planets.”

At this time, Melia, like a little adult, picked up a cup of tea. While she drank it, she said, “The planet outside is similar to earth. The food and entertainment are not as good as the earth. Occasionally, it will be a bit refreshing as tourism, but the rest is not much fun.”

“Sister, I think differently from you.” April shook her head.

She didn’t go to the outer planets to eat and play; she went to do scientific research.

At this time, Muyang said, “April, do you want to take a look inside my Acceleration World? There are still two Super Dragon Balls in there, enough for you to study.”

“Super Dragon Balls?” April’s eyes lit up for a moment.

She had seen the Earth Dragon Balls a long time ago, but the Super Dragon Balls, she had only heard of the name and had not really seen them yet.

According to Melia and Melis, the Super Dragon Balls were big, but it was still necessary to see them in person to know how big they were.

“Yes. Two Super Dragon Balls are enough for you to study. I hope you can develop a radar that can detect Super Dragon Balls similar to the Dragon Ball Radar.” Muyang smiled lightly.

Although he couldn’t collect all the Super Dragon Balls for a while, it was good to make preparations beforehand. April had a strong desire for research anyway.

“Senior brother, I’ll take care of the radar. Take me inside quickly.”

April confidently patted her chest. As she was dressed as a researcher, April looked heroic.

“When you see the Super Dragon Ball later, you will be stunned.”

Melia said with a light smile. Her pair of eyes looked at April’s graceful and delicate body and muttered what April used to eat growing up in her heart. Her body development was too good.

However, after thinking about their merging into Melissa, which was their future appearance, and knowing that her body wasn’t inferior to April’s, she, again, found her confidence.

Muyang smiled and looked at April and the twin. With a wave of his big hand, a soft power landed, wrapped them up, and transferred them to the Acceleration World.

In the past, the girls had come to the Acceleration World, so it was like coming back to their home.

On the central planet, the two blue Gaia had refused together, and after seeing April and the twin, it jumped up and down.

April looked to the left and right and saw no sign of the Super Dragon Balls, so she asked, “Brother, where are the Super Dragon Balls you said? Bring them out.”

Muyang laughed and pointed his finger down to the two planets in the sky, “The Super Dragon Balls aren’t on the planets. Lift your head and look up yourself.”

April raised her head suspiciously. Soon, her two eyes were wide open, and her cute little mouth was open.

In her field of vision, two huge planet-like orange and red objects firmly occupied her view.

If Muyang hadn’t told her, she would have thought that the sky was initially this color.

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