Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 274


“This is the Super Dragon Ball. It’s so big!” April stared at the sky.

The massive star with a diameter of 37,000 kilometers was floating at a high altitude, which gave her some visual shock. April’s voice was trembling a little at this moment.

She had never seen such a huge Dragon Ball before. Originally, the Super Dragon Ball might be huge in her anticipation, but she never thought it would be that huge.

Now she finally knew what Melia and Birgil meant when they said that Planet Ambera was a Super Dragon Ball.

It turned out that the Super Dragon Ball was as big as a planet.

“Awesome! The earth’s Dragon Ball is not even a shadow compared to it. Senior brother, are there seven Dragon Balls like that too?”

After she recovered from the surprised, April had a powerful desire emerged from her eyes to learn more if such huge Dragon Balls were collected, how powerful the summoned Shenron would be!

Muyang nodded, “There are indeed seven of them, but it’s not easy to collect them.”

The Super Dragon Balls were already big. They were also distributed in the universe 6 and 7, making it even more difficult to collect them.

April said, “Senior brother, don’t worry, I will definitely study the Super Dragon Balls thoroughly and then create a super radar for detection.”

Muyang indifferently waved his hand, “There is no hurry about the radar; just take your time.”

“Well, leave it to me.” April’s face was cheerful.

As a scientist, exploring the unknown comprehension could bring her great satisfaction, which made her happier than improving her power level. She would be even happier if she could help her senior brother.

“Has Gaia’s body grown in size?” At this time, Melis, who was holding Gaia in her arms, suddenly said.

Muyang said, “It may have grown up. Now that this Gaia has fused with the original two, its size has become bigger.”

Melis held Gaia in the air and shook, “…… Gaia is a creature born on Planet Ambera, while Planet Ambera is a super dragon ball. What do you think Gaia is exactly?”

Muyang was stunned for a moment and said, “I don’t know. This guy’s life is too peculiar.”

He was never sure what kind of a life form Gaia was. Thinking about what Whis told him when he was in the God of Destruction Planet – “It seems that the power of the Dragon God is felt in Gaia’s body!” Besides, combined with the fact that Planet Ambera was a Super Dragon Ball.

Maybe Gaia had some relationship with the Dragon God.

“Let’s not talk about that. If you want to study the Super Dragon Ball, tell me what’s missing, and I’ll fill it up for you.” The first thing he could do in the Acceleration World was to find something April couldn’t handle.

April smiled lightly, and her pleasant voice said, “There is no shortage. My research equipment is in the Acceleration World; I can carry out research work at any time.”

Suddenly a cold aura swept over from behind, and Melia grunted twice, “April even put her research laboratory here. It seems that in my absence, you have lived together for more than just ten years!”

Melis added, “Yes. Also, she hollowed out the bottom of the Great Azure Mountain.”

Melia: (o`3’*)

Melis:(?  ̄? ^ ̄???)

April’s heart broke out in a cold sweat and hastily explained, “No, senior sister. I’m doing this for the Saibamen research. The Saibamen research takes a lot of time, and senior brother’s Acceleration World can save a lot of time for me.”

Melia stared and drifted over. She looked closely at April’s pretty face and shook her hand, indifferently, “Forget it. Just think of it as a mistake I said before.”

April breathed a sigh of relief and said weakly, “Senior sister, you don’t have to scare me all the time in the future.”

Melia glared at her, “That means you’re fainthearted.”

At this time, April was embarrassed and smiled.

Muyang watched Melia, Melis, and April fool around; he shook his head and laughed. He didn’t try to stop it; instead, he re-divided the pattern of the Acceleration World. He fixed the two huge Dragon Balls in the sky to relatively easy-to-approach positions and then sat alone on the ground, thinking about the training.

In the previous battle with Slug, with the seven times Kaio-ken on, it looked as if Muyang won very easily. However, the dangers involved were not small.

The pressure on the body of Kaio-ken was too great, especially with such a high level of execution as seven times Kaio-ken.

It wasn’t just pressing on the internal organs like a gravity chamber, but it was also overspending on the body functions.

Although the gravity chamber training would cause pressure on every cell of the body, it was still within the body’s tolerance range after all.

Under the strength of gravity that could be endured, the body’s energy could resist this oppression and thus hone a more powerful body strength.

However, Kaio-ken was different. The Kaio-ken was very overbearing to perform; it was branching out into the future and was a huge overdraft.

This overdraft was too tremendous and easily caused irreparable damage to bodily functions.

Even North Kai himself had said that he couldn’t continuously use more than twice Kaio-ken because of the damage caused by twice the range of Kaio-ken.

The body might still recover gradually, but once it exceeds twice, it would collapse on the spot, and it would also leave after-effects.

Muyang even suspected that Son Goku, in the original story, would get vital heart disease because of the frequent use of high levels of Kaio-ken, which beyond the body’s capabilities, causing a huge burden on the myocardium.

Of course, the effect of taking Ultra Divine Water as a child couldn’t be ruled out, but the damage caused by Ultra Divine Water wouldn’t have been hidden for more than ten years!

Since there was such suspicion in his mind, Muyang had to check his body carefully. He didn’t hesitate to consume a lot of Spring of Life, which nourished the body. After all, it was the essence of the body!

The warm energy gradually penetrated every cell in the body, as if nourished. The cold feeling spread in every cell.


Time flew.

Soon more than six years passed unnoticed, which only fifteen years from the original story’s start (the time when Son Goku and Bulma met).

In the Acceleration World, April flew a spaceship to collect data on the Super Dragon Ball’s surface. Over the years, in addition to completing her research work on earth, a lot of her time was spent studying the Super Dragon Ball.

Many years earlier, the large Dragon Ball radar had been completed by her and was now placed inside Muyang’s gravity ship.

The north side of the central planet was a scene of wind and clouds. The emerald green lawn was blown and stirred up by the wind.

The ground was scraped up with a thick layer of soil, and there was a desolate scene of pits and puddles everywhere like after a shell bombing.


A huge tornado storm swept across the globe. Because the central planet was set up with great gravity, any splashing object that flew up soon fell vertically like a nail under the pull of gravity.

In a place hundreds of meters apart, two beautiful girls stood voluptuously, attacking each other—the two girls with golden eyes and black hair fluttering in the wind.

Those two girls were about 16 or 17 years old, 1.7 meters tall to highlight their slender and upright body. Their pretty face covered with sweat because of the strenuous exercise. The fair and beautiful cheeks slightly flushed.

The hazy blush looks even more seductive.

Suddenly, the two girls golden eyes shone a beautiful light, and the green energy in the air stirred together.

The voluminous power squeezed each other, blasting out a huge roar at the same time.

The damaging impact swept in all directions; with the central planet only twenty kilometers in diameter, the shock wave soon scraped around the planet.


Rhe two girls switched to close combat again, and in a moment, countless unreadable residual shadows spread across space between the sky and the ground.

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