Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 275


Six years have passed, and Melia and Melis’s power level had increased from 60,000 points to 600,000, which was not particularly advanced compared to the 100,000 power level of ordinary Saiyans on Planet Sala when they reached adulthood.

It should be known that once a Saiyan enters puberty, their strength would rise. If they were allowed to improve, Melia and Melis’s power would be much more than that.

Of course, the reason for controlling their power was not because they would surpass him, but because the Saiyan physique was too perverted.

Especially after becoming a Super Saiyan, they were desperate to improve energy.

Not to mention that Melia was also the “Legendary Super Saiyan,” the body would almost 100% appear to be out of control once they let go –in an agitated state.

So, of course, Muyang should prevent the situation from getting out of control.

Therefore, combined with the martial arts insights left behind by Whis, Muyang made a specific term for their practice.

Coupled with Melia and Melis had mastered the Golden Eye Transformation, which was already not inferior to the ordinary Super Saiyan Transformation, the rush to become stronger was unnecessary.

Instead, it was better to take a little more time to strengthen the control ability and lay the foundation for a greater breakthrough in the future.

Also, Melis changed was worth mentioning. Perhaps because of the merged Melissa’s influence, Melis’ body as a sister also began to change towards the “Legendary Super Saiyan,” and she now also mastered the Golden Eye Transformation.

Once the two sisters transformed, the original 600,000 power level would grow to 30 million power levels at once!

Melia and Mellis came to the surface of a completely different planet and then felt the surging energy in their bodies.

Melia was very proud, “Giggle, Melis, my Golden Eye Transformation state power level has reached 30 million.”

Melis and Melia psychic connected, so Melis could feel the same happiness and said, “I’m the same as you, also 30 million!”

Melia laughed out loud, “We can reach 60 million power level when we turn into Melissa.”

“Yes!” Melis was also overjoyed. “But even Melissa is not a match for Muyang.”

Planet Metamor’s Fusion Technique was no longer a fusion technique when it came to them.

Instead, it was like a superpower between two sisters; when Melia and Melis merged into Melissa, their power would double with no fusion technique at all. At the same time, the original time limit disappeared in their bodies.

Melia’s face indignantly said, “Muyang has a cheat like Accelerated World, so he can simply ignore the bottleneck. His power will rub up. Even so, he still wants us to suppress power; it’s too much.”

Melis glanced at her, and her eyes color changed back to black, “Muyang said the Super Saiyan’s power is too dominant. Let’s take it easy; this is for our own good.”

Melia proudly said, “Of course I know, to prevent us from losing control.”

“Well, speaking of which, Muyang’s power level has almost reached 50 million. He has been brewing in front of the fourth limit for a long time, and he doesn’t know when he will breakthrough. Once he breakthrough, his strength will become even more powerful.” Melis slightly frowned like a light smoke brow.

She had just caught up with him; how could he about to open the gap again before she was even warmed up?

Fifty million combat power was the position of the fourth limit.

For Muyang, who had mastered the Kaio-ken, the fourth limit wasn’t a trouble at all. He stayed in front of the limit for a while to adjust his state and prepare to make a breakthrough.

As long as he could break through the limit of 50 million power levels, he would once again create a miracle in earthlings’ history.

Just as Melia and Melis were whispering, a heavenly aura came from afar. When they felt this aura, both of them were slightly surprised.

Is Muyang planning to breakthrough?

With this in mind, Melia and Melis’ figures flashed and appeared where Muyang was.

They found him sitting in the sky, thinking hard. The ripples around him were visible to the naked eye.

Six years ago, Muyang’s power was only 10 million power level. Even if he could get 70 million power levels with Kaio-ken, it was not his body’s power, after all, so he started to retreat.

In the Acceleration World 16 times the speed of time, Muyang trained for several decades.

With the accumulation of time, his strength finally reached the limit of his body at this time.

The whole 50 million power level!

A shadow floated down, and Muyang opened his eyes. The upright figure appeared between the two women and smoothly wrapped around their slender waists.

“When are you going to break through the limit?” Melia’s body leaned over and raised her head to ask.

Muyang aimed at the ground that was destroyed beyond recognition. He hit a ring to repair the surrounding environment, said, “Now. I came over to inform you guys. By the way, transfer the things in the Acceleration World to the outside.”

“Are you sure?” Melis asked.

Muyang smiled lightly and said confidently, “Definitely!”

Both Melia and Melis laughed and cheerfully helped Muyang to pack up the things in the Acceleration World.

There were not many things to pack up. It was only Super Dragon Balls, a few spaceships, and April’s research device.

They then took Gaia to move the unripe Senzu Beans out together with the soil, and the Acceleration World became empty.

“You guys wait for me outside. I’ll be able to break through soon.” After moving everything out, Muyang said to the girls.

“Go for it!” Melia waved her hand.

“It will definitely work.” April clenched her fist and cheered.

Muyang nodded towards the girls and then applied his power to send them all out.

Taking a breath, Muyang looked at the empty central planet. His body began to rise until he flew to a place a hundred kilometers above the ground. Muyang stabilized his body with his eyes looked thoughtfully at the emerald green central planet below.

When he was about to reach the limit of his power, a message came from the underworld, telling him that the limit’s location was inside the central planet.

As long as the central planet was destroyed in one fell swoop, the limit would naturally be broken.

Is this considered to be broken and then established?

With this thought in his mind, Muyang adjusted his body’s state. His face began to look serious as he lightly shouted, while the surging and vast energy surged around him.


A dark red light shone as it floated on the surface of Muyang’s body. He didn’t use a higher multiplier of Kaio-ken because it was no longer necessary.

In his normal power level close to 50 million, the high times of Kaio-ken had begun to lose the increasing effect.

For example, the triple Kaio-ken at this time could theoretically exchange nearly 150 million power levels.

However, Muyang now had only 80 million power levels. So, even if he uses the seven times Kaio-ken to fight his physical damage, the increase was minimal.

The Kaio-ken researched by the North Kai had lost its effect when the user approached 100 million power level.

“Next, let’s break the fourth limit!”

Muyang gave a long whistle, and with a high fighting spirit, the majestic power converged between his hands into a terrifying ki wave.

As the energy converged, an energy ball with a diameter of more than one meter burst out with a brilliant and radiant light.

Aiming at the central planet underneath, Muyang was filled with anticipation.



A loud sound spread out, and a huge pillar of energy light more than a meter thick descended from the sky.

A powerful and oppressive aura immediately roared towards the central planet as if it were a prehistoric beast.

In an instant, time and space seemed to freeze.

The black hair under the ki wave rushed uncontrollably up to the sky. Under the naked eye observation, the terrifying ki had shattered the surface of the central planet and then directly instilled into the planet’s interior.


It seemed that something was broken.

The central planet stepped into the rhythm of destruction. The surface of the planet slightly rumbled and began to expand!


At the core of the central planet, an icosahedral crystal floated up, covered with sinuous cracks.

When it reached Muyang, the icosahedron shattered into countless tiny starlights, which entered Muyang’s body.

The moment the starlight entered his body, the limit on Muyang’s body was broken, and the violent energy stirred and became stronger and stronger!

50 million!

54 million!


60 million!

65 million!

Muyang’s power level directly rose to 65 million before stopping!

Simultaneously, the Acceleration World’s space range expanded again, from the original 50,000 kilometers square to 5 million kilometers square, enough to accommodate several sun-sized stars.

The time flow rate with the outside world also expanded to 32 times after the breakthrough.

After the original central planet collapsed, a planet 10,000 km in diameter gradually appeared in space’s most central location.

As Muyang descending on top of the central planet, the whole planet was the same size as the earth.

Mountains, rivers, plateaus, and lakes, as well as the endless vast ocean. The central planet becomes more and more like a living planet.

So, this what was the so-called broken and then established.

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