Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 276


“Starting from today, this central planet will be called ‘Planet Wudao’!” Muyang stood on the central planet and solemnly named the planet.

The breakthrough of the limit was certainly a happy thing. However, there were always worries shortly, and Muyang knew this truth.

For the third limit and the fourth limit, he had taken a trick, relying on the increase of the Kaio-ken to break the limit forcefully, but he could only rely on himself from the next stage onwards.

Nevertheless, this was still a long time away from him, so there was no need to worry too much.

With a turn, Muyang left the Acceleration World and came to Melia, Melis, and April.

The three girls had been waiting with their heads held high for a long time, and after seeing Muyang’s delicate appearance, they all gathered around them.

“How is the breakthrough?” Melia asked first.

Muyang gave a wink of understanding and laughed brightly, “Of course, it has worked.”

Melis had an expectant face, “Then your strength….”

“65 million power level in a normal state. Haha, not much improvement.” Muyang held back the excitement in his heart, decisively pretending when he should.

“Wow! I can’t believe that you have become so powerful all of a sudden.” Melia said, somewhat sourly, “Your normal state is stronger than Melissa!”

Melissa’s normal state was 1.2 million power levels. With the Golden Eyes Transformation, she could raise her power level to 60 million.

However, even that was much lower than Muyang’s normal power level, not to mention Muyang’s Kaio-ken and divine combat skills.

“Senior brother, take us to the Acceleration World to take a look. That central planet is still there, right?” April took small steps to come over.

She didn’t really care about Muyang and Melia’s power level. Whether it was the 10,000 power level or 10 million power level, it was the same for her.

It was unattainable, so she might as well step up her research on Sabaimen technology.

“Haha, of course, it’s still there. It will definitely surpass your imagination.” Muyang laughed out loud, “Before that, I’ll put the Super Dragon Balls in first.”

The two Super Dragon Balls were too conspicuous in the solar system, so it was only right to hurry up and transfer them to the Acceleration World while they were not yet discovered.

Next, he teleported to the Super Dragon Balls location and pressed his palm to the Super Dragon Balls. With a “boing” sound, the two Dragon Balls were absorbed at the same time.

After doing this, Muyang returned to Melia’s side and snapped his fingers, leading them into the Acceleration World.

They appeared on a vast ocean of Planet Wudao with the sky above their heads and the deep blue ocean beneath their feet.

The huge waves rolling at this time lapped up hundreds of meters high. The wind blowing the water vapor, then like a dream drifted in the air. The majestic scene made Melia, Melis, and April stunned.

Muyang smiled leisurely, “This planet is now called ‘Planet Wudao.'”

“Wow, was this the original small planet? It actually became so big all of a sudden.” It took Melia a while to come back to her senses.

Muyang nodded and said, “Planet Wudao is about the same size as earth, with the same continents and oceans….”

With that said, Muyang led them to a plain and felt that something was missing.

He then built a splendid palace out of thin air like a creator, with courtyards, gardens, internal lakes, everything, and a huge martial arts square inside for cultivation.


Muyang’s divine ability subdued the girls, and they looked at him with admiration.

The three women’s amazement made Muyang very receptive. He waved his hand at Gaia and placed the originally transferred out Senzu Beans near a lake, “Gaia, you will live there in the future. It’s the same environment as Planet Ambera.”

“Squeak.” Gaia jumped, looking very happy.

Muyang laughed loudly and placed April’s research equipment not far from the palace.

Today’s Planet Wudao looked very prosperous, but most of them were plants, and the animals were very few.

In the future, he might have to transfer some animals over from earth and other planets.

“Muyang, use your power and let me see. “

After a flash, Melissa, dressed in a beautiful costume, appeared in the same place.

“Sure.” With a smile and a nod, Muyang leaped and flew to the huge martial arts square.

He then took a few steps back, facing Melissa squarely, and began to release the energy within his body.


The majestic energy suddenly rose to the sky like a hurricane swept in all directions.

Muyang’s black hair was slightly upward, surrounded by the winding silver-white ki flame.

With Muyang as the center, the white dust swept away, and a terrifying aura enveloped the entire world.

The impact of the energy released by Muyang made Melissa put one hand against her forehead to block the storm, while the other hand was clutching April, preventing her from being blown away by the wind.

“It’s so powerful. It’s actually a silver-white flame.” Melissa’s eyes stared intently at Muyang, and her beautiful eyes flashed with excitement.

Muyang’s state at this time was like a Saiyan transforming into a Super Saiyan with his hair floating upwards and his body covered by a shining light.

However, unlike the Super Saiyan’s blond hair and golden aura, Muyang’s appearance hadn’t changed, and the aura on his body was also silver-white.

Melissa looked excitedly and couldn’t help but turn into a Golden Eyes State, and her powerful aura rose as well.

Now April was in trouble. Her “weak” body was caught between the two forces, shivering. She could only half-crouch to keep the wind from blowing her away.

“That’s enough, quickly put away the power.” April let out a sad cry.


The two auras disappeared at the same time, and the sky instantly calmed down. All the previous gusts of wind seemed to have never appeared.

Melissa flew to Muyang, holding his arm excitedly, “The look just now is so majestic. It’s a pity that I didn’t bring my camera; otherwise, I could have taken several posters.”

“I’ve… already taken that photo.”

April’s soft voice sounded, making Melissa turned back and saw her half-crouched on the ground, holding a high-resolution camera tightly in her arms.

The corners of Melissa’s mouth turned up, and teased, “You’re moving pretty fast. Remember to send the photos to me later.”

“Got it.” April got up from the ground and cleaned the dust from her body.

“Muyang, you’re so powerful in your normal state. Wouldn’t you be even more powerful with the Kaio-ken?” Melissa said with a crooked head.

Muyang shook his head, “You can’t say that. Although the Kaio-ken is North Kai’s winning move, North Kai’s strength is not strong. A lot of his deduction of the Kaio-ken relies on estimation. After the strength reaches my stage, the Kaio-ken gradually lost its increasing effect.”


Melissa said softly, feeling a bit regretful, “It seems that we still have to rely on the strength of the normal state of the body.”

Muyang agreed with this. Training meant to take one step at a time. There were so many tricky places, such as the Super Saiyan Transformation, which was a huge bug that had advantages and disadvantages.

While achieving power enhancement without the ancestors’ guidance, most of the Super Saiyans fell into the trap of frantically enhancing the Body Transformation multiplier.

Thus neglecting the development of the Base Form wasn’t not prominently. If there was an unexpected event, the opportunity to transform would be defeated.

Base Form and multiplier, simultaneously, were probably the desirable ones. Before Muyang raised from 10 million power level to nearly 50 million, which was accumulated in the Acceleration World in decades, it was the normal power.

“Senior brother, recently I have developed a brand new Space Technology with Dr. Brief and Dr. Gero, which can shrink everyday equipment into small containers.”

While chatting, April suddenly talked about her work.

After listening to it, Muyang’s face was stunned for a moment, “Did you developed Capsules?”

April puzzled, “What is Capsules? Well, this is a good name.” She said and took out a capsule-like thing from her jacket pocket, with a lid-like button on it.

“This is a sample of the spatial container, which contains a small car.”

Muyang took the sample of the Capsules. It was indeed the same as seen in the original story, tiny.

Learning to open it from the original story, Muyang pressed the open button and threw it out. After a bang of white smoke, a small car appeared in place.

April was surprised, “Senior brother, how do you know how to open?”

Muyang casually found a reason to say, “I see that there is only one button on it, so I press it to try.”

“So that’s how it is. Senior brother is so smart.” April didn’t doubt.

How could she doubt her senior brother?

Melissa was surprised, “Such a small thing can actually fit a car!”

April said, “Later, it can fit bigger things like houses, spaceship, yachts… as long as you can think of.”

“That’s a groundbreaking invention!” Melissa stared at April as she said.

This was a great invention that could change everyday life. If this technology became widespread, the lifestyles of earthlings would all change dramatically.

“This is the case. Now Dr. Brief intends to set up a company with this technology and ask me if Dr. Gero and I want to join.”

Muyang smiled broadly, “You should definitely join. When the time comes, being a millionaire will be a breeze.”

April’s delicate face showed a smile, “I’m not short of money. If senior brother is willing, I can transfer the equity to brother’s name.”

As soon as this remark came out, Muyang was very moved. He felt that his sister was not raised for nothing.

However, Melissa tsked twice and looked at April with a deeper meaning.

“This is not good. After all, it is the invention of participation…”

Muyang felt embarrassed and just about to refuse. However, Melissa was agreed on behalf of Muyang, “We’re all family. April is nice so take it, Muyang.”

With this money, Melissa could fulfill her desire to eat.

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