Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 277


Capsules technology was undoubtedly a transformative technology in the Dragon Ball World.

Its appearance would completely change the way people on earth traveled, and from then on, it became more convenient to travel.

The emergence of this technology also indicated that the earth’s technology officially entered a new era.

Unlike the original story, this time, the capsule technology was not developed independently by Dr. Brief but combined the wisdom of April, Dr. Brief, and Dr. Gero.

So, the capsules technology had already been very mature and ready for mass production.

April insisted on transferring her shares to Muyang’s name. Muyang refused several times before accepting them with embarrassment.

Thinking of having him, the “God of Martial Arts,” as a backing, there shouldn’t be any bold person who dares to hit the Capsule Corporation’s idea.

From another perspective, he was also giving this immature but promising company platform.

Next, Muyang took Melissa and April to visit Planet Wudao.

The huge planet was like the earth, with mountains, rivers, plains, hills, and an endless blue sea, all of which were beautiful to see.

Melissa and April toured along with Muyang, ringing out with silver bell-like laughter from time to time.

This world would be their private world, so it was exciting to see everything.

After strolling around the Acceleration World for a long time and generally appreciating the grandeur and magic of the new world, Muyang beckoned and sent Melissa and April out of the Acceleration World together.


Under the Great Azure Mountain, Azure Mountain City.

The bustling city was full of noise, and the spacious road was poured with asphalt.

People came and went on it; from time to time, cars drove through the middle, beeping, sounding a sharp horn.

Compared to the town where even electricity was relatively rare a few decades ago, this place had changed so much.

Melissa and April walked hand in hand at the front, looking around for a while, very happy.

Muyang followed behind, with one hand in his pocket, leisurely scanning the stores on both sides of the road from time to time.

“Muyang, there is a jewelry store in front; I’ll go in with April and have a look.” Melissa pointed to a store and shouted.

“You guys go ahead. I’ll wait for you at the teahouse.” Muyang said with a smile.

Now he didn’t have to go in with them to look at jewelry, not like the old days when he was young and had to coax them.

“Speaking of which, I’m already fifty-two years old; time flies by.” Muyang sighed and entered a teahouse to sit for a while.

With a long lifespan, he no longer worried about life expectancy; his lament was more about the passage of time.

The teahouse was the latest to open. Although the decoration inside was done in ancient style, traces of deliberate old-fashionedness could be seen.

Muyang sat in the corner by the window alone and made a cup of tea. He then leisurely watched the people coming and going from the street below, without a trace of worry.

He liked this quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

Just when Muyang was absorbed in watching, a surprised voice rang in his ears, “Ah, Uncle Muyang, you’re here too!”

Muyang looked back and saw a woman with blond hair walking toward him, holding a little girl in her hand, followed by a stout man.

Muyang smiled, “Oh, Landy, long time no see.”

This blonde woman was the daughter of Muyang’s good friend Big Sister Marlen.

When Muyang took Mexia back to earth to look for Shenron to reincarnate, this little girl was only fifteen years old.

In the blink of an eye, sixteen or seventeen years had passed, Landy had already started a family, and the man beside her was her husband, a martial arts practitioner with dark blue hair.

Looking at the ki in his body, he wasn’t weak.

Landy happily laughed and picked up her child, “Uncle Muyang rarely goes down the mountain; it’s so lucky to meet you this time.”

Muyang laughed, “That’s true; I’m quite close to your family. You can go to Great Azure Mountain anytime.”

Landy laughed and shook her head, “It’s a sacred place for martial arts. I would be embarrassed to disturb it.”

Muyang laughed and looked at Landy’s husband, “Are you a martial arts practitioner?”

“Yes.” Landy’s husband was a bit restrained.

“You’re not weak.” Muyang smiled lightly.

At this time, Landy introduced her husband to Muyang, “He is my husband; his name is Puster, and he is the director of your Kami School Martial Dojo.”

Muyang looked at Puster with kind eyes. His approachability was what taught Landy’s husband to be flattered.

“To be able to become the instructor of the Kami School Martial Dojo, your strength is not weak.”

“Lord Muyang is too kind!”

The man in front of him is the legendary “God of Martial Arts.” He largely created the earth’s current situation, not to mention the fact that he had saved the earth many times.

This kind of admiration was difficult for people who weren’t martial arts practitioners to comprehend.

Muyang smiled and nodded toward him; his eyes shifted to the little girl Landy was holding in her arms. She had dark blue hair with a red ribbon tied on her side.

Her face was very tender, and her black eyes were full of spiritual light. She was looking at him with a curious gaze.

“Is this your daughter?”

“Yes, her name is Launch, and she is my child with Puster.” Landy took her daughter’s hand and waved it toward Muyang. “Little Launch, call him grandpa.”

“Uncle!” Launch called out in a milky voice.

“Call grandpa….”

Although Muyang’s appearance looked very young, according to the generation, he was Landy’s uncle. So, Launch should call him grandfather.

“Uncle.” Launch continued to call out.

Muyang laughed out loud, “Little Launch is very discerning; just call me, uncle.” He reached out and patted little Launch’s head.

He then carefully looked at the little girl. Her dark blue hair, the red-colored hairband, and the aura of weakness and easy bullying, this sense of resemblance…

Could this child be the dual character of Launch in the original story?

“Landy, does this child have a dual personality?”

“Uncle Muyang, how can you know?” Landy sighed in surprise. “We never understood Launch’s situation. Every time, after she sneezes, her personality will change….” Landy was quite confused with Launch’s situation

It really was the original Launch!

Muyang was a little surprised, looking at the petite little girl in front of him. The well-behaved look had the potential of a virtuous wife and mother, indeed in the future.

Suddenly, he grabbed hair and gently waved it in front of her nostrils.


Little Launch couldn’t help but sneeze. This time Launch’s hair and eyes color all changed.

Her dark blue hair suddenly became gold, and her black eyes also turned turquoise.

This was the “Super Saiyan” Body Transformation!

Looking at Launch’s face turned fierce, Muyang exclaimed in his heart. The current state of Launch was like the Super Saiyan. So, Launch was the earliest “Super Saiyan”!

“Launch, stop it!”

The little Launch, who turned blonde, was very restless and kept struggling in Landy’s arms, making Landy was busy calming her down.

“Uncle Muyang, what do you think should be done about Launch’s situation?” Landy looked at Muyang with an expectant face, hoping that he could do something about it as the God of Martial Arts.

Muyang shook his head, “Launch’s dual personality is innate, and over suppressing it is not good.”

Suddenly Muyang thought of something and said, “The blonde state of the little Launch potential is excellent. I see that it’s quite a destiny. You should consider sending her to the Great Azure Mountain; I can arrange Kanalita to guidance her.”

The original blue-haired Launch was too soft, but the blonde Launch was tougher.

Unfortunately, she was keen to be a bandit, even when her strength wasn’t strong. Muyang thought it would be interesting if he made Launch as Kanalita’s disciple.

To be honest, after entering the Saiyan story in the Dragon Ball plot, the lovely Launch was drowned in the plot as if it had been forgotten. Not even her shadow could be seen.

The last appearance was when Son Goku fought Majin Buu in the Sacred World of the Kai, with elemental energy.

She seemed to be working in a courier company; at that time, Launch’s appearance had been a little older, and life was not very much as it should be.

It was too bad that such a spiritual character was forgotten. Plus, now that Launch was the granddaughter of Big Sister Marlene, he should take care of her as an elder.

Once Landy and Puster heard that Muyang intended to take Launch into the wall, they were happy.

Landy smiled and was busy nodding her head, “Yes, of course.”

Muyang laughed loudly, “Then it’s settled. When Kanalita returns in a few days, let her take Launch as her disciple.”

Muyang really wanted to see if Launch would learn a skill. Thus, she wouldn’t be a powerful bandit in the future!

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