Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 278


Landy and her husband left with little Launch, while Muyang continued to sit quietly in the teahouse for a while.

He estimated that Melissa and April had already finished shopping and got up to pay the bill and left.

When he found Melissa, Muyang noticed that Melissa had split into two people, Melia and Melis.

They had bags full of things at this time, and when they saw Muyang, they came running towards him.

Muyang took the package in their hands and looked inside. April’s bag was filled with clothes and jewelry, all girly things, while the twins were all snacks and treats.

These two girls, besides eating, what else do they know?

Muyang frowned, “There is no need to buy so many things to eat; there are still plenty at home.”

Melia spate out her tongue, “You know Saiyan appetite. If I don’t eat more, I will have no strength.”

Muyang was speechless. If April hadn’t provided the Capsule Corporation’s shares, his savings would have been eaten up by these two losers sooner or later.

“All you know is to eat. Can you be good like Little April?” Muyang sighed. Compared to the twin sisters, who only eat and couldn’t make money, the housewife type, April, was much more virtuous.

He now somewhat understood Chi-Chi’s hard work in the original story.

“Humph.” Melia coldly snorted but didn’t retort.

April narrowed her eyes, gurgling, and smiled, “Senior brother, I have contacted Dr. Brief. In a few days, we will set up a company to develop and produce spatial containers. We discussed the name is called Capsule Corporation, which is provided by my senior brother!”

“You guys can do it. If you encounter trouble, talk to me directly.” Muyang said, completely at ease.

Although he had occupied a large part of the Capsule Corporation’s shares because of his relationship with April, he wouldn’t interfere at all with management matters. It would be most reassuring to give it to a professional.

“Got it.” April’s face bloomed with a smile.

Next, he found a place where no one was and directly threw the big bags into the Acceleration World. He then instantly moved to take the girls back to the Great Azure Mountain.


When they returned home, he told them about bumping with Landy’s family.

“If you are optimistic about that little Launch, why don’t you just take her as your disciple?” Melia hung back on the sofa when she got home.

Muyang gave her a blank look, “I have enough trouble taking care of you guys. I don’t have time to take care of little kids.”

After hearing this, Melia jumped up swiftly and pounced on Muyang with her teeth and claws. Unfortunately, Muyang was prepared and threw her back to the top of the sofa.

“So you just dumped the trouble to Kanalita?” Melis hid her mouth and laughed lightly.

Muyang said, “Launch is very obedient. At least in the blue-haired state, she is excellent to take care of. As for her blonde state, although she’s a little cranky, I think Kanalita can handle it.”

“I’m just saying.” Melia pouted.

“You guys just watch.”

Muyang glanced over and saw the curved line on Melia’s chest. He then went up to tighten the clasp on her chest. Melia hummed uncomfortably, with a lock of cloud-like hair tossed from side to side.


Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Kanalita arrived at Great Azure Mountain after receiving a notice from Muyang. Central City previously invited her to be the guest of honor at the 18th World Martial Arts Tournament. So, she rushed over as soon as the tournament was over.

“Teacher, I heard that you found a little disciple for me?” Kanalita said when she saw Muyang.

When Kanalita arrived, Muyang was meditating in the courtyard. After sensing Kanalita, he opened his eyes, “That’s right. It’s Landy’s child. Go and pick her up when you have time.”

“So it’s Landy’s child.” Kanalita nodded her head.

The twenty-five-year-old Kanalita was already quite mature and was fully capable of taking charge on her own to complete the tasks instructed by her teacher.

After knowing the identity of her young disciple, Kanalita didn’t say anything more. She was also an acquaintance with Landy’s family, which made things easier.

“Have you encountered any problems with your recent training?” After explaining to Kanalita about Launch’s matter. Muyang was concerned about his disciple’s training.

Kanalita immediately told Muyang about the difficulties she encountered in her training. After listening to her and thinking briefly, Muyang quickly gave a solution.

Muyang’s instructions were straightforward and very precise to pinpoint the root cause. It was only a few short words, but it made Kanalita’s mind clear.

“Teacher, I have some questions about Kaio-ken,” Kanalita said thoughtfully.

“What’s the problem?”

Kanalita said, “The Kaio-ken is good, but the conditions for performing it are too harsh. It can’t be performed without a certain profound level. There are so many martial arts practitioners in the Lookout, but only a few of them can comprehend the Kaio-ken. Such a move doesn’t seem to make much sense to earthlings.”

Kaio-ken was the move created by North Kai, and it had an extremely high starting point for training. It was basically impossible to comprehend the mysteries of Kaio-ken without systematic study.

For earthlings, Kaio-ken was a profound martial art. So, trying to use it as a popular move would be impossible.

Muyang engraved the Kaio-ken in the martial crystal to allow earth martial arts practitioners to learn this skill. Unfortunately, so far, not many people have learned this move.

“I have also considered this issue. Kaio-ken is a martial art collection of great accomplishment. Its roots are not in earth martial arts, so beginners are bound to encounter great problems.” Muyang thought about it and said, “If we want to popularize Kaio-ken, we must improve on its principles.”

“It is a very advanced work.” Kanalita frowned slightly, knowing the difficulty of it.

“Right.” Muyang nodded seriously.

It took North Kai millions of years to research Kaio-ken, and it would be difficult for Muyang to modify it to adapt to the strength of his current strength.

However, it might not take much time to reduce the strength and just fit the earthling stage.

When he thought of this, Muyang felt that he should find North Kai to discuss with him about Kaio-ken.

“It looks like I need to sort out the Kaio-ken. Meanwhile, you can take care of Launch’s matter.” Muyang waved his hand and explained about Launch.

He was especially talking to her about Launch’s dual personality physique.

Kanalita nodded her head, decently. It was her first time leading a disciple, and her attitude was solemn.

After Kanalita left, Muyang talked to the girls about his intention to go to the North Kai’s Planet. Melia and Melis had been to the North Kai’s Planet when they were still Mexia. The poverty atmosphere emanated from everywhere there, and the twin sisters wouldn’t be interested in the North Kai’s Planet. So, they waved their hands and let Muyang go on his own; they wouldn’t follow.

The two sisters were too spoiled and should be allowed to suffer a little. So, without saying a word, Muyang dragged them to North Kai’s Planet with Instant Transmission.


Space above Other-World, North Kai’s Planet.

In the pink space, auspicious golden clouds were floating. At one end of the dense auspicious clouds was the end of the winding serpentine path, below which floated a small green planet of more than fifty meters in diameter.

“Muyang, we said we’re not coming back. Why did you bring us along!” Melia chattered on about her dissatisfaction.

“Yes, the North Kai’s Planet is not interesting at all.” Melis also frowned.

For their level, the gravity of the North Kai’s Planet wasn’t even useful for training. They had learned the North Kai’s masterpiece “Kaio-ken” a long time ago, and it was impossible to learn the Spirit Bomb, so they didn’t have to come here.

Muyang glanced at them and laughed, “You also know that the North Kai is very boring. So, consider it as a company for me.”

“Humph!” The two sisters hummed together and then merged into Melissa.

She was dumbfounded and looked around North Kai’s Planet. She then saw a brown gorilla looking at them curiously with its head tilted, shouting “uh-oh, uh-oh.”

“Yo, long time no see, Bubbles. Go find North Kai.”

Muyang raised his hand to greet Bubbles.

After breaking through the fourth limit, his dimensional level was promoted to the fifth-dimensional level, which was already on par with North Kai.

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