Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 279


With “uh-oh,” Bubbles cocked his head to look at Muyang and Melissa, seemingly not recognizing them.

When Muyang saw it, he obviously knew that he had overestimated Bubbles’ intelligence.

The gorilla didn’t recognize them at all, so he walked straight through Bubbles toward the North Kai’s hut.

Upon knocking on the door, the room was empty. North Kai was not in his place.

“Where the hell did he go?” With a chant on his lips, Muyang sensed North Kai’s ki and determined that North Kai was above this divine planet.

At this time, “beep beep beep” a few long honking sounds came.

Stepping out of the room, he saw North Kai was driving an old red car, traveling over at a plodding speed. The speed was meager. Muyang eyebrows raised; he couldn’t help but hold his forehead.

He walked faster than North Kai’s driving.

North Kai was so idle that he had nothing else to do and drove a small car around the North Kai Planet. But then again, this divine planet of the North Kai was indeed a little smaller.

Living on it was like being in jail. Not being suffocated was already an indication that the North Kai’s mental quality was relatively high.

If he didn’t find something to amuse himself, wouldn’t he die of boredom?

“Ah ah, who are you?” North Kai jumped down from the car and pointed at Muyang but couldn’t remember his name.


“Yes, your name is Muyang.” North Kai walked up to Muyang and carefully sized him up. “I haven’t seen you for decades, and your strength has grown quite fast. I can’t even see through you anymore.”

“Huh, level five dimension. How on earth did you train?”

North Kai suddenly rubbed his eyes in disbelief and was shocked on the spot. Only a few decades had passed, and Muyang’s level had actually risen to the level five dimension, which was already comparable to him.

When he came to the North Kai Planet, he was only a level three dimension!

When did it become so easy to raise life dimensions?

Muyang said, “Because I have been training in the Grand Kai’s Planet for several years.”

North Kai shook his head, “Even if you trained on the Grand North Kai’s Planet, it is impossible to raise the life dimension so quickly.”

Muyang added, “Also, I trained in the God of Destruction Planet for some time.”

“God of Destruction Planet, what kind of place is that?”

North Kai didn’t react for a moment after hearing this, still thinking about which mysterious place the God Destroying Planet could substantially raise dimensional life level, making him want to go and see it.

Suddenly he thought of something, and his face became stiff. He then asked in a small voice, “The God of Destruction Planet you are talking about, it can’t be the place where the God of Destruction… Lord Beerus lives, right?”

Only a few places in the universe were qualified to be called “God-World,” not to mention the word “destruction” in front of it.

Muyang nodded with a smile, “Indeed, it was Lord Beerus’ place. I was fortunate to be appreciated by Lord Beerus and Whis, and was invited to practice in the God of Destruction Planet…”

Of course, the main thing was to go to the God of Destruction Planet as a chef; the training was only incidental. Muyang pretended in front of people; of course, he picked the shiny side to say.

North Kai didn’t know who Whis was, but the God of Destruction Beerus, he was aware of.

His North Kai Planet turned out to be quite huge; just because he somehow provoked the God of Destruction Beerus, Beerus slapped his planet into what it was today.

So, whenever he thought of the God of Destruction Beerus, the North Kai trembled in his heart.

Who could understand the suffering in his heart!

“Your opportunities are prosperous… Did Lord Beerus do anything to you?” North Kai shivered a little bit, looking at Muyang.

Muyang glanced at North Kai and said, “How should I say, I was well fed and entertained when I was in the God Destruction Planet….”

“What the hell….”

Not waiting for Muyang to finish, North Kai cried out loudly. What an honor it was to be entertained by the God of Destruction Beerus.

No wonder his life dimension increased so fast; he might have been taken as the mantle heir by Lord Beerus.

When he thought about what had happened to him, tears flowed down his face.

Cough cough!

Muyang coughed a few times dryly.

He hadn’t finished his words. He was entertaining Whis and God of Destruction Beerus in the God of Destruction Planet with good food and drink, not the other way around. However, since North Kai had misunderstood, he simply didn’t bother to explain.

“Who is this girl?” After crying for a while, North Kai swept his sight towards Melissa.

Muyang said, “She is my wife, Melissa, the reincarnation of Mexia.”

North Kai looked at Melissa and nodded, “So it was that impure-minded soul body back then that succeeded in reincarnation.”

When Mexia was in her soul state, North Kai was able to see through her essence at a glance. After reincarnation, Mexia had a physical body, so it was not easy to see through.

When Melissa heard what North Kai said about her past life, her face blushed for a moment. Her body couldn’t help but burst out with a powerful aura. What did you mean by impure mind? It was too much.

Muyang’s reaction was quick. He pressed Melissa down when her aura was just about to burst out.

“North Kai, I’m here this time mainly to discuss the Kaio-ken.”

“Didn’t you already learn the Kaio-ken?” North Kai asked curiously.

“The situation is like this….”

Next, Muyang talked about the situation he encountered. When he said that as the power level was approached 100 million, there was a delay of Kaio-ken, North Kai was already too shocked to speak.


North Kai shivered in his heart: Worthy of being the one who was favored by Lord Beerus. His strength increase was too fast. One hundred million power level, he couldn’t even think about it.

Coughing lightly, North Kai pretended to maintain his majesty and said, “It is already sporadic for Kaio-ken to increase to this level of strength. Although Kaio-ken is the crystallization of my life, above 100 million power level, there is nothing I can do.”

Knowing that it was impossible to get a technique of improvement here at the North Kai’s Planet, Muyang retreated and stated his intention to downgrade Kaio-ken and popularize it to the earthling.

“Transforming Kaio-ken to fit the earthling physique is something that can be studied.” North Kai nodded his head.

The original Kaio-ken was condensed from the martial arts he collected from many planets in the North Area.

The starting point for training was extremely high and not necessarily suitable for earthlings.

It would take a little time if it was modified for the earthling’s physique, but it wasn’t impossible to achieve.

This was something that North Kai could help with, but it would take two people to figure it out together.

“Just as long as it can be achieved.”

Muyang smiled lightly, then released the Acceleration World’s power, and at once absorbed several people into the Acceleration World.

For suddenly transferring to an unfamiliar environment, North Kai showed extremely high psychological quality.

When he noticed that the huge planet in front of him possessed powerful divine ki no less than the North Kai’s Planer, he still couldn’t help but take a breath of cold air backward.

“What is this place, and why does it have a spatial intensity no less than that of the North Kai’s Planet?”

Muyang explained vaguely, “This is Planet Wudao; you can think of it as my divine planet. The time flow rate here can be expanded to 32 times that of the outside world. We can take our time to study Kaio-ken here…”

Muyang was called the God of Martial Arts on earth, and the name Planet Wudao was quite appropriate.

Just after he finished his words, North Kai wowed and cried.

This was someone’s divine planet, which was as big as a real planet. Looking at the vast mountains and rivers, the lofty and towering mountains, and the splendid palaces behind, this was where the gods live!

It was said that happiness was contrasted. Compared with this divine planet, his North Kai’s Planet was just…. like a doghouse.

The aura of poverty was revealed everywhere.

“Muyang, what’s wrong with him?” Melissa pointed to North Kai and whispered.

Muyang said, “Let him cry a little. North Kai is aggravated.”

Melissa looked at him, pitifully, “He’s so miserable.”

North Kai cried for a while, then wiped down his sunglasses and looked at Muyang with envy and jealousy, “As expected of someone who is favored by Lord Beerus. The treatment is just different.”

Muyang didn’t move and didn’t answer. Since the North Kai misunderstood, he would continue to misunderstand. He would only waste his time if he explained.

So in the following days, Muyang and North Kai began to discuss the improvement of the Kaio-ken.

However, he didn’t focus all his attention on Kaio-ken but also did spar with Melissa from time to time.

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