Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 280


When North Kai was brought to the Acceleration World by Muyang to develop the Kaio-ken, in the second headquarters of Frieza Forces, Frieza sat on the egg-shaped spaceship, with a grim face listening to the report of Zarbon’s work.

These years Frieza had been through a lot of trouble. In addition to the harassment from the Galactic Patrol, there were also a variety of unexpected events to deal with.

Eleven years ago, he fought with the mysterious Shadow Man. Although the Shadow Man was finally defeated, which greatly increased Frieza’s reputation, Frieza’s headquarters planet was destroyed and relocated to the second headquarters.

The Ginyu Force was wiped out seven years ago, which left Frieza’s hands missing a sharp edge.

A similar blow was inflicted on Cooler’s Armored Squadron and King Cold’s Strongest Squadron. The attackers appear to be the same group of people.

This was because the tree was so big that someone was targeting their forces!

Frieza had been investigating the cause of the Ginyu Force’s destruction for several years, but the specific perpetrators never showed up.

The Ginyu Force was repeatedly wiped out, which already made Frieza angry. So, Frieza was uncomfortable without uncovering this mysterious force as if he was stuck in his throat.

“Zarbon, how does Slug control of that territory he occupied?” Frieza’s scarlet eyes burst out of the compelling cold light.

Rumor had it that the ruler of the border area between the North Area and East Area had disappeared for many years for no reason.

Now, many predators with a certain amount of strength were aiming their attention at that territory. Frieza, who certainly joined them, was busy expanding his territory.

Zarbon truthfully reported the situation, “Frieza Force collaborated with King Cold’s Legion and has occupied a large area in the past few years.”

“Ho ho ho, finally we hear some good news.” Frieza narrowed his eyes, and his heart flowed much more freely.

“King Frieza…” Zarbon came forward and said, “On the way to the edge of the North Area, my subordinate passed by a mysterious planet and found a magical fruit tree on it. The trunk of that fruit tree was huge. The branches and leaves were huge that it covered almost the entire planet.”

Frieza was very surprised to hear. He rubbed his chin and said, “Do you know what kind of fruit tree it is?”

Zarbon reported, “My subordinate was confused. After returning, I looked up a lot of information and determined that its name was ‘Tree of Might.”

Frieza was surprised, “What is Tree of Might?”

“This Tree of Might is a kind of demon tree, very authoritative. Once rooted, it will absorb the entire planet’s essence until the planet is completely desertification; even a small grass can no longer grow. The Tree of Might will condense dark red fruits. It is said that the fruit of the Tree of Might is a fruit that can only be consumed by gods…”

“Interesting. What is the effect of this fruit?” Frieza asked with interest.

“Because it is condensed from the life essence of the whole planet, it is recorded that the Tree of Might fruit can greatly increase the strength and life span of the person taking it!”

As soon as Zarbon’s words were finished, Frieza was amazed and jumped up from the little spaceship with a pair of fierce scarlet eyes stared deadly at Zarbon.

Frieza had great power; for power, he didn’t have too much pursuit, but if the Tree of Might fruit could really increase life expectancy, he was determined to get it.

“Are all these things you said true?”

In the face of Frieza’s breathtaking pressure, Zarbon said, “King Frieza, everything is true. I am sure that the giant tree is the Tree of Might.”

“Where is the exact location?”

“It is located in the southeast part of the North Area near the East Area region, on a living planet called ‘Planet Munster.'”

“Hahahaha, Mr. Zarbon, this is the best news I have heard so far.” Frieza laughed loudly and patted Zarbon’s shoulder. “If this news is true, I will praise you. When the time comes, you will also have a share of the fruit from the Tree of Might, Mr. Zarbon.”

Zarbon humbly said, “Thank you for the reward, King Frieza.”

When the time comes, the Tree of Might fruit would definitely be a large share for Frieza.

However, to get a part of it, Zarbon was satisfied. He didn’t want to take it for himself because he had seen the desperate power that Frieza showed and didn’t think he could surpass Freiza after getting the Tree of Might fruit.

Zarbon was living under Frieza’s command. Instead of risking a great deal of private possession of the Tree of Might fruit, it was better to contribute generously in exchange for greater appreciation of King Frieza.

Besides, the Tree of Might fruit was so important that even if Zarbon wanted to take it for himself, he felt powerless against the other forces eyeing it. It would be better for Frieza to shield it from the storm.

“Are the news all blocked?”

Zarbon was as modest as a gentleman and elegant in his demeanor, “The entire ‘Planet Munster’ is heavily guarded, absolutely foolproof.”

Frieza nodded his head in a comfortable mood and said emphatically, “Absolutely no outsiders must know, especially Cooler!”

When he said this, Frieza’s tone was significantly aggravated. He could share the news with King Cold, but Cooler must not know.

“Yes. Please rest assured, King Frieza.” Zarbon nodded vigorously.

“Find an excuse, and I will personally go to the top of ‘Planet Munster.'”

After thinking about it, Frieza still felt uneasy. He could only be completely at ease if the Tree of Might were kept under his nose to keep an eye.

Zarbon, of course, obeyed the order and then found a reason to assemble a team. When Frieza gave the order, the vast army flew towards the distant Planet of Munster.

Time soon passed for more than a year.


Not only Frieza’s army’s voyage in the universe, but there was also another scene in Muyang’s Acceleration World.

On the wide seat, North Kai was comfortably lying on it. Next to it was the coffee table with various fruits and snacks, and the warm daylight shining down, very comfortable and soothing, which made North Kai didn’t even want to go back.

Under the time flow of 32 times, North Kai had already sorted out the Kaio-ken practiced for the earthlings.

Of course, the Kaio-ken at this time had been degraded and became more suitable for the earthlings to practice.

North Kai named it “Kami-ken”!


At that moment, the ground shook violently, and a roaring force came from everywhere.

When North Kai took off his sunglasses, he saw a crimson pillar of energy rising from the sky.

A silver and a gold figure were fighting in the sky, so fast that even North Kai could only see a blurred shadow.

North Kai paid attention for a while and couldn’t help but sigh, “Worthy of being the one who was favored by Lord Beerus. Muyang’s power is too terrifying. Perhaps Frieza is not even his opponent.”

Until now, King Cold and two of his sons had been a big problem for North Kai within the North Area. However, North Kai was not strong enough, and there were no strong masters in the North Area.

So, even when King Cold and two of his sons were in North Area, there was nothing he could do.

North Kai was not quite sure about the strength of Frieza’s Final Form. However, he thought Freiza was at least at the same level as Muyang. If Muyang was willing to help, maybe the problem that had been bothering him for years could be solved.

He had helped Muyang improved the Kaio-ken, so he wondered if Muyang was willing to help him. At least Muyang could do it to respect him!

North Kai laughed as he played his little game in his heart. Turning to Melissa, who was fighting with Muyang, he thought this strange woman was even more eccentric than Muyang.

Her age was a lot younger than Muyang, but her strength was particularly outstanding.

“I heard that Melissa is Saiyan, but she doesn’t even have a tail. Her ki is also different from the Saiyan of Planet Vegeta. Although Saiyan was a Warrior Race, they weren’t that strong! Was there another race of Saiyans outside the North Area?”

North Kai couldn’t understand the situation of Melissa, so he simply stopped thinking about it. Now, if he could have a good relationship with this couple, he would have something to rely on in the future when the North Area was in chaos.

While North Kai was thinking, Muyang and Melissa were facing each other from a distance in the distant sky.

His body was burning silver-white flame, and his black hair was straight up in flames. Muyang was wearing a black undershirt, and his form was like a Saiyan in the Super Saiyan Transformation.

Opposite him, Melissa’s hair was also black, but her eyes were golden, and her body burned with a mixture of golden and green flames.

They both had three hundred times the gravity exerted on their bodies, as well as huge bondage of spatial rules.

Otherwise, with their 70 to 80 million power level, even the surface of Planet Wudao couldn’t withstand such a huge energy impact.

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