Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 281


Acceleration World, over the vast forest.

Maintaining their strongest state, Muyang and Melissa continued to practice against each other.

Both of them were under huge gravity and spatial restraints, but once they fought, the wind still swept through them, unusually terrifying!

A loud rumbling sound!

The two crimson energies roared and crashed together. Muyang and Melissa brushed past each other, then quickly reversed their direction and came crashing towards each other.

Their movements were extremely fast, like two lightning bolts repeatedly colliding, flashing up sparks while rolling around a burst of harsh wind blades.

Melissa’s pale and smoky eyebrows were slightly raised. Her golden eyes looked toward Muyang, who was burning with a silver-white flame not far away.

Suddenly Melissa’s body straddled forward, penetrating the foggy space. Her body incomparably nimble to come in front of Muyang.

The corner of his mouth rose as he looked at the sudden approach of Melissa. A silver-white energy spread in all directions, one of his arms suddenly poked forward and grabbed Melissa’s arm directly, then threw it upward. He then moved quickly above Melissa the moment her body flew out.


Both hands clasped fists smashed down.

Melissa’s arms protect her chest as Muyang’s fist collided with her arm. A black shadow rushed straight down from the sky, dragging up a string of fierce impact airflow afterward.

When approaching the ground, Melissa released a wave of ki to break free from the downward trend.

Muyang’s strength was much stronger than Melissa’s. The reason why it seemed to be evenly matched was that Muyang was under greater restraint.

One thing that was good about the Acceleration World was that the rules inside could be adjusted according to Muyang’s wishes.

It thanks to the training environment created by the Acceleration World, Muyang and Melissa was able to keep getting exercise.

The battle with Melissa continued for a long time, and only when the vast forest was covered with shadows, punches, and palm shadows, Muyang ended the battle. Both sides were exhausted and panting like cattle.

“That’s all for this time.”

Tearing off his clothes, which were already rotten to cloth, Muyang twisted his neck, which immediately resounded with a “crackling” sound.

Across from him, Melissa was also undressed, exposing a large area of white skin like snow. Her two long legs were also uncovered.

Looking at Melissa’s ragged appearance, Muyang’s eyebrows raised.

In high energy battles, clothes were quite fragile and most easily damaged. Although Melissa’s current appearance was a feast for his eyes, such an image would be harmful if she was in a real battle.

With a snap of the fingers, a magical force attached to the two, and then a white light changed into brand new clothes.

Just like North Kai’s restoration of Son Goku’s clothes in the original story, all the gods who had reached a certain level of life dimension more or less have some magical ability.

“It seems that we have to find a way to get a few sets of clothes that are not easily damaged.” Muyang was a very petty person.

He would never let others take advantage of his wife.

Once he told Melissa about his idea, Melissa stroked down her ink-like black hair with a pair of bright eyes penetrating a smile, “The strength of our level? Even the strongest battle-armor will be damaged in battle….”

“Then we can use the Dragon Balls to wish for a few pieces of self-repairing clothes.” Muyang thought about it and said.

Shenron’s was limited and couldn’t possibly withstand energy attacks in battle. However, Muyang could have Shenron create several battle-armor that could repair themselves after damage.

The speed of repair should be fast, preferably faster than the speed of naked eye recognition.

“This is possible.” Melissa’s eyes lit up for a moment, and she nodded with a smile.

If you had a problem, look for the Dragon Balls!

This was the most effective solution. Now the Earth Dragon Ball in their hands had long lost its mysteriousness, and it could only be of use in everyday times.

The two finalized their next plan and looked at each other with a big smile—they then flew to the North Kai.


“This is the improved version of the ‘Kaio-ken’ that you want. Although it has become suitable for earthlings to practice, the power has also appeared to be reduced. For the time being, it will be called ‘Kami-ken’!”

North Kai took out the document that recorded the Kami-ken.

“Thank you.” Muyang took the document and put it away.

North Kai waved his hand with a flat face, “It’s nothing. It didn’t take much effort.”

After saying that, North Kai swept a lingering glance at Muyang’s Planet Wudao and thought of his own pocket-sized North Kai’s Planet. His heart was incomparably envious.

“Now send me back to North Kai’s Planet.”

“Don’t you want to stay a little longer?”

North Kai shook his head, “No, the whole North Area needs my supervision. I can’t be as dashing as you guys!”

Muyang laughed, “Okay, I’ll send you back now.”

With that, he waved his hand to open the passage to the outside of the Acceleration World.

Muyang locked the North Kai’s Planet location, only to see soft energy wrapping several people up.

After a flash, North Kai had returned to his North Kai’s Planet.

In the face of a suddenly cramped environment, North Kai was momentarily unable to adapt. There was only deep envy in his eyes for Muyang’s divine planet.


Earth, Great Azure Mountain.

When Muyang and Melissa returned, April happened to go to an academic conference, so she was not home.

Instead of staying at home, Muyang and Melissa went directly to the residence of their disciple Kanalita.

They saw Kanalita standing in the courtyard from a distance, holding a whip to train a little blonde girl who looked only four or five years old.

That little girl looked aggrieved and didn’t dare to speak out in anger.


The whip in Kanalita’s hand hit the ground.

“Launch, move a little more. Arms up. Wrong again.”

“Okay!” The blonde Launch stubbornly flattened her mouth, discontent in her heart but didn’t dare to show it.

“Kanalita, aren’t you being too strict with a little girl like that?” Muyang and Melissa came from afar and said in a gentle voice.

“Teacher, Teacher’s Wife, Melissa!”

Kanalita respectfully addressed Muyang and Melissa and then said seriously, “It’s not a matter of being strict or not. If Launch wants to become stronger, she must receive such training from a young age. Teacher, you used to train me like this; I had to run around the Big Azure Mountain several times a day when I was as big as Launch.”

Muyang smiled. He did train Kanalita this way back then, but Kanalita was extremely fit and could withstand such training.

Another look at the blonde Launch; her little face was red. Her face aggrieved, she looked like a little girl who had been abused.

The blonde Launch’s character was somewhat unruly, but now the look was bizarre and pitiful.

“Launch, you go aside to rest first.”

Seeing that Kanalita had something to say, Muyang shook his head.

“The desire for speed is not enough. Different people should have different training methods. Stupid birds want to fly first, provided that their wings have grown full. So, they are taught according to their abilities.”

He let Launch go to the side to rest first, while Muyang gave the “Kami-ken” that North Kai had compiled to Kanalita, and let her study it herself.

“This is the Kaio-ken that you want. It is now suitable for earthlings to practice.”


Kanalita took the “Kami-ken” and flipped through it. Her eyes grew brighter as she looked at it and said joyfully, “Great, this is perfect for the earthling’s body. If it was used properly, it could bring out more effective power than the Kaio-ken.”

“This is good, and you can do the spreading yourself. After all, you are the future Kami; you always need some merit.”

“Thank you, teacher.” Kanalita smiled happily.

She really admired her teacher too much now. He was worthy of being the God of Martial Arts, improving the training method suitable for earthlings in such a short period. If it were her, she might not have succeeded even if given more time.

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