Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 282


After handing over the Kami-ken to Kanalita, Muyang completely let go of the matter, leaving the next promotion matters to his disciple to execute.

Anyway, when he got the Kami-ken, it was mainly for the martial arts practitioners in Kanalita’s tier.

In the following days, Muyang and Melissa took the Dragon Ball radar as planned and left the Great Azure Mountain in their RV. On the way to enjoy the natural scenery, life was enjoyable.

In recent times, with the full promotion of the Capsule technology, the earth’s technology world was like being dropped by a giant bomb, rumbled and exploded a huge ripple.

Thousands of families felt the convenience brought by Capsule technology.

Who would have thought that a small capsule could fit a house, a car, or an airplane?

It was incredible!

When you travel at home, just packed a small box of capsules, and it would take care of all the previous troubles.

As you go, stop anywhere you wanted. As long as you found an open space, you could place a small building. So, it was a must for home travel.

So, it was the beginning of a wave of technological transformation that swept the world.

Now, the world’s major groups’ business departments were lining up to cooperate with the Capsule Corporation.

A large number of products were installed with the Capsule technology, and patent fees alone made the Capsule Corporation leaped to become the world’s most famous company.

As the major shareholder, the benefit Muyang, Dr. Brief, and Dr. Gero got was conceivable.

Moreover, with Muyang as the support, no consortium had the guts to hit the Capsule Corporation’s idea.

The Capsule Corporation was like a snowball rolling bigger and bigger. In just over a year, it had become the largest corporation in scale.


While Muyang and Melissa were comfortably looking for the Dragon Balls to pass the time, the North Kai, dressed in black, walked around.

He was using the two tentacles on his head to review the situation in the Lower Realm.

Suddenly, a small charred yellow grass caught the attention of North Kai.

The small grass above the North Kai’s Planet was evergreen in all seasons, and each small grass represents a certain planet in the lower world.

At this time, the unusual condition of the small grass triggered North Kai’s suspicion.

“That side is near the East Area, is something wrong?”

North Kai walked towards the withered little grass in doubt. The two tentacles on his head sparked up like antennae, and the situation in the North Area Southeast Part immediately surfaced in his mind.

Gradually, North Kai saw a desertified planet. On it grew a huge tree that shot up into the clouds, its luxuriant branches and leaves choosing the sky, at least tens of kilometers in extent.

Its thriving roots penetrated deep inside the planet, constantly taking in the life essence of the planet.

“This huge tree, it’s actually a Tree of Might!”

The Tree of Might was prevalent in the Upper Realm. That was the fruit tree planted by God.

It needed divine energy and divine liquid to grow. The fruit produced could strengthen God’s Dimension and have the effect of prolonging life.

For God-Level characters like North Kai, the Tree of Might fruit was just a fruit to relieve the mouth and tongue; it was nothing special.

However, the Lower Realm was different. The lack of divine energy in the Lower Realm was simply not a condition to grow Tree of Might.

Once the Tree of Might seeds sprouted, it would definitely absorb the attitude essence of the planet.

Once the essence of a planet was lost, the planet would be reduced to a dead planet.

Only the legendary Supreme Kai in charge of “vitality” could give life back the vitality of that planet.

“Which irresponsible deity discarded the seeds of the Tree of Might to the Lower Realm?” North Kai was somewhat dissatisfied.

At this point, the Tree of Might had grown, which meant that one of the planets under his jurisdiction would turn into a dead planet.

North Kai expanded his search, vowing to find the person who did the evil.

Just then, a disc-shaped spaceship entered the sight of North Kai, and Frieza’s cold and heartless face appeared in front of North Kai.

The cold ki passed over, and North Kai staggered backward a few steps, almost fell to the ground.

“F….. Frieza, how could that villain appear in the Southeast Part of the North Area?”

North Kai was shocked and hurriedly investigated Frieza’s route. He found that his spaceship was heading towards the “Planet Munster,” where the Tree of Might was growing and was about to enter the planetary system where Planet Munster was sitting.

“It’s over; Frieza’s target is planet Munster.”

If Frieza got the fruit of the Tree of Might, there was no telling what kind of storm he would create.

If it were just a Tree of Might, the North Kai wouldn’t be so anxious. However, the problem was that seeds were born from the Tree of Might fruit.

If Frieza got a taste of it and planted Tree of Might on a large scale, his North Area would be finished.

“Aiyaaah, this is trouble.”

North Kai was so anxious that he kept spinning around. He then remembered Muyang, who might be the only one capable of stopping Frieza at this time.

Thinking of this, the North Kai hurriedly found the earth’s location and then contacted Muyang through the North Kai’s telepathy.

When North Kai’s voice came through, Muyang and Melissa had already collected all the Dragon Balls and made a wish to make several sets of battle-armor.

“Muyang, something big has happened!”

“What’s wrong?”

Muyang, who was sitting with Melissa by the river grilling fish, asked.

“….Frieza, that villain, has set his eyes on a planet in the North Area with a Tree of Might growing on it. If Frieza gets the Tree of Might fruit, the North Area will be finished.”

The tone of North Kai was very urgent, and his voice was shaking as he spoke. Perhaps afraid that Muyang didn’t know the origin of the Tree of Might, North Kai explained the Tree of Might characteristics again.

North Kai pleaded, “Now the only people in the North Area who can stop Frieza are only you and Melissa. I beg you to stop Frieza.”

“Where is the exact location?”

Muyang knew the efficacy of the Tree of Might and the Tree of Might fruit. If he let Frieza get it, it would indeed cause big trouble.

North Kai hurriedly said, “Southeast Part of the North Area, on a planet called ‘Planet Munster,’ I will transmit the exact address to you.”

As if he had grabbed a lifeline, North Kai hurriedly transmitted Planet Munster’s coordinates to Muyang.

“Tch, Frieza actually ran to the North Area Southeast Part, and it was almost close to the East Area.”

Muyang received the coordinates with some surprise, but once he thought that the Tree of Might was there, he understood somewhat.

Frieza had always pursued immortality; if he knew the effect of the Tree of Might fruit, not to mention the North Area Southeast Part, he would also run to it even if it is Central Area.

Speaking of which, though, the Tree of Might was indeed a good thing.

“Leave the matter of Frieza to us!”

“Thank you, the safety of the North Area depends on you.” North Kai said gratefully.

After cutting off the contact with North Kai, Muyang looked at Melissa, eating grilled fish at the side and telling her about Frieza.

Melissa’s eyes lit up fiercely, and she was emotionally excited, “Are you going to fight? I’ll go with you this time.”

The full burst of Melissa had 60 to 70 million power level, coupled with a bizarre superpower, Muyang did not refuse her request to go with him, “Frieza’s full power is 120 million power level. Although this power of his is not too stable, you still have to be careful.”

“Mmm!” Melissa nodded her head, excitedly. She liked fighting very much.

Muyang gave Melissa a light tap on the head and told her to take it easy. This time she was facing Frieza; she must not be careless.

The first thing he did was to use Instant Transmission to lock in the location of the planet given to him by North Kai.

After a flash of light, Muyang and Melissa disappeared simultaneously, reappearing on a planet called “Planet Munster” in the far North Area Southeast Part.


Planet Munster.

The huge tree branches covering the sky extended to the outer surface of the atmosphere.

The leaves were spreading like a huge umbrella page, blocking the warm sunlight from the star outside.

“Wow, is this the Tree of Might? It’s too big.”

With a cry of surprise, Melissa looked with wide eyes at the giant tree reaching into the clouds, with a dark red fruit hanging between the leaves.

The same large tree she had only seen in the God of Destruction Planet. However, the God of Destruction Planet’s tree was filled with a lofty, pale aura, much more advanced than the Tree of Might in front of her.

“These fruits are Tree of Might fruits; it is said that eating one can greatly increase energy and life span.”

Muyang landed on a tree branch, reached out, and plucked a fruit. He put it in his mouth and bit into it; it was sour and tasted quite good.

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