Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 283


The Tree of Might fruit was the fruit that came from absorbing the essence of the living planet, which was not very useful to High-Level God.

However, for mortals, the Tree of Might fruit could replenish energy and enhance internal vitality, but only for those below the million of power level.

Unfortunately, Muyang’s Dimension Level was Level five, equal to Kai. His power level was even at the 10 million power level, so the Tree of Might fruit was no different from ordinary fruit, except that it tasted good.

However, this didn’t mean that Muyang would give up these fruits in front of him.

Feeling the ki above Planet Munster, Muyang frowned slightly. It seemed that there were a lot of Frieza Force above Planet Munster.

The strength was mostly around four or five thousand. This kind of strength, Muyang didn’t put in mind at all. What he was concerned about was the upcoming Frieza.

“Let’s collect all the Tree of Might fruits here and leave none of them to Frieza.”

With that, Muyang pointed to the green fruits, “Even those that are not ripe pluck them all together.”

Melissa sniffed; her clean face revealed a smile. The Tree of Might fruit wasn’t beneficial to her either, but the Tree of Might fruit’s taste was good as a fruit. The Saiyans had few other virtues, and they weren’t picky eaters.

“Leave it to me. I promise not to leave a single one behind.”

Melissa warbled. Her body then floated up a few thousand meters to reach the place where the trunk of the Tree of Might forks, then raised her arm.

At once, a greenish glow emanated from her palm, which soon transformed into a huge tornado storm, in which each bundle of cyclones was a sharp energy blade.

Clap, clap, clap!

Just like cutting leeks, half-inch milliseconds of light flashed in the air. As if the gale was sweeping down the leaves, thousands of uncountable Tree of Might fruits fell like rain.

Whether it was a dark red ripe fruit, or a half green, or green fruit, Melissa didn’t let go of any of them.

The superpower in her hand was held upward, and a large number of fruits were gathered together. Looking at the Tree of Might fruits piled up like a small mountain in front of her, Melissa’s eyes had narrowed into a crescent shape.

“These fruits, I can eat them for a long time!”

Seeing that Melissa didn’t let go of any of them, Muyang couldn’t help but give a thumbs up.

These fruits weren’t useful to them, but they were of great use to others. So, of course, the more they picked, the better.

After nodding towards Melissa, Muyang opened the Acceleration World’s passage and put all the Tree of Might fruits on top of the Wudao Planet.

He then looked at the huge fruit tree behind him, and with a tap on his head, Muyang remembered something and leaped up to the top of the Tree of Might.

Looking up, the huge Tree of Might was like an umbrella covering the top of Planet Munster. Such a huge tree, no wonder it sucked the essence of the planet dry.

With his eyes looking at the top of the Tree of Might, Muyang finally found a well-hidden Tree of Might fruit near the main trunk of the giant tree. Unlike normal fruits, this one was dark golden.

“Found it.”

With a happy face, Muyang took the fruit into his pocket. Although ordinary fruits contained great energy, they couldn’t be used as seeds; only the golden fruit at the top of the trunk could be used as seeds.

There were not many golden fruits, and a Tree of Might might only produce four or five of them.

With these Tree of Might seeds, Muyang could also plant Tree of Might on his planet Wudao.

Planet Wudao had risen to level five strength with Muyang’s advancement, and with the ubiquitous divine ki in the Acceleration World, the whole environment was like the divine world.

So, there was no need to worry that the Tree of Might would suck Planet Wudao dry.

When he thought about the future of the Planet Wudao planted with Tree of Might, the shade of the trees, and Senzu Beans below the shade, this picture was so beautiful.


Time passed, and while Muyang and Melissa were having fun picking the harvest, the Frieza Force’s aliens stationed on Planet Munster were all panicked.

“Ahhh! Where is the fruit, where did all the fruit go?”

“King Frieza will be here soon. What can we do?”

“This can’t be good!”

If Frieza’s account of the guardian task weren’t completed, their heads wouldn’t be saved.

At this time, all the aliens present panicked and could only watch as a Tree of Might fruit inexplicably flew away.

“Ahhh, who are you, people?”

The aliens belonging to the Frieza Force stirred and finally discovered Muyang and Melissa.

However, not a single Tree of Might fruit was left on top of the Tree of Might at this time.


If King Frieza knew about the situation here, they would be dead.

All the alien’s eyes were glowing red. Only by arresting the person who stole the fruit in front of them and asking about the fruit’s whereabouts would they be able to make up for their mistakes.


“Quickly tell the whereabouts of the fruit, or when King Frieza comes, you will not be able to live.” The aliens affiliated with the Frieza Force came forward, surrounded Muyang as they said.

Unfortunately, in the face of their threats, Muyang disdainfully shook his head, “Frieza Force is nothing good. Even their eyesight is not good.”

Melissa laughed, “Except for using scouter, they can’t judge the opponent’s strength. Their strength is also not good.”

The Frieza Force on Planet Munster consisted of about three hundred people, each with a power level of no less than three thousand.

This force was already quite impressive. Even if it was placed on top of Planet Vegeta, it was not a trivial force.

Unfortunately, in front of Muyang and Melissa, this kind of low-strength power couldn’t get them to take it seriously at all.

“Are you coming, or am I coming?” Muyang asked with a smile.

Melissa shrugged and tossed her black hair, “You do it. I’m not interested in such a fight.”

Muyang laughed, “Then leave it to me.”

Suddenly a cold wind brushed the ground, and the leaves of the Tree of Might rustled.

At this moment, it was as if the God of death had come to Planet Munster, and all the Frieza Force members felt a cold chill.

They saw Muyang calmly stretching out his palm and looking at them with an indifferent face.

The Acceleration World rules broke open a big hole and descended on top of Planet Munster, and the whole world seemed to become Muyang’s domain.


The palm of his hand squeezed into a fist, and a glorious light rose, making more than three hundred aliens affiliated with the Frieza Force were dumbfounded; even their minds seemed to freeze.

The next second, their bodies started to turn into powder from the bottom up, and when the wind blew, they completely disappeared.

Melissa watched with considerable surprise and asked, “When did you develop such a powerful move?”

Muyang shook his head and said, “I just projected down the field of the Acceleration World; it doesn’t count as a movie. It wouldn’t work for people whose strength is equal to or stronger than me.”

“But this is also very powerful,” Melissa said very seriously.

As soon as Muyang explained, Melissa knew the principle of the “obliterate” move just now.

In the Acceleration World, Muyang was the supreme master, and all the rules were under his control.

As the Acceleration World continued to grow, Muyang project some of the Acceleration World rules into the outside universe, forming a small field.

The outside universe would crowd this small field, but also could play a part in the authority.

For the cosmic people’s strength far weaker than Muyang, Muyang was equivalent to control their life and death.

Only those whose strength was equal to or far superior to his could be spared.

At this time, if Melissa knew about Zeno, she would have realized that this move of Muyang had already taken the shape of the Zeno “Erase” skill.

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