Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 284


“Muyang, should we destroy this Tree of Might?”

There was no more life on Planet Munster except for Muyang and Melissa. Looking at the Tree of Might that didn’t have a single fruit left, Melissa was thinking about whether to destroy it or not.

Muyang shook his head and said, “There is no need to destroy it. There is no more fruit and seeds on it; even if Frieza obtains it, it does not matter.”

With that, he took Melissa’s thin waist and brought her to sit on top of a tree branch. He then contacted North Kai, “North Kai, when will Frieza’s ship arrive?”

After a while, the North Kai’s voice came.

“It’s almost there. It’s now approaching the planetary system where Planet Munster is located.”

After listening, Muyang nodded his head and closed his eyes to sense that there was indeed an icy aura flying towards Planet Munster.

“The real battle is about to start. Melissa, adjust your state.”

“Hmm.” Melissa nodded vigorously with a glint of excitement in her eyes.

She was about to fight a master, and the Saiyan blood in her body couldn’t help but boil up.

“Do not underestimate Frieza. That villain is terrifying.” North Kai’s gruff voice rang in his ears.

“Don’t worry… I know his strength very well.”


At the periphery of Planet Munster, the vast and empty cosmic starry sky. Bright and dark starlight shining, like crystal dotted in the darkness of the night.


A bright light quickly crossed the night sky, and when we looked closer, it was a brown disc-shaped spaceship.

When approaching Planet Munster, the disc spaceship began to slow down, as if looking for a place to land.

Inside the ship, Frieza stood sullenly in the command room. His eyes were looking out at a planet that had become dimly lit outside the spaceship, and on one side of the curved horizon, a huge mushroom-shaped plant could be vaguely seen.

“Ho ho ho ho, that giant tree is the Tree of Might. It really absorbed the essence of the whole planet all!”

Frieza rubbed his chin, and his bloodshot eyes flashed a cold aura.

“To be sure, that is the Tree of Might.”

Zarbon humbly bent down, “King Frieza, please prepare to enjoy the fruit of the Tree of Might.”

“Well, very good.” Frieza laughed openly.

Planet Munster now really looked just like Zarbon said; the Tree of Might absorbed all the essence.

Freiza wondered what kind of fruit could be produced by the Tree of Might, which had absorbed so much vital energy.

Immortality might be just around the corner. When Cooler sees him, he can only obediently give way.

When he thought of this, Frieza couldn’t help but feel unprecedented excitement.

The spaceship slowly through the atmosphere, landing on a wholly desertified land.

This area was initially a riverbed, but with the Tree of Might growth, the river disappeared, and the muddy riverbank cracked with winding cracks.

Sha Sha Sha ……

Yellow sand filled the sky and raised the wind and sand.

Frieza and Zarbon came out from the hatch of the spaceship, followed by many aliens who appeared like wasps.

The group kept approaching the lofty and upright huge Tree of Might. The sky-blocking leaves blocked the sun, and no sunlight could be seen when standing underneath.

“It is indeed thriving. Its roots are already rooted in the inner part of the planet.” Frieza said in a cheerful mood.

“As expected of a fruit tree planted by the gods, I am now getting more and more hopeful about the Tree of Might fruit.”

“Mr. Zarbon, you lead the way to see if the Tree of Might fruit has ripened.”

Zarbon smiled like a gentleman and led Frieza towards the main trunk of the Tree of Might.

On the way, Frieza kept commenting on the Tree of Might and looked very satisfied.

Well, this huge fruit tree actually didn’t even have a fruit. It must have concentrated the essence together.

That was right; such a fruit possessed the effect of an increasing life span!

Frieza and Zarbon came to the main trunk area of the Tree of Might and didn’t see a single fruit on the way.

However, Frieza’s heart had already found a good excuse for this.

If he knew that the fruit of the Tree of Might he was looking for had already been taken away by Muyang, what would be the expression.

“Mr Zarbon, the fruit is around here, right?” Frieza put his hands on his back courteously.

Zarbon frowned a little and said, “It should be in this location. It’s strange. Where did those armies I left behind go?”

Frieza’s face was still smiling, but his tone was indifferent as he joked, “Those people didn’t sneak away to pick the Tree of Might fruit and escape, right…”

Zarbon said, “Please, King Frieza trust the members of the force. They will never betray the king.”

Just somehow, Zarbon’s heart suddenly emerged a trace of ominous omen, as if something bad was about to happen, or had happened.

“Ho ho ho ho, that’s the best!” Frieza laughed lightly.

He was convinced that those of his men didn’t have the guts to betray him.

The search took a long time, but not even a single fruit was found. By this time, Frieza’s face had turned grim, and he wondered if his men had embezzled the Tree of Might fruit he wanted.

However, someone soon reported that all those army’s spaceships were still stuck on top of Planet Munster.

“Strange. Where did all of my men and fruits go?” Frieza’s face was a bit gloomy.

This time, with a “click,” Frieza stepped on something and lifted his foot to find a leftover fruit kernel with nibble marks on it.

Frieza’s eyes snapped, “This is…. the Tree of Might fruit!”


Another fruit kernel fell from the sky, smashed into Frieza’s head, and then fell to the ground.

Frieza jerked up his head, just in time to see in more than two hundred meters above the ground on the fork of a tree, a man and a woman were hugging each other sitting on it.

The woman was continually wiggling her feet while eating the fruit and throwing fruit kernels below.


Frieza saw the appearance of the person in the tree. The corners of the mouth coldly squeezed out a few words.

He picked up the fruit kernel and sniffed; a wonderful fragrant smell came over. Frieza knew then that this was the Tree of Might fruit he was looking for.

However, it had already been eaten, and those two, surprisingly, were the Saiyans from his many men!

Frieza’s guesses about Melissa deviated but didn’t misidentify her racial identity.

“Saiyans, where is my Tree of Might fruit!”

“I picked it!”

“Where did you put the picked fruit?” Frieza asked, still holding a glimmer of hope.

“I ate it!”

Melissa stuffed a Tree of Might fruit into her mouth, eating it so she would have the strength to fight.

“Well, well….” Frieza was furious and bubbling with a cold aura.

In a moment, the majestic energy spread out; it was as a deep cold chill that made Zarbon and the aliens who followed fall into the ice cellar, and their bodies seemed to freeze.

“Saiyans, it seems that I have been too kind to you by keeping you as my combatants. Because you ate my Tree of Might fruit, I will make your whole Planet Vegeta pay the debt!”

Clap, clap, clap!

Melissa clapped her hands with a cheerful look.

Frieza looked like a Universe Emperor now. However, the more than 500,000 power level was still a little less.

By the way, Muyang said Frieza could transform, and now this power resulted from his suppression.

He was a weird person, he had a powerful force, but he could only suppress it so much.

Muyang then stood up with Melissa in his arms. There was nothing to indicate that Frieza had identified them as Vegeta’s Saiyans.

If they admitted that he was wrong, Vegeta’s Saiyans still had to take the blame.

“Melissa, go say hello and get rid of the aliens around Frieza.”

Muyang’s face was calm as he pointed at Zarbon and others beside Frieza, who by this time had given them a death sentence.

“Leave it to me. I’ll send them all to the Other-World!”

Melissa tapped her chest, and her eyes turned golden yellow. A terrifying aura burst out, and before Frieza and Zarbon could react, green energy had swept over like a storm.

“This is not good. This Saiyan is extraordinary!”

Faced with the sudden attack, Frieza subconsciously felt the danger, which made him think of the light shadow man he met years ago.

He hurriedly put his hands in front of his chest and prepared to transform, but it was already too late.

The sharp energy blades cut on all the limbs; it was like entering a meat grinder, a stabbing pain rushed to the heart. Frieza’s limbs skin open flesh, clattering blood flowed on the ground.

“Bastard, you made this king injured.”

After the energy storm swept through, Frieza’s face was gloomy, and his body was covered with scars.

“Huh, Mr. Zarbon….” Frieza looked back, but the scene he saw made him furious. He saw his trusted man, Mr. Zarbon’s face stiffened.

His two eyes were bulging out, and his body covered with deep claustrophobic wounds.

He had been tragically killed, along with those of his followers, all of whom had died in one fell swoop.


Frieza gritted his teeth, and suddenly his anger was withdrawn. His face was calm as he looked at Melissa in front of him.

His heart was squeezed to the peak of hostility, and he already had the impulse to destroy the planet.

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