Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 286


“Hurry up and release it, my full power!!!”

Frieza, who was beaten up by the couple, was now incredibly remorseful about why he didn’t exercise correctly so that he was still in his weakest state.

If he could unleash his full power, no, not all, just 50% of his power, he would be able to fight back in turn.

However, Muyang simply didn’t give him such an opportunity.


A bright white wave of ki descended from the sky, making Frieza’s eyes condense into a pinpoint.

His heart called out hard to the power in his body, but it was no help at all, and this powerful force soon swallowed him up.

A loud rumbling sound was transmitted, and a mushroom cloud tens of thousands of meters high rose from the surface of Planet Munster.

At this moment, the energy comparable to tens of thousands of large-yield nuclear bombs were released together.

The atmospheric structure was severely damaged, and a ring of shock waves shattered space as it squeezed and spread out.

If a person were standing in outer space, they could see a huge light rising in one of the planets, and then the shock wave immediately spread to the entire surface of the planet.

The continental plates instantly fractured, hot magma and pungent smoke filled the air.

Under the blow of the terrifying energy, Planet Munster was like entering the starburst stage.

When the smoke cleared a little, a huge ring-shaped impact crater of hundreds of thousands of meters square with an unknown depth appeared in the field of vision.

The original flat ground had ceased to exist, and the magnificent spiritual tree was only a remnant, burning in the air with the last ashes.

The surrounding cracked area that stretched out for millions of meters was littered with a horrific sight of disfigured faces.

Frieza was lying miserably in the center of the impact crater, half of his body buried.

“Is Frieza dead?” Melissa floated in the void.

“Not yet; his ki is still there.”

Muyang stared straight ahead, knowing in his heart that this attack couldn’t kill Frieza.

Even if with the power that could destroy the whole planet, it couldn’t simply kill Frieza.

“He’s such a tough guy.” Melissa snapped her tongue.

Muyang nodded gently. Frieza was indeed adamant. Among the many villains, he had lived the longest.

Even in Planet Namek and earth, he was forced into a desperate situation by Son Goku and Trunks several times, but he still came back from hell after many years. His power even rose and turned into golden Frieza.

Even when he had repeatedly defeated, but the stronger the fight, the better he got!

Looking calmly at Frieza in the ground, disturbing energy suddenly swept over.

Muyang’s heart burst as he saw Frieza’s scarred hands, feet, and tail swelling rapidly without warning, and with a boom, the violent and rampant energy was suddenly released.

“This is not good!!!”

Faced with a sudden and violent impact, Muyang pulled Melissa’s arm and led her to teleport some distance away.

At the back of Planet Munster, Muyang appeared with Melissa. As soon as he appeared, he felt a hot impact coming from behind him, while the energy that covered the sky impacted over.

“Muyang, what’s going on?”

“That guy, Frieza, actually blew himself up.”

Muyang cursed with a gloomy face and stagnated with Melissa in the high air covered by the awe-inspiring aura.

“What’s going on? Why Frieza’s ki has become stronger?!”

Suddenly Melissa sensed an evil aura that can freeze even a soul was released. Melissa shivered, and her face turned a few shades whiter.

Muyang looked grave up and said, “Frieza released his full power!”

With self-destructive arms and legs to buy him some time, Frieza was ruthless to others and himself.

However, this was also because Frieza was forced to be really out of options. If he didn’t show his Final Form, he would only be beaten passively.

In the dark energy smoke, Frieza’s petite figure came out. His white torso and two blood-red eyes were particularly noticeable.

He had a cold face without a little expression and looked at Muyang and Melissa’s eyes full of killing intent.

Melissa gulped. It was the first time she saw Frieza’s Final Form, and she was shocked by the aura on the other side.

“Is this Frieza’s Final Form?”

“That’s right. The king of the universe is not to be underestimated, so we have to be careful next!” Muyang nodded his head stonily.

Frieza’s 120 million power level was far beyond their power. However, the good thing was that Frieza’s mastery of this power was not very proficient, and he and Melissa teamed up, so there was still a great hope of winning.

“Saiyans, I’ve kept you waiting. Did you have a good fight just now?”

Frieza’s icy eyes looked at Melissa, and a terrifying aura suddenly rushed towards her. Muyang stepped forward and stood in front of Melissa.

“It’s quite enjoyable,” Muyang said honestly, but he was looking forward to the next battle even more.

“Ho ho ho ho, it seems that in the past, I have not been paying enough attention to your race. The district of Saiyans, surprisingly, has given birth to masters like you!” Frieza said in an icy voice.

“But it’s not too late in paying attention to it. When I kill you guys, I’ll go destroy Planet Vegeta.”

Muyang shrugged; admittedly, Frieza turned into his Final Form, and his power level had improved a lot, but to say that he could kill Muyang and Melissa, that was overconfident.

Twelve years ago, he was able to fight with Frieza for several rounds with a limited power level of 21 million.

Now, with a full power level tending to 80 million, and with the cooperation of Melithea, he didn’t believe that he couldn’t kill the 120 million Frieza.

“Humph!” Muyang’s insensitivity makes Frieza’s face instantly cold.

‘Did these two pathetic Saiyans still think they were strong enough? That would be a big mistake.’

Frieza’s deep cold eyes swept the two people in front of him, and the corners of his mouth condensed into a cruel smile.

‘Just, let them see how majestic is the king of the universe!’

“To tell you the truth, this king’s power level is a terrifying 120 million. This terrifying power is something that this king cannot easily grasp, so don’t cry in fear later.”

Just blow!

Muyang and Melissa already knew the power level of Frieza, so how could they be frightened by his bragging.

Seeing that the two Saiyans didn’t respond, Frieza raised his eyebrows and suddenly felt disinterested.

Of course, although Frieza’s bragging didn’t scare Muyang and Melissa, it scared North Kai on North Kai’s Planet.

After knowing Frieza’s true strength, North Kai froze, with cold sweat dripping from his head.

“120 million power level. Oh my god, what kind of monster is Frieza!”

North Kai was paled, “I didn’t expect Frieza to be so strong. Now Muyang and Melissa are in trouble.”


On Planet Munster.

After releasing his full power, Frieza regained his usual calmness; his words and actions became elegant.

His cold face glanced toward Muyang, and his body disappeared without warning.

However, Muyang had long been on the alert for a long time, so when Frieza disappeared, Muyang’s ki locked Frieza’s position.

When he appeared to kick over, Muyang slightly dodged Frieza’s attack sideways, and then flashed behind Frieza, grabbing his tail.

Frieza’s power was strong, but the weakness was also apparent. Frieza’s control of his power was too low.

“Melissa, proceed!” Muyang flung Frieza over.

“Wait for it!” Melissa’s hair was now all fried, and the raging power was ready.


Melissa clenched her fists together, her elbows down, and she struck Frieza’s back hard with her elbow joints.

The elbow joint was one of the hardest parts of the human body, and the damage caused by the violent attack was even greater than the fist.

Frieza didn’t expect his opponent’s movement to be so agile, and when he was hit in the back by Melissa’s attack, Frieza cried out in pain, and his eyes were filled with blood.

And at this time, Muyang also strides forward. The attack becomes more and more intense, not giving Frieza a chance to react at all.


There were several more heavy blasts in a row.

Thanks to the constant sparring in the Acceleration World, Melissa and Muyang have an excellent understanding of each other.

They knew each other’s intentions with a glance. With the couple’s cooperation, Frieza, who had lost his rhythm, was momentarily confused.

Within a few seconds, Muyang and Melissa had already struck countless crazy blows, each blow driving the planet to send out a dull trembling.

Frieza was being beaten to the point of dizziness, and his face had become bruised and swollen in his ultimate state.


Frieza fiercely propped up his hands, the majestic to strong power swept out, breaking free from the siege of Muyang and Melissa.

“Awesome, your power is actually stronger than I thought.”

Frieza, who fiercely broke free from the downwind, wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth.

His face finally became serious, and it was then that the power of the king of the universe was truly revealed.

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