Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 287


Frieza, who had been used to smooth sailing, probably wouldn’t have thought that because of his momentary carelessness, he would actually be caught by the two Saiyans. This humiliation was exactly the same as twelve years ago.

He admitted that he had underestimated the power of the Super Saiyan. However, with this energy alone to cause harm to him, his strength was still far from adequate!

“Super Saiyan was just a boring legend. Even if you are really Super Saiyan, you are not a match for me.”

Frieza’s gaze swept towards Muyang and Melissa. Frieza licked his lips and sneered.

Suddenly, with a flash of light, Frieza’s white body appeared at Melissa’s side. His body was tilted, and a hand knife slashed down at Melissa.

“Melissa, be careful behind you.”

Muyang fiercely surprised and shouted, but Frieza’s speed was too fast. It was too late to go to the rescue.

When Melissa heard Muyang’s shout, her body suddenly went cold, and she subconsciously made a defense, and a furious force erupted out. Clang!

The riotous power collided with Frieza’s hand knife, and a dazzling spark bloomed.

Muyang received a strong impact, and her whole body flew out sideways like a cannonball.

After Frieza’s success, he laughed out loud and went after Muyang to add a slash.

However, just as Frieza’s attack was about to land on Melissa again, Muyang suddenly appeared in front of her. Boom!

Muyang combined his hands to block Frieza’s attack for her and then tangled with Frieza.

Suddenly, Muyang’s body sank, and the attack from Frieza made his arm tingle.

“Ho ho ho ho, your strength is ranked in the top five among the masters this king has seen, but it is still too far from this king.” Frieza wrapped his hands around his head.

His white tail was crackling and slapping the ground, the hard rock snapping into pieces.

After a period of relief, Frieza gradually adapted to his Final Form’s power and spoke with increasing complacency.

Muyang, however, wrinkled his face, and his spiritual power probed out and sensed Melissa’s condition.

It was good to see that she was not in any severe condition. The first round of fights ended, Muyang roughly figured out Frieza’s power.

In general, compared to twelve years ago. Perhaps because of the Final Form’s infrequent use, Frieza’s energy had not been significantly improved, but all this time had not passed in vain.

At least Frieza’s adaptation to his Final Form power had improved a lot.

“Frieza, compared to more than ten years ago. Your growth is minimal, and your combat skills are still as crude as ever!”


This time it was Frieza’s turn to be surprised. Why did the male “Super Saiyan” say such things in front of him?

Was it to mess with his mind, or did they really fight?

Frieza carefully sized up Muyang, and his eyes narrowed together. After he mentioned this, Frieza found that the person in front of him seemed to be familiar from somewhere.

Upon carefully recalling the masters he had fought in recent years, Frieza’s face suddenly changed, and his voice was chilly.

“Could it be that you were the light shadow man twelve years ago?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be dead?”


Muyang secretly exchanged glances with Melissa. As Frieza shouted in shock, the two simultaneously burst out with strong light and attacked Frieza together with a flourish.

CLANG, there was a heavy blow!

“Ho,” Frieza grunted, his face became hideous.

“So you’re not dead. Well, old grudges and new grudges, I’ll count them back together this time.” In a loud shout of anger, Frieza’s arm resting on the vitals.

After carrying the first wave of attacks from Muyang, he began to make a counterattack.


Frieza shrieked strangely, and suddenly his eyes were certain. His fingers kept clicking on the void, waving a laser-like energy beam.

Frieza’s energy was so abundant that he couldn’t even think of wielding it recklessly like this.

This was something that no other master could even think of. Each of his beam attacks contained enough energy to pierce the masters’ bodies, whose strength reached tens of millions of power level!

Muyang and Melissa’s bodies nimbly weaved through the slits of laser energy, and their strange techniques quickly closed in on Frieza’s body.

At this time, Frieza sneered, but his entire body flashed quickly, suddenly narrowing the distance between him and Muyang.

Of course, the battle skills of Frieza couldn’t be compared with Muyang, but the advantage was that he had plenty of energy and could afford to squander it.

If you had a few shots, you could always get the dates.


The riotous energy beams and the force of Muyang’s attack collided and scattered in all directions.

The flurry of energy exploded into a mess, and the whole Planet Munster became more miserable. The continental plates rode on lava and drifted away from each other.

At Kai’s Planet, North Kai looked at the battle on top of Planet Munster with fear and trepidation. He took out his handkerchief and kept wiping his cold sweat.

“They’re too strong. However, Muyang and Melissa’s energy is not as strong as Frieza’s. If they can’t determine the winner in a short time, the situation will be very unfavorable for them!”

North Kai’s eyes were fixed on the Lower Realm, and the tentacles on his forehead were constantly bubbling with electric light.

The battle above Planet Munster was already beyond his imagination, not to mention control. With his eyesight, he could no longer see the specifics. However, he thought that Muyang and Melissa were losing out on the energy intensity with his years of experience.


Muyang’s fist landed in front of Frieza’s face.

Clang! Frieza coldly stood in place. One hand held Muyang’s fist, then threw it towards the sky.

Frieza followed by a leap, his body rotated 360 degrees, and a hard thigh overhead kicked down.


Muyang’s face showed a painful look, and a mouthful of blood couldn’t help but spurt out; his body was like a cannonball straight down. There was a loud boom, and the whole planet shook, flying up a sky of yellow sand.


Melissa roared in anger. Her whole body kept flashing with green and golden light.

“I told you a long time ago; you will not be my opponent.” Frieza laughed loudly, crushing. This was the power of being the emperor of the universe.

However, before he could be complacent for long, Melissa was like a mad bull that went berserk and charged toward Frieza.

“FRIEZA, I’LL KILL YOU!” Melissa rampaged and charged without defense.

“Hmph, you are no match for this king either.”

Frieza smiled coldly, and a silvery-white cold light glowed between his two fingers.

He raised his arm and was about to launch an energy attack when suddenly his body shook as if his body was wrapped with countless tough ribbons. His arms and legs could not move.

The next moment, Frieza’s face became gloomy. His forehead was green with veins, but he could not break free.


Hundreds of times, more gravity was exerted on his body, and Frieza felt that his body sank and his movements became more difficult.

“Bastard, what the hell is going on!” Frieza shouted furiously.


Countless green whirlwind coalesced into half-inch blades. The thin energy blades like cicada wings through the bright flash, hovering like a tornado storm, spilling over towards Frieza.

Each blade was concentrated on the extreme and contained terrifying energy.

These energy blades cut into Frieza’s body as if they had been drilled into his flesh, making him suffer.

Blood splattered and gushed out.

Dripping beads of blood fell to the ground, and Frieza’s white torso was soon ravaged to the ground.

“AHHHHHHHHH!!!” Frieza roared in pain and fury.

“Damn it. I will kill you all!” With his arms open, the energy of up to 120 million suddenly burst out.

The power exerted by such high-intensity energy bursting together was astonishing.

Melissa’s face turned pale for a moment as Frieza forcefully broke her superpower bondage.


A mouthful of blood spilled out of the corner of the mouth. Melissa’s spirit shriveled up, and the golden eyes of the Legendary Super Saiyan couldn’t last much longer.

Just at this time, a magnificent figure appeared at her side. A wave of energy affixed to her body hit, immediately suppressing the injury in her body.

“You rest for a while, leave the next to me.” Muyang face like frost said.

Melissa’s throat moved slightly, temporarily retreat to the side to recuperate.

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