Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 288


The windswept, raising the yellow sand. The entire Planet Munster had become like a half-dead planet, and the vision had become dim and yellow.

Muyang and Frieza were facing each other. Two terrifying ki collided together, rubbing against each other and dividing the sky into two distinct pieces. Faintly, Frieza’s ki overpowered Muyang’s ki momentum.

With a swish sound, there was a shudder at the junction of qi, and the two people moved together.

Muyang immersed in the state of battle as if forgetting everything in the outside world.

This time his power exploded out more terrifying. Even though Frieza’s skills weren’t as good as Muyang’s, his terrifying power was still something for him to squander even after the previous tragic battle.


The silver-white lightning collided with Frieza’s gloomy energy, exploding and causing the climate catastrophe that swept the entire planet.

At this time, there was lightning and thunder on Planet Munster, and the air was full of doomsday.

The planet had already entered desertification after the excessive ingestion of the Tree of Might.

Because of the battle between Muyang and Frieza, it was officially declared to have entered the countdown to destruction.


Muyang and Frieza’s bodies collided high in the air, and after the terrifying energy spread out in the form of shock waves, more intense battles continued.

The two of them now couldn’t help each other. Every time they collided, they were almost destroyed.



Muyang’s big steel-like hand grabbed Frieza’s tail, but Frieza swung his body hard and threw Muyang out instead.

Frieza laughed loudly, the corners of his mouth flowed cruel smile, and a pair of bloodshot eyes cold light.

His body sprinted forward, close to the trajectory of Muyang’s body as he kicked Muyang hard.

Muyang half squinted, coughing up a mouthful of blood. His hand then grabbed Frieza’s foot, pushing him back towards the ground.


Planet Munster shook violently. Even at the back of the planet, you could feel the terrifying aura.

As time passed a little, the continental plates had long since sunk several pieces. The fiery lava met with the seawater and made an ear-piercing sound of buzzing while the air was already boiling hot steam.

“I can’t intervene in the battle between Muyang and Frieza.”

Melissa, who quietly swallowed Senzu Bean, looked at the light and shadow in the sky that kept colliding and separating in an open space.

She felt a strong sense of resignation. She was already a Saiyan, but I still felt so powerless. Melissa vowed to work out harder when she returned.

“HAHAHAHA, GO TO HELL!!!” Frieza’s face was cold, and his eyes were as cruel as a demon.


A second sun appeared in the sky. The strong sunlight suddenly blinded, Frieza was momentarily unaware of the blinding light and lost his eyesight for a short time.

For an alien-like Frieza who couldn’t use ki to sense the universe, his eyes’ failure meant the collapse of the battle.

Sure enough, the next was Melissa’s home turf. At least until Frieza regained his eyesight, the battle’s pace fell completely under Muyang’s control.

“Melissa, let’s destroy Frieza together.”

“Okay.” Melissa heard and then responded.

She then swung her arms with force and exploded with all the power in her body, converging with Muyang and then launched a fierce attack on Frieza together!





White, silver, green, all kinds of different moves emitted different colors, and in a short period, these big moves did not bring out 100% of the user’s power but gathered them together, which was enough for Frieza to drink.


Frieza became unbearable. He could only defend passively after losing his eyesight. Of course, the result could be imagined.

With a poof, a bloodied tail was cut off by an energy blade and fell from the sky.


The intense pain distorted Frieza’s face, and endless killing intent welled up in his heart.


Frieza, who regained his vision, looked dumbfounded at his tail that had been cut off.

This was his Final Form; it was not the suppressed Base Form or other forms. So, when the tail was broken, it wasn’t easy to grow.

“Bastards, all of you must die!!!” Frieza hissed resentfully, veins surged on his forehead, and the terrifying energy made the planet begin to disintegrate.

Since birth, he had only been humiliated like this a few times, and they were all related to this “Saiyan” in front of him.

He swore that he had never resented a person so much. Even Cooler was far better than the person in front of him.

He would never let them go, and the Saiyans on Planet Vegeta. He wanted to destroy all of them.

The ferocious gaze reveals a bloody cold light. Frieza had no regard for the injuries on his body and only intended to destroy the opponent.


The air lurched for a moment.

With a snap, Muyang and Melissa’s bodies were catapulted out of the way. A lightning bolt flashed quickly, and the two were once again hit hard.

Muyang’s whole energy erupted and pushed Melissa’s body away from him for some distance, and when Frieza’s figure appeared in front of him, his body slightly sideways and attacked. Muyang looked ruthless and directly collided with Frieza.

Boom, his body’s internal organs were in severe pain. Muyang insisted on twisting off one of Frieza’s arms, while he was also badly hit, half of his body was almost bloody.

“Hey hey hey, is that all your strength? This is no match for me!”

Frieza said with a drooping eye, holding his injured arm, and pretending to be strong.


Muyang’s hands and feet were numb, and half of his body lost perception.

At this time, Frieza was so much more powerful than twelve years ago that Muyang was on the verge of being helpless.

A few wisps of divine light flashed through his dark eyes, his arm suddenly lifted and said coldly, “Frieza, you can only talk tough up to this point. I really want to defeat you by force, but your growth potential is too great, leaving me with too many scruples.”

“Hmm?” Frieza let out a strange cry of shock and confusion.

However, he saw a sudden difference in the dark and dim sky. As if the sky had been torn open by some force, a dark red spatial rift showed up.

The vast and reckless dreary aura enveloped down at once.

In the center of the blood-colored crack, a few silvery lights flashed a few times.

For some reason, when seeing the points of silver light, Frieza’s heart suddenly grew an omen of danger, as if the next moment they will lose their lives. This depressing feeling was too unbearable.


Muyang pointed his finger, and the other end of the spatial rift had communicated with the Acceleration World.

The silvery-white aura was like lightning sweeping out from the other end of the world.
The winding electric light transformed into a silvery God Chain in the air. These divine chains descended from the sky and at once bound Frieza’s arms and legs, with several more chains wrapped around Frieza’s neck and torso.

“What the hell is this?!”

Frieza panicked. When he was entangled in the god chain, he felt bad. His body struggled violently, but the energy chains tightened as if to drag him into the “black hole.”

He had a feeling that if he really went in, it would be the end.

The back of that big hole was connected to the Acceleration Space. Once Muyang grabbed him, Frieza’s end would be imaginable.

“No, I can’t give in easily!”

“I want to fight!”

Frieza’s eyes were bloodshot. His eyes were full of madness, and suddenly his eyes looked towards the pale and broken ground, and his face bloomed with rage.


Frieza forcefully put his hands against his chest, painfully resisting the bondage of the silver God Chain.

His mouth roared in pain, and his whole body muscles began to tremble, “If you want to kill this great king, you are still far from it. I would like to see if you can be safe in front of the power of planetary destruction!”

In a serious threat to life situation, this moment, Frieza completely went crazy.

He put his hands in front of his body and roared with evil intent, Destroy The Planet !”

A fierce light flashed, which was an even more terrifying move than the “Death Ball” that Frieza usually uses to destroy planets.

Destroy a planet was actually very easy, as long as the core could be destroyed.

However, whether you could survive the horrific energy of the planet explosion was a great test of a person’s strength. Frieza was 80% sure that he could survive, but the opposite “Saiyan” might not.

Even if the opposite “Saiyan” could escape the power of the planet’s destruction, it couldn’t survive in a vacuum environment!

After all, the Saiyans’ physical quality was not as good as his Frieza Clan!

Either way, it was a death for the Saiyan. At the time of life and death, Frieza was completely desperate, whether to succeed, he needed to fight the opponent!

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