Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 289


The “Destroy The Planet,” which contained the ultimate power, came down from the sky with a loud rumble.

Muyang wanted to stop it, but he could not do anything while maintaining the Death God Chain.

A dazzling ball of energy hit Planet Munster’s rocky crust in the endless starry sky and then “poofed,” it entered the planet’s interior very easily.

The ground surged violently, and the planet’s core began to crumble under Frieza’s energy attack.

Frieza’s face twisted with laughter, “Saiyans, you’ll struggle in the explosion of the planet’s destruction, and then die a painful death!

“You will never be my match!”

Not to mention the power generated by the detonation of the planet core, which was enough to make any life gone, Saiyans couldn’t even survive in the vacuum. Frieza was sure that he would win this battle.

The thought of the “Super Saiyan” dying in front of him made Frieza happy and want to laugh.

Muyang looked at the rising ground within his line of sight. The bright and brilliant light had been revealed, and the energy inside Planet Munster was about to explode, making Muyang couldn’t help but cuss.

At this time, the anxious voice of North Kai came, “Hurry up and run, Planet Munster is about to collapse.”

“Frieza is a madman!”

Cursing on his lips, Muyang retrieved the God Chain that was wrapped around Frieza’s body.

With a few flashes of starlight, he arrived in front of Melissa, then took her by her thin waist and cast Instant Transmission to leave.

“Ah, how did they disappear?!”

Frieza dumbly looked at Muyang, and Melissa suddenly disappeared without a trace amidst a daze in his eyes.

The enemy actually ran away, which made Frieza dumbfounded for a moment. However, the constant surge of energy in the surrounding environment made him unable to think more, and immediately urged the energy to protect himself.

Although Frieza could easily destroy a planet, he did not dare to underestimate the power of a large planetary explosion.



In the dark universe, a bright planet exploded in brilliant colors, and Planet Munster finally disappeared.

It was like a big fireball blossoming into a beautiful flame at the moment of disappearance.

The horrible energy eventually disturbed the planet’s stability, and scattered planet remnants floated in their original orbits and turned into small broken meteorites.

These small meteorites were still red, with molten rock surging away, and the cold universe gradually cooled into black and blue meteorites.

After multiple disasters, Planet Munster could not escape the end of destruction after all.

This result was already predetermined when the seeds of the Tree of Might fell.

Muyang appeared with Melissa on North Kai’s Planet..

As soon as he landed, Muyang coughed violently. He hastily took out the Senzu Beans and ate them to stabilized the injuries on his body.

Melissa’s injuries were much lighter than Muyang’s because she had already taken Senzu Beans before.

“How’s Frieza? Is he dead or not?” After recovering his strength, Muyang asked North Kai.

North Kai said excitedly, “Muyang, I didn’t expect that you guys could actually resist Frieza. He’s mighty.” He then probed the situation over Planet Munster.

However, since Planet Munster had just been destroyed, the terrifying energy disrupted all probing, and North Kai could not distinguish the situation there for a while.

“Although it is not clear how exactly there, Frieza is definitely dead.” North Kai said with confidence.

Muyang shook his head, “Do not be so optimistic; Frieza’s life force is stronger than you think.”

In the original story, Frieza, who was only left with half of his body, survived the explosion of the destruction of Planet Namek.

Moreover, Frieza’s body was intact, and Planet Munster’s size was not as big as Planet Namek.

“No way. How can Frieza survive?” Melissa wasn’t too convinced either.

“The possibility is high,” Muyang said seriously.

Regarding the future stability of the North Area, North Kai did not dare to be careless. His face was serious as he said, “In that case, I will pay attention to the situation there on Planet Munster. Once I find any trace of Frieza, I will immediately inform you.”

Now, Muyang could force Frieza to use the “die together” trick. Undoubtedly, he became the biggest support of North Kai, and the North Area’s stability also depended on the power of this couple.

Muyang nodded his head and was also concerned about the situation on Planet Munster.

However, the diffuse aftermath had not yet dissipated, and the abundant energy blocked all perceptions.

It made it impossible for Muyang to distinguish whether Frieza’s ki still existed.

“You guys wait. I’ll go to the Other-World now and take a look.”

After a little thought, Muyang spoke to Melissa and North Kai. Hopefully, Frieza was already dead; if not, then he must be found and killed as soon as possible.

Never leave him time to train, or else what kind of consequences they would get into, no one knew.

“That’s a good idea.” North Kai’s eyes lit up for a moment.

All beings who died within the North Area had to report to King Yemma.

After a while, Muyang’s figure reappeared in the North Kai’s Planet.

“So, is Frieza dead yet?” Both North and Melissa looked at Muyang

Muyang shook his head, “No soul of Frieza was found at the Other-World.”

Melissa was dumbfounded, “Indeed, he’s still alive.”

North Kai hissed, “Frieza’s life force was too strong.”

“Keep an eye on the starfield where Planet Munster is located. Frieza must still be there.”

“I know.” Without Muyang’s instruction, North Kai knew what to do.

At this time, Muyang said to Melissa, “You were bullied enough by Frieza just now too. I’ll take you to get revenge!”

“Where do you want to take revenge?”

Muyang laughed and said, “There are quite a few colonial planets and headquarters under Frieza. Let’s go pick them one by one.”

“This can be possible!”

Melissa’s eyes lit up, and her eyes turned up like clouds of smoke, obviously very interested.

North Kai couldn’t wait for the forces under Frieza to be disbanded entirely and hurriedly told Muyang all the news he knew about Frieza’s legion.

After getting the information about the headquarters under Frieza from North Kai, Muyang took the excited Melissa and transferred there with Instant Transmission.

“There may be a large area in the North Area that can get some peace.”

North Kai couldn’t help but think of the bright side in his heart and turned to continue his serious search for Frieza’s whereabouts in the vicinity of Planet Munster.


At the second headquarters planet of Frieza, which had become the most important planet of Frieza’s power at a very early stage, today, the aliens inside the headquarters were staring at the big screen, as usual, managing the flow of all information within Frieza’s power.

Suddenly, a violent alarm sounded on the second headquarters planet. The planet’s defense system detected an extremely large energy approaching; when all the defense systems were activated, there was a bright and shiny ball of energy slowly falling from the sky with glorious colors.

All the aliens at the headquarters stared at the energy ball with their hearts full of doubts.


When the energy ball fell, everything was already too late. The interior of the headquarters planet instantly disintegrated, and the end of destruction awaited them. This time, the aliens scattered outside came to their senses in the intense flashing warning lights and ran towards the spaceships in a hurry.

The rumble was over, all together, and no one could survive the destruction of the planet.

In the endless but dark red-backed universe, an upright figure and a woman with fluttering black hair stood in the cosmic starry sky.

Her eyes were leisurely looking at the planet where the destruction occurred.

“Muyang, next time it’s my turn to strike. I also want to try to destroy these sinful planets.” Melissa pulled on Muyang’s arm and said.

“No problem.” Muyang gave her a look.

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