Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 292


This time, the entire North Area was very calm.

Frieza Force’s territories were lost one after another, and the rumors of Frieza’s death were widespread.

However, because there was no tangible evidence, the surrounding predators didn’t dare to act rashly to avoid losing the lamb, which in turn caused a riot.

Among these areas, the North Area Southeast Part had the most unstable atmosphere.

Not long ago, the local ruler, Slug, just disappeared. Soon, even the North Area Southern Part of Frieza Force also disappeared.

Could there be some powerful forces in the dark, spying on the territory of the North Area?

This was not impossible. Many alien predators pondered and decided to wait and see for a while.

Six months after Frieza’s death, the situation in the North Area finally began to destabilize.

Led by King Cold and Cooler, several parties began to fight for the territory left behind by Frieza, and a large battle for supremacy was about to begin.


In the North Area Eastern Part, the palace of King Cold.

King Cold sat on top of his chair with a gloomy face. His dark face could drip ink, “Frieza has been confirmed dead, but his killer has not been located.”

King Cold’s voice was icy, causing the aliens underneath trembled. They looked at each other and did not dare to talk.

King Cold drank a glass of red wine with a bang and put the glass on the table with force.

For Frieza’s death, King Cold had a little sadness. Unfortunately, less a son who obeyed, but more than that was the scorn of the killer.

He knew the strength of Frieza best. Although he was not as good as his father and his elder brother Cooler, he was a rare master in the North Area. With such a strong power, how could an unknown person kill him?

Without investigating the matter clearly, how could King Cold feel at ease?

After lowering his head in silence for a while, King Cold raised his head and flashed a few cold lights in his bloodshot eyes, “The news has spread; what’s Cooler’s move?”

A blue-skinned alien said, “The Northern Legion controlled by Lord Cooler is frequently mobilized and may expand southward.”

Upon hearing this, King Cold’s eyes narrowed slightly. His purple lips rose slightly, and a terrifying aura like that of an ancient beast erupted from his body, which turned into waves of ki and swept out in all directions.

King Cold sneered, “Cooler also set his eyes on the territory left by Frieza. Pass my order. King Cold Legion is all moving up and must not let Cooler continue to expand.”

Cooler’s ambition was much bigger than Frieza’s. He definitely wouldn’t be satisfied with Frieza’s territory, and when he digested Frieza’s territory, the next target would be King Cold’s.

At this time, how could King Cold back down? Of course, he was in full force to collect the territory of Frieza’s forces.

“As ordered.”

“This subordinate will immediately convey the order.”

The aliens below responded loudly and exited the palace one after another.

After everyone went down, King Cold sat quietly in his chair. His heart was gloomy, wondering how Frieza could not fight a little and actually be killed by someone with unknown origins.

If Frieza had not died, he would not have been so active in his actions with the enemy at his back.


North Area Northern Part.

Cooler also lamented the death of his useless brother, then sneered.

If Frieza had not died, where would he have had the opportunity to counterattack King Cold?

“Frieza died at the right time. Only someone was actually able to kill Frieza; it seems that I also need to pay attention.”

Cooler sneered, not really caring much in his heart. After all, his strength was a terrifying 470 million, and this power brought him a very great deal of confidence.

What he had to consider now was whether or not to clash head-on with King Cold.

That fat piece of meat in Frieza’s territory was something he really didn’t want to give up.

“Just clash. Clash it is. Everything is under my control anyway.”

He did not have much respect for King Cold because he was more independent and more ambitious with a more mature mind. The North Area was such a large area.

Previously, the three of them scraped and divided the land to maintain the balance.

Now, once Frieza died, the power in the hands of King Cold weakened, causing Cooler and King Cold to clash head-on.

“Accelerate the takeover of Frieza’s territory. Even if you encounter the forces of the North Area east side, do not ever stop for me!”

Cooler stood in front of the porthole after giving the order, gazing through the glass at the pale, dark, and faintly red starry sky. He had decided to take over the North Area Southern Part.


Over time, Cooler and King Cold’s rivalry intensified, and soon the legions under their command began to fight in the original territory of Frieza.

Seeing the two overlords of the North Area compete, many of the predators who had smelled the meat and wanted to take a bite reluctantly withdrew from the fight.

So the next, in the North Area, only the men of King Cold and Cooler were competing for the planet.

Such a struggle continued for more than half a year, and finally, the dust settled.

Frieza’s power was divided into two, the majority went into the pockets of Cooler, and King Cold took up only a small part of the territory near the East.

As such a result, King Cold was very dissatisfied, but he couldn’t do anything. The cooler had grown hard wings, making him unable to stop the expansion of his eldest son.



In a room full of warm tones, a slender young girl walked into the room.

She lifted the sheet of Muyang, only to see an equally beautiful girl lying curled up in the nest.

The young girl grunted twice and also got into the nest, then looked at Muyang with unblinking eyes.

The two girls had a lock of beautiful hair like a cloud and a pair of shining bright eyes, such as jade fat skin tendered like soft honey, and slender body, which was like a cluster of orchids like quiet nature.

It was the twin sisters, Melia and Melis.

Muyang sat up and looked at them and said, “Melia, what are you two doing today?”

“It’s been ten years since I left Planet Sala. I want to go back to see the changes.” Melis whispered softly.

Melia spit out her tongue, and then she said with a big grin, “Melis and I are about to turn eighteen, so you’re coming back to Planet Sala with us, and then we’ll have a wedding!”

Although she and Melis and the merged Melissa were already Muyang’s wife, that was on behalf of the former “Mexia.” She and Melis had not yet held a wedding with Muyang!

Muyang looked at the two sisters and sighed that time flies.

When he took the two sisters out of Planet Sala, they were just a little more than eight years old. Ten years have passed, and the little lollies had grown into mature girls.

He remembered when Mexia was this old and was “eaten” by him.

“Since you two sisters are so eager to marry me, then I will agree.” Muyang laughed and agreed.

“Who says we’re eager to hand over ourselves to you? When the two of us marrying you, it’s a big advantage for you.” Melia and Melis gave Muyang a white glance and said in unison.

“Yes, I took advantage of a big bargain!” Muyang embraced them, one left and one right. His mood was perfect.

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