Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 293


Fish roaming in the Super Saiyan Blue Evolution, when suddenly from the bottom of the sea sprang up a giant sea beast.

The sea beast opened its bloody mouth, leaping out of the water. “Flopped” back to the bottom of the sea, splashing tens of meters high waves.

The tranquility of the ocean at this moment was broken.

“I didn’t expect to meet a Four-Legged Sea Beast here. I heard its meat is delicious.”

A Saiyan wearing a battle-armor constantly searched the surrounding sea area at a distance of 20 to 30 meters from the sea level. After finding the giant sea beast, his eyes lit up violently, and excitement appeared on his face.


The Saiyan chased the giant sea beast into the deep sea. Soon, the bottom of the sea burst violently, splashing white waves as the sea rises, scattered into the air, falling into the rain.

A shadow was sliding on the surface of the sea, that Saiyan carrying the sea beast tens of times larger than his body flying at a fast pace, and then a slip of smoke towards the coast.

“Hey, is that Moncas? The…. sea beast he’s carrying seems to be a Four-Legged Sea Beast, right?”

“It seems to be.”

“He’s too lucky.”

“The meat of the Four-legged Sea Beast is delicious. Looking at such a big piece he is carrying, he can eat several meals well.”

A few Saiyans saw Moncas flying over carrying the huge beast and sighed in surprise on the shore. Their words seemed to be envious of Moncas’ harvest.

“Ho, even if you want to eat good food, you have to wait for the ‘Summer Restaurant’ to open. It only opens one day out of seven days, and the owner is really inconsistent.”

Some Saiyans said grapes were sour when they couldn’t eat them, and their hearts were thick with envy.

“Come on, if I can eat that delicious food, I’m willing to wait in line for seven days.”

“That’s right. I had the privilege to eat a ‘Summer Restaurant’ food. The taste of the food makes me drool.”

“Well, today is the business day. Unfortunately, I do not have enough excellent ingredients; I am afraid that I can’t even enter the door of the restaurant.”

These Saiyans living on top of Planet Vegeta had two common hobbies – food and fighting.

When the mission was completed, they returned to Planet Vegeta to rest and ate a meal of excellent food. That was great enjoyment.

The “Summer Restaurant” was such a magical place. The dishes produced there were outstanding; every one of them was delicious. Unfortunately, the restaurant owner was an eccentric, with six of the seven days closed, only one day open, and the ingredients were to be provided by the diners themselves.

If the ingredients weren’t good enough, they couldn’t even get in the door.

Summer Restaurant had such harsh conditions. Whenever it opened, people who waited in line were rushing to the restaurant.

Leaving aside the envious chatter of a few Saiyans, on the other side, Moncas was carrying the Four-Legged Sea Beast through the hills towards the inland.

His heart was on fire at this time because he would soon be able to enjoy the delicious taste of the Four-legged Sea Beast.

“It’s a pity that there is still a queue.”

Moncas shook his head and lamented, then swooshed to speed up. With a few floating lights, Moncas’ figure disappeared like lightning on the other side of the clouds.


Planet Vegeta Inland, Low-Class Warrior residential area.

Many houses built of stone, hollowed out from the middle, located on the flat earth. Not far away, there was a wide mooring area, on which several spherical spaceships were parked scattered.

On the settlement side with so many primitive housing, a hemispherical building, about four stories high, was particularly noticeable.

This building was white in color and simple in shape, which looked quite different among the buildings full of primitive stone hollow. The two words “Summer Restaurant” were written on the lintel.

When Moncas arrived at the Summer Restaurant with the Four-Legged Sea Beast, a long line was formed at the restaurant entrance. Everyone was carrying all kinds of ingredients in their hands, which had one common feature: very precious.

Counting the number of people in the front of the line, Moncas breathed a sigh of relief.

“Luckily, there are only fifty people. Three hours will be enough if you wait in line.”

To be able to enjoy the excellent food, it was worth waiting for three hours.

Monicas dragged the Four-Legged Sea Beast in line there, and the line moved slowly.

Just when it was about to be his turn, there was a commotion in the crowd behind him. Moncas frowned and looked toward the back. He saw a big, tall man there shouting and trying to cut in the line.

“Hey, do you guys know who we are? My boss is Mid-Class Warrior Polly, with a power level of 4,000. He is a powerful warrior.”

The big stout man shouted, afraid that others did not know the strength of his boss.

Next to the stout man, a slightly shorter but two meters tall Saiyan proudly raised his chest, a very proud look.

Reasonably, with 4000 power levels, in Planet Vegeta, he was in the Mid-Class Warrior circle, already considered mighty warriors. In this Low-Class Warrior residence, he was a rare master and should be respected by all.

However, at this time…. no one gave way.

Not to mention the trivial Mid-Class Warrior, when the powerful Elite Warrior came, the Saiyans must compete in front of the delicacy.

Seeing the Saiyan Warriors in front did not give way, the Mid-Class Warrior named Polly’s face showed a few sulking, snorted coldly, and hardened his attitude.

“Aike, don’t talk nonsense with these Low-Class Warriors. Let’s walk straight in.”

“Right, stop talking nonsense with them.” The follower named Aike nodded his head and sneered.

“Although I heard that the food of this restaurant is very delicious, they actually have to provide their ingredients, which is how they do business.” Aike said with a big grin of dissatisfaction.

The Saiyans had their meat processing department. Although the taste was okay, it was said that the food was much worse than this restaurant. Polly and Aike had heard such rumors and came from afar, but they didn’t know that the Summer Restaurant actually had the odd rule of providing their ingredients.

However, how eccentric the rules, when they came here, it had to change.

As a Mid-Class Warrior, especially for the powerful warrior who has reached 4000 power level, the Low-Class Warrior rules were not something they put in their eyes.

If there was an unusual Low-Class Warrior could reach 1500 power level, they were considered very good. A few had 2000 power level, and 3000 power level was the top.


Polly and Aike kicked down the door and walked in with a flourish.

Moncas was lined up near the door and froze for a moment at sight. He then showed a sneer of contempt, “Idiots, you’re just looking for death by making trouble at the Summer Restaurant!”

The rules of the Summer Restaurant were established with the blood of several powerful warriors.

Even the powerful Mr. Bardock had to behave in this Summer Restaurant without the slightest hint of a strong man’s arrogance. With those two Mid-Level Warriors just now, the ending could already be expected.


The sound of bones breaking and wailing in pain came from the restaurant. Soon, two figures flew out of the door and slid a dozen meters on the ground.

Polly and Aike, who had just entered, had collapsed like a pile of mush on the floor, breathless. If they were not rescued early, these two lives might not have been saved.

“Serves you right!” Moncas cursed freely.

Mid-Class Warriors came to the residence of a Low-Class Warrior and raised his voice, thinking they didn’t have any masters here!

“The Summer Restaurant is not a place for you to mess around, so I’ll teach you a lesson today. Next time, I’ll just kill you.”

The cold voice came along with a powerful aura.

A man with fluffy hair came out of the restaurant. Seeing that man, the people in line all showed their admiration.


“So Mr. Bardock is also in the restaurant.”

“Those two are really unlucky to have run into Bardock.”

The Saiyans at the back were talking.

Bardock was a legendary figure among the Low-Class Warrior. It was said that he was a Low-Class Warrior born with a terrifying power of over 10,000 power level was the target for all the Low-Class Warriors to catch up.

A sharp eye like a sword light swept the two Mid-Class Warriors.

Bardock shook his head and walked into the restaurant. Fortunately, this time it was he who did it; if it were the restaurant owner, the two Mid-Class Warriors could have lost their lives.

There were many places where you could make trouble. However, at the Summer Restaurant, how could you make trouble?

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